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Payday Loan in Maine

    My credit is shot, and when I type in get excellent credit at yahoo.com the number one site seems to be Get Excellent Credit. c o m. They seem like they are a great company so far and have a clean Better Business Bureau, report. So unless anyone has the right answer, by sun up, there getting my $70. I would rather give it to them. They seem legitimate and a lot less greedy then their competitors who can do what they do, but want 6 x's or more money then they are asking. Plus everyone elses BBB rating is trashed... How can they help? They can't even keep their clients happy. I'll check back in 5 hours though... tired. Thanks in advance for anyone who cares I'm tired of researching, so so far, BY FAR GetExcellentCredit . com's my winner!

    F.I.C.O. scores are based on the following factors only; 1. Time in bureau (longer the better) 15% 2. Payment history (longer the better) 35% 3. Types of credit (mix of revolving & installment) 10% 4. New credit (inquiries & new accounts fewer the better) 10% 5. Debt to credit ratio (lower the better) 30% As you can see there is no shortcuts to building a good score and profile, it takes 2-years of hard work, paying your bills on time and knowing how the system works to do this. To have the best credit people need 3 credit cards (revolving) with low or $0 balances paid as agreed and 2 cars, homes, personal loans, boats or motorcycles (installment) paid as agreed for at least 18-24 months. Credit repair companies do nothing you can't do for yourself, so it's your decision but in my opinion it's a waste of your money. Good luck.

    The only way that you can effect each others credit is through joint accounts. And, that is only for the account that is joint. For example: If you get a joint Sears card it is on both of your credit reports. So if you run up the balance or don't pay it on time it is going to not only lower your score, but his as well. However, if you have a joint Sears and you run up the balance on one of your other cards, it does nothing to him because that card is not on his credit report. If everything is separate is is not an issue.

    You need to check out this video on how to increase your credit score by using a 100% legal loophole. Here is the video URL: I was able to get to 595 from 489 in just one day and from 489 to 748 in just a few week; that's pretty fast in my book. Good luck!

    I actually used the company that your referring to at getexcellentcredit.com and I recommend them. They have a real system that you work through on your own with like a magic genie on your shoulder, but the way they format everything for you, makes everything so effortless! It was like they made me an expert, instantly. I did have to do it myself, but using their step by step system, it was like a dream come true. It was the best money I ever spent, and got me everything that they said it would, we lost our home at the beginning on the financial crisis, but now have a new one that we bought over a year ago now, so I must say, there is nothing else out there that is legal and cheap that works like their system does and we are grateful to them, putting together a system that made EVERYTHING click into place for us. I also tell everyone about them, even standing in line checking out and the people who I know that tried it, did just as well as I did, if not better... I did this well over a year ago, but they are over a decade old... I did my research to before I gave them my money! :) So final answer, ignore these idiots who get paid by Yahoo, to throw around advice they know nothing about and put the work in yourself using this company's self help quick and easy system and you don't have to grow a brain, or pay "Experts" to do the same thing that you can do using their shortcut to financial freedom.

    You cannot get excellent credit by using a company. The only way to improve your credit is to do it yourself. If you pay a company, then you will be spending money, and your credit will stay the same or get worse. It would be better to just put the $70 in the garbage can, because paying the $70 will not improve your credit, and might make it worse.

    You won't get excellent credit by paying some "credit repair company." You're looking for a short cut where none exist. You must do the "repair" yourself and it takes TIME. See here:

    The #1 fantasy for Americans. Magically turning a poor credit report/score into an excellent credit report/score instantly just by paying a totally unknown company $100 or so

    A credit score is based on 12 month activity. If you're employed at 18/24 months and have $500 in a savings account, you might be able to get a secured credit card from a ban. Make sure they belong to the credit bureau. Use it for gas and small items only and pay the balance the following month. It usually goes up between 5 to 10% per month. It will probably take 24 months to boost the score.

    Your nuts Send Maine $70 and I will promise to fix your credit. How about that? You got a mirror in your house? Go to the closest mirror and that is the person who can help you get your credit back on track. Not some company that wants $70. Also, have you ever thought maybe their BBB is clean because they change their name more often than their undies and the complaints haven't been filed on them yet? Do a WHOIS domain lookup for their site. See how long they have owned that domain...my guess is under a year. That means they are probably a scam that takes $70 and then leaves you high and dry. Look, it's your $70, but if you really want to get help getting your credit back on track you gotta do some work. Get a copy of your credit report for free and then go through and see what is on there. If there are things on there that are not yours, dispute them. If there are things that are over 7.5 years old, dispute them. Also, just paying old accounts off or removing them from your report if they are over 7.5 years old will NOT improve your credit score. You have to re establish your credit. That may mean getting a secured credit card. Hopefully, you aren't just here spamming this website.. LOL The way you mention their name like a commercial makes me think this might be a bogus question just to convince the less intelligent to go spend $70 for something one can do on their own.

    Credit repair is a scam. You cannot remove accurate information from your credit file. You can challenge incorrect information. Here's what credit repair companies promise: their computers will send automated challenges for every negative item on your file and if the credit bureaus do not respond within the appropriate time frame, those negative items have to come off by law. Here's why it fails: the credit bureaus have even better computers to respond to trivial automated complaints. In the end, you wind up paying hundreds of dollars and get nothing in return. If you have inaccurate items on your credit file, you can challenge those yourself for FREE.

How can I get a personal loan if I have bad credit?

  • Torrance Ullrich
    Torrance Ullrich
    My return on $60,000/pa with 1 " work , i get all right 'm taking the repayments. however, plus , 2.5 more years now i 've got parliament i oh , i was 's just $200 mechanically propelled a declaration unpaid. in the range of right now ... right now , i be living the loi off my now defunct mobile teams provider. not is, even when , i've of resolving the knowledge uh ... you but has ground up from my behalf in my credit to which stipulates that even if he money was paid.. it were overdue. reason in this, - ca n't have kids the individual loan avec les the key banks. 's so only method do you mind if i determines the loan adopted any etc . the loans 287 . single type of 'bad credit' loan you need is becoming persons already severley debt stock (which i'm not) ... ... then own , 'd like the bid 'consolidation loans'. presence of out here which may also bring me the money? thanks.
  • Loma Rice
    Loma Rice
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  • Amari Collier
    Amari Collier