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    Will child support be reduced because the child’s father had 3 children by 2 different women? I have 100% custody; the father never sees my daughter and is required to pay 473 a month which was based on $10 an hour 3 years ago because he was unemployed. He currently works as a correctional officer in Maine and requested a modification because of a decrease in income but I know it’s because his wife doesn’t work and he has 3 kids that he supports. Why would it be reduced? It’s not my child’s fault he keeps making children and can’t take care of them. Does the court really reduce child support because of this? Take away from 1 child to feed another? If this is true I wish car loans did that. I’m sorry Wells Fargo I bought another car so now I need a reduction in my monthly car payment cause I can’t afford to pay the other car loan company and you too. Thanks for any responses in advance.

    Here is how child support works. Kid #1 = gets roughly 17%-23% of their gross pay. You seem to be getting about 27%, if he was calculated based on $10/hour at 40 hours a week. It's a bit high, but not unheard of. Kid#2, & #3 = He is STILL married to the mom, so that will not affect your child in any way shape or form. He knew he had another child to support, and HE decided to have 2 more. That is not your kids fault. The california calculator is one of my favorite, it takes into account how much time the other parent has the child, and even how much money HIS new wife makes. YUP, California is one of the few that actually takes that into account. Anyway, go play around in the calculator and you should get a better idea of what you are in for here. Sounds to me like his payments might be raised not lowered!

    In WI: If the non custodial make sure won't / won't be able to spend time with the new child & would be residing in a house different than the homestead of which the youngsters stay. NO! Thats why they have custodial mum and dad. yet: the new child has the main appropriate to decide for while they turn sixteen.

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