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    "President-Elect Barack Obama has promised to spend his way out of the looming recession with a massive construction programme for roads, schools, bridges and energy." "Aiming to create 2.5 million jobs by 2011, the new president's spending spree promises to be the biggest public works programme since the New Deal, shich dragged the US out of the Great Depression in the 1930s." See . Speaking in Malasyia, former President Bill Clinton says the U.S. government has no choice but to spend its way out of its worst economic crises in decades. "The big risk now for America and the world is deflation, contraction, dropping assest prices. We have to stimulate the economy which means in the short run, he has to take America into even more debt. There is no alternative," Clinton said. See . However, Sarah Palin once proposed "a spending cover all but the most vital functions" of government in order to cut wasteful spending. "We have got to do this," Sarah Palin said, "You know, we're in a hole. What do you do when you're in a hole? You don't wnat to be there. You stop digging." See . In fact, Sarah Palin said: "Barack Obama proposing a trillion dollars in new spending--anybody who would think that is a solution to the economic woes we have right now, I question that judgment and I question their ability to come in and transform government the way that it needs to be transformed..." See . Indeed, Sarah Palin is speaking from her own executive talents when she when "Using her veto power" to "slash nearly a quarter billion dollars from the capital budget" to force "Alaska to live within its means," see .

    Alaska practically exists on the government dole. Alaskans receive $1.84 in federal spending for every dollar they pay in taxes. I would tend to discount, therefore, whatever Palin has to say on the issue of spending. Also, Obama is much more intelligent and more aware of the complexities of our current financial situation than she is.

    Sarah Palin may be very very popular with some on the religious right wing but she is not President elect and not educated enough to deal with this job. You quote this and that from the recent past people or news events but the truth is many people are starting to draw the similar events of the Great Depression of 1929 and today. As I think of my fathers childhood,the events he spoke of and what could be on the Horizon and at these times I have more faith in Obama and his team than anyone quoted on by the news as to what should be done.I hope the voices you pick up do something to help and not make things worse. White Male Democrat born in the coal fields of the eastern U.S.A. Pro Gun and pro choice and pro U.S.Constitution.

    Palins comments were meaningless political rhetoric. Obama is dealing with the reality of the situation, preparing to make decisions on a national scale that she never had to face. She also had an power that the president doesn't have, namely the line item veto.

    Fireball's okay. And Sarah Palin would be a hoot and a half... But yes, the thought of eternity in the presence of some of the believers on here is enough to give me the heebie-jeebies, the willies, the creeps and the jitters all at once.

    Less spending! More spending! The cons wanted this war and someone has to pay off Bush's loan debts to China, Saudi Arabis, Japan, etc for which he had to borrow the trillions to run this nation and keep the war on track. Those loans have yet to be repaid -- with interest. TYPICAL CONS -- WANT SOMETHING BUT DON'T WANT TO PAY THE BILL WHEN IT COMES DUE. And after they made all of the dividends from their investments in the military-industrial complex (MIC). Had we not had this war, their stock in the MIC would not have soared in value. The value of Cheney's stocks soared over 3000% the day the troops first landed in Iraq! There's going TO HAVE to be more spending to pay off Bush's borrow-and-spend debts the cons brought us into by having this war to increase the value of their stock investments. They caused this huge spending mess, let them pay all of it off -- FROM THEIR INVESTMENT DIVIDENDS Maryland THE BUSH WAR Maryland IRAQ!

    Obama, because the simple reasoning of why we are here in the first place is because people are not buying as much. Democrat, male.

    Palin over obama

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