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    My father was in the Marines and then joined the navy, my oldest brother was in the army and my other brother( 3 years older) is currently in the navy and based in San Diego, CA. My parents knew from when my brother was little that he was going to join one branch of the military, but they never really asked me and i never really told them so i still have to decide on how i am going to tell them I have been concidering joining for at least 2 years now, more so in the last 2 months. I am 19 years old and a sophomore at a 2 year college, I will have my associates in a couple months with an emphasis in Mathematics and Chemistry. I see myself as having three options. 1. Go to a 4 year college and get my bachelors in Chemistry, which i have already applied and gotten accepted to. (but i will be living on campus which will cost more money than i believe i can afford, with food and other essentials) and possibly get a job (which is not even 100%, i may possibly not even be able to get a job out of college which would have made the last 4 years and thousands of dollars pointless other than to get a piece of paper saying i Graduated) 2. join as enlisted (ensured a job) and start at E-3 (because of the associates) go to RTC at Great Lakes and see what would be after that Maryland 3. join as an officer (also, ensured a job), but to do that i would have to have a bachelors degree. The 4 year college that i am accepted to does not offer NROTC. The closest one is Marquette (which is 1-1/2 hours away) I would prefer to go to the university that i have been accepted to because that is where i have wanted to go for a while now. The only way to go, would be to pay for it myself through students loans (which i am already over $10,000 in loans) and pay them off after joining and going through OCS without ROTC. BUT if I would go through a ROTC program, tuition would be paid for and they offer a $300-400 stipend a month which would help, so i wouldn't have to work as much during school and focous more on my studies. these last two years have been difficult having to both work and taking 17-18 credits a semester. But i havn't applied to the school and i dont even know if i would be able to get into the ROTC program. My grades are fairly strong, B's and A's, but my Organic Chemistry and Calculus III classes have been more like B's and C's (but that is more of the average in my classes) Any help on which of the options would be best would be greatly appreciated. Also a couple extra questions: i had braces when i was in grade school and i have a wire bracket on my bottom front teeth. Would that be a problem? Also i get headaches quite frequently and occationaly migrains are we able to bring Excedrin to either RTC or OCS? because nothing else really works

    "Also i get headaches quite frequently and occationaly migrains are we able to bring Excedrin to either RTC or OCS? because nothing else really works " I'll tell you right now, that's probably going to be a DQ. The fact that you have to get your migraines/headaches with medicine (and a specific medicine at that) is usually a good indicator that the military will medically disqualify you. With that said, if you want to be an officer, go that route. If you get selected by OCS, you'll be able to pay off college fairly easily with your nuke bonuses (because if OCS selects you, it will be as a nuke). NROTC probably isn't an option at this point unless you're okay with starting back over as a freshman and taking four more years to get through college.

    NROTC with scholarship that will pay your tuition, beats the other options hands down. But that's if it were me. If you can't get the scholarship then you should probably just stick with your preferred university. Or enlist and finish school later if your finances are tight. But you didn't really explain what you wanted out of life, what kind of job and lifestyle you want so it's hard to recommend military vs civilian.

    If I were you I would enlist now. Why spending thousands of dollars on a college education and then struggle finding a job? The Navy gives you the life experience and helps pay for college. A lot of people graduate in their 20s and can't find a job due to a lack of references, experiences and connections. You might find yourself working $10.50 per hour as a lab technician. Human resource people are very picky in selecting people for interviews.

    1.NROTC does NOT pay for tuition -- only a NROTC scholarship pays tuition 2. braces must come off 3. no you cannot enlist of commission with a history of migraines no drugs allowed in basic or ocs

    Typical military type.. using up a lot of energy. Saying absolutely nothing.

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