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    I am currently doing my B.Tech (Computer Science and Engineering) in India. I plan to do Maryland from a reputed college in USA. I am working really hard for that. The problem is that I am not strong financially. I come from a middle class family. Please help me out and enlighten me about the following: 1. The approx tution fees (total) 2. Other fees and personal costs (living, food, etc.).. may be a monthly approx.. 3. How much and what kind of scholarship is available 4. Criteria for the same 5. What kind of loan is available and what is the maximum amount? 6. What kind of financial aid is available in the form of research or teaching assistantship? The criteria and the approx amount I'll get from the college. 7. Part-time jobs/ Job on campus and how much I can get from it? Please help me out..I'm really serious about this and the only thing keeping me from my dream is financial weakness.. Thanks for your help in advance :)

    1. You have not mentioned what you intend to study. You can expect to pay US$30,000-$50,000 per year. 2. See above 3. Very few for international students 4. See above 5. You need to get a loan from India. You can't get one from the US. 7. Minimum wage. ($7-8 per hour)

    For a Masters degree plan on paying at least $30,000 per year for tuition. for an engineering masters at University of Illinois tuition is $27,000. room and board is $16,700 per year. There is very little in the way of any kind of financial aid to international students from US schools. that mean scholarships and student loans. Campus jobs usually pay under $10 an hour. they go fast. go on several different college web sites. try the magazine U.S. News Best Graduate Schools amazon.com should have it.

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