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    I want to go into the air force, but I also want to be a psychiatrist. Is it worth trying to get the HPSP scholarship and letting the air force pay for my medical school, or should I just go through medical school with loans, do a civilian residency and fellowship and then go into the air force as a commissioned officer? My understanding is that if I go for the scholarship and the air force pays for medical school, then I will have to do either a military or civilian residency (what ever I can get), no fellowship, and then go where they want me for four years, and do four years of reserve. Does it end up working out to be the same amount of time if you go through medical school and residency as a civilian? I am having a hard time deciding which would be the best way to go. By the way I am a female. I don't think that should make a difference, but I would like to start a family some day and don't want to be moving my kids all over the place once they start school. I want to serve my country and help people, but I don't want my kids to suffer for it.

    Hello Hailey, Well, I think you have it all figured out incorrectly. The miltiary will only take in people who have already completed their medical degrees and are licensed to perform medicine. Yes, you should try for the Health Professions Scholarship Program (HPSP) and hopefully you will get one = IF your other factors are high - GPA, Class Standing, ACT and/or SAT scores, etc. should not worry about your children that you don't have right now. You are going to be in medical school, plus, internship, residency, and advanced degree for becoming a psychiatrist for well over 14 years before you can begin active duty. If you are 20 years old now you won't be ready to enter the medical corps until you are at least 34 years old. Then, you will go to an AF base and serve for a minimum of 1 year active duty for each year of tuition you get. I doubt if you will become a parent anytime soon. It takes at least 18 hours a day - no holidays - to study for medicine. Go to amazon dot com and order a used copy of "Steadman's Medical Dictionary" and "Gray's Anatomy" and start to teach yourself. The military does not take in single parents. Everybody says that they want to "serve their country." In reality, everybody serves their own self-interests. If you become any kind of a medical doctor you ARE serving your Country whether in or out of the military. Becoming a medical doctor is more important than serving in the military. But, many medical doctors DO serve a minimum of time in the military before entering private practice. Yes, do check on the HPSP scholarships and hopefully you will get one. You can go to www airforce dot com and see where all our bases are around the world. You will be sent to one of them. You won't move around. You will probably be at that one location for at least 4 years. Military kids are better adjusted than civilian kids. I raised my two sons in the military during my 27 years of AF service. It does NOT interfere with their education or their friendships. All their friends are kids just like them. And, they make new friends within 5 minutes of moving into the new base - while your household goods are being delivered. All the kids there seek out the "new kid on the block" and make instant new friends. It's no different than a civilian living in Texas who gets a job change and moves to California. The kids have no choice in the matter. Parent goes where the job is. Kids follow. Best wishes, Doc! Larry Smith Senior Master Sergeant, USAF (Ret.) First Sergeant

    Connect the Air rigidity. I assure you you isn't in a random barracks. you'd be housed interior the BAQ with apartment type residing, privately, exceedingly if you're a officer. attempt to get the Air rigidity to pay for well being practitioner Assistant college. Be a Maryland for 4 years. flow to med college on the GI bill. They probable can help you waive distinct classes, in case you attended Maryland preparation.

I am 18 and have little or no credit, if I have $1,500 for a down payment how much do you think they will loan?

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    Juston Bednar
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    Laurine Boehm
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    Dorris Wiegand
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