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    So Today I was thinking about past decade of my life. I attended and finished High School, then I attended college, Then I tried my luck on Maryland degree ........didn't work out but.. Throughout my High School years - I spent 2 yrs in India and 2 yrs here in US. Then Went to 2 yr college - (to figure out what is a good major for me - I know ..took me a longer time than usual) Then went to a college and didn't really graduate with the major that I had intended to graduate with .....but "ended up" with fairly decent degree - from 2003 to 2007. Then worked for 2.5 yrs and now enjoying my free time as I got laid off So looking for another job During past High school years to college yrs to working yrs ....I have made many friends ....MOST or almost ALL through my religious/spiritual/ non-profit organizational activities. So my life has been scheduled and on routins ....lately (attend classes, Do homework, study for exams, go to few parties on weekends, or do some volunteer work on weekends .....ON DAILY BASIS ...i do some religious worships ...... sometimes hang-out with friends ...) So far my life was mostly scheduled around Classes I take in college and Non-profit organizational activities ..... My question is ------ NOW I have to make a Schedule of my life , Right ??? Nobody is assigning me homework or checking my or taking my monthly mid-terms or exams in LIFE , correct ??? I am not frustrated but sometimes I am confused on how my next 24 hours or next 7 days or next 1 Month or next 6 months ...or a year ----- How should I Live or schedule or plan or decide .....how I spend years of my life ??? Rightnow I am looking for a job and taking a course in a college but - I don't think that educational degrees or getting a job with good title will really fulfill me.... I want a job because I want to continue to advance in my career that way flow of money would keep coming and i could pay my loans ......but if I were to win a lottery then I am not sure if I will continue to work !!!!! (could be my Laziness too) Should I choose based on my WORK schedule ??? so work 40 hours a week and perform necessary tasks at home ?? Isn't there something DEEPER that life has to offer ??? What DO RICH people like Warren Buffet or Bill Gates ....do that gives meaning to them ??? What should I include in my PLANs to live a good life?? Should I devote my life towards Spirituality ?? Should I devote it towards FAMILY ??? or Should I devote it towards FUN activites only ?? My guess is its about Balance but ....what is my measuring crieteria ?? what is my compass / direction ?? I kind of have an idea ....but I would like some inputs ....Hopefully from someone who has lived Many years of their life ...and scheduled it / followed through / and enjoyed it.

    I think you seem at a loose end due to having gone through all that education and having tutors there pushing you and correcting you, and now you are responsible for everything you do, there's nobody there to push you, or guide you now. in other words, welcome to adult hood! you seem to be wanting to make plans for your life and know where your life's going all the time, but we can't do that. well, we can to an extent, but usually if we make plans for what we are going to do, they never work out the way we expect. you say you are a religious and spiritual person, then let God guide you, and go with what you feel comfortable with. you are still young. when i was your age, I felt the same, i had gone through education, got into a job i wanted to do, and always felt, 'Is This It?' but as time went on, all kinds of things happened, some good, a lot bad, and i lost count of the amount of times i wished my life back to what it was, when i used to complain about being bored etc. life is something that happens when we aren't looking, and is full of surprises. and it never stays the same, be it the good times, or the bad. as for what these multi millionaires do all day, money is definitely not the route to happiness; a millionnaire in a mansion is not necessarily happier than the average Joe, in a council estate ( I'm in the UK, i don't know what the equivalent is in the US, maybe the Bronx?) anyway,what i mean is, you can have loads of success, and money but you are just depressed in nicer surroundings. you are obviously an intelligent guy who thinks deeply about your life, and how it can be better, but believe me, everything will change and opportunities will come about, but usually when you're not looking for them or expecting them. don't be in too much of a hurry to live your life, life will happen in it's own time and when you least expect it. good luck. edit: whats with all these loan scams you got? i've never seen so many scams on one answer! ignore them! x

    Its rubbish being 15. I remember it well. The point of life as I see it is to be happy and try to make others happy as well. Im not sayin that we have to walk around with a smile painted on all the time. I just reckon that we are all here to help each other along the way. We can only know what the good times are if we have felt some bad times cos we'd have nothing to compare it to. Im not tryin to preach or anything. If you believe in life after death then it will be made better by being better in this life. Ive heard people say "Hey this aint a practice run" I reckon thats exactly what it is. A stepping stone to where we will eventually end up. Good luck working it out and try to enjoy it instead of watching it pass you by.

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