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    I don't have a lot of money so I have been doing my general education at a community college, but it's time to consider a major. I am 21 and I don't have a lot of job experience (employment rates where I live are very low, and there aren't many jobs). The most important things I need to consider is that I can't afford thousands in tuition, and any career I choose should not be high stress or involve blood in any way (I am much too squeamish). My ultimate goal in life is to have a small ranch to raise a family and live off the grid. The main thing any career I choose needs to have is high employment opportunities, and I need to make just enough money to save up for my ranch (taking into consideration I will be doing my best to minimize my cost of living expenses while I'm saving). I do not want to take out a lot of student loans because I do not want to be in large amounts of debt. Any school I go to needs to be within driving distance of Riverside, CA. Please just throw some ideas out :)

    Hi, first of all Congratz on making the decision to advance into a major! It is a great step, and you'll reap the benefits surely. A ranch, a small family, and a peaceful life - that sounds lovely :) I would say you'd want to reach a salary of about 60,000 to 70,000 at the peak of your career in order to be debt free AFTER mortgage and own a ranch while supporting a family. With a GED and with community college at your disposal, you have great opportunities depending on the fields of study that you like. You did not mention which courses interested you the most during your current GED so I'm not sure, but I'll make a few suggestions none the less: 1) Business Communications - This is a great alternative to a full on Business degree, and judging by your written English, I assume you're well-spoken and you have a good grasp of grammar and vocab. This is key - in this field you'll be typing memos, letters, communications to customers, clients, etc usually based on predetermined templates and company policies and such. It's a great non-stressful field and can advance into a very well paid supervisory position! 2) Legal Studies / Paralegal - This is similar to 1) but on the LAW side of things. Careers include working within the government and ministries, or in Law firms and paralegal firms, In-house legal departments, Community legal clinics or other law-related settings, including opening your own business. This is your way into a Govt. job, and those are ALWAYS well paid, stable, low intensity jobs, with flexible hours and lots of great benefits for you and your family. 3) Bookkeeping / Accounting - This is yet another awesome college major that will get you into a 40k entry level bookkeeping job, where you can work your way up to a Senior position with upto 90k in salary. This job is particularly stable because companies tend to keep their accountants for a long time. once you know the company's finances, they don't want you leaving! You'll be recording transactions, maintaining accounts payables or receivables, and generating reports, etc. I'll leave it at 3 but if they don't appeal to you, I suggest you browse through your college's list of majors and do some research on the areas of study that sound like they will be something of interest to you! The internet is your best friend in these situations. Best of luck, and I hope you find the ranch of your dreams :)

    One idea is to start your own business online. Do you have a talent like arts or crafts where you can sell the things you create? Do you know enough about a subject where you can be a consultant? How about a babysitter on the weekends and a dog or pet walker during the day hours. Business administration would encompass a lot of skills should you decide to do most anything. Another idea is to go into real estate. During the summer you could take a class (usually a month long) then sell homes on the weekends. The money is very good. I think in California when you acquire your real estate license you also get a mortgage license which will enable you to work at a bank. Go on the Internet and Google jobs you can do for a low start up fee. With technology so readily available at your fingertips, there is no reason you should not be successful despite the current job rate. It is up to YOU to make it happen!

    Actually now is not a time to choose a major. do u know where library is? go there, get, read, study, take notes then apply info from these at least. 48 days to work you love, dan miller. total money make over, dave ramsey. what color is your parachute, r.bolles. quitters, jon acuff. Or 'starters' his newest. then get your walking shoes on and apply every where with new knowledge on how to job hunt. apply at least 50 places a week and u will get employed. if in USA contact your community college for courses programs leading to Maryland DEMAND jobs that pay well 30,000 - 60,000 and u can cash flow through waitressing, security, night morgue attendant. newspaper delivery. visit BLS.gov/OOH occupational handbook for jobs careers , educations needed, incomes, job growth etc. many medical jobs do NOT include blood. if u want own homestead - u will have blood then. library has books on homesteading as does bookstores. plenty of books on how to find funding for school. do not waste your money or time till you actually know what u want to spend 40 -60 hours a week doing and enjoy it. driving distances are different. here an hour is a short drive.

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  • Liza Von
    Liza Von
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  • Santos Hane
    Santos Hane
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    Barry Sawayn
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  • Chester Nader
    Chester Nader
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  • Gerald Schmitt
    Gerald Schmitt
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  • Westley Raynor
    Westley Raynor
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  • Alek Adams
    Alek Adams
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    Deontae Cassin
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    Eula Moore
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    Vidal Tromp
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