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    You're right....IT IS A SCAM....I talked to the following people yesterday: 1.) Greenville Post office who is not familiar with the name of this company at 75 Beatty Place....The postal inspector, Nelson, would like everyone that is being scammed to report this to him. I will list the # below. 2.) Greenville P.D. - Detective called me back and actually talked to the Sec. of State and the BBB for me. He has never heard of them. He had me fax him my contract and would like to have the contracts from everyone....the more complaints, the more they will try to close them down... 3.) BBB - Kathy Barrett - confirmed the scam. they have several complaints. It is illegal to ask for "advance fees" for a loan. 4.) The management company of the address they list - Michelle Chapman...she also asked for a copy of the contract and she is going to pursue filing charges for using her address for a scam. I called my rep from Kingswood back and he for a change was very pleasant when I told him we would go with the loan; however, I was not willing to wire the money and would prefer to send it...he stated that it would then take 2 weeks and i needed to wire it. When I laid into him and told him what I thought of thieves and liars and scam artisits, he simply said "you're a very smart lady...I don't know how to respond" and then he hung up on me. I will list the names and numbers for everyone to contact. I hope you all take a minute to report this bastard thief who is stealing money from hard working citizens...Good luck to you all and remember if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is! Also, my contract really did come from san Diego as my caller Maryland identified, the time at the top that it was sent said 9:26 a.m. Pacific time - I received it at 12:26 p.m. Eastern time which is the 3 hour time difference.....what a scumbag

    I would like to thank everyone that has posted answers to this question. I was desperate to get some sort of loan so that i could make a down payment on a car. I have really bad credit and was desperate to find someone that would be willing to lend me the money. I goggled "loans for people with really bad credit" and Kingswood Lending group came up. I figured as long as they didn't ask for my SS# which would then lead to a hit on my already bad credit score I would submit an application (that should have been my first hint). James Palmer left me a voice mail message on Wednesday letting me know that i was approved for the 5K loan and all i had to do was provide him a fax # so that he could send me the contract. I was kind of suspicious at that time because it sounded like he was reading from a script and didn't really care about me or my situation. I called him back the following day and got his voice mail. Gave him the fax # to send me the copy of the contract. After thoroughly reading the contract I found out that I would have to come up with 938.76 even before I would be able to get the total amount of the 5K. I found this to be very interesting. Why would have to pay someone to get a loan? I left HIM yet another voice mail (interesting how they are never available when you call) and asked for clarification. He called me back and said that this amount would cover my first 4 payments and that I wouldn't have to make a payment until January 2010. He also went on to say that it took "a lot of hard work" and because of my credit score (which by the way he didn't have) this is the only way that the banks would approve my loan. At that point I became very suspicious. I have since shredded the contract and will try to go with a more traditional loan in the attempt to get my downpayment for my car. Thanks again to everyone who did the research and found out what a scam this really is. It is really pathetic that people with bad credit have to go through this kind of stuff.

    Steven Bourne called me 2 days ago on my cell phone and I was approved for 5k and I have to pay 820.82 @ first and then he changed it to 800.00 when he called me today @ work with the Moneygram info. the info he gave me it goes to Canada and it goes to "Amanda Heise". I have until the 19 to make the decision. I asked him all kinds of question and he did not get upset but he did answer them. I asked him about the "scams" that are out here and he talked about h ow a lot of people ask him that and he stated that this is not a fee to obtain the loan, and that the funds goes toward your loan. He stated that he is broker and that the funds a re coming from a private investor who lend their funds out. He really talked for a long time w. me and he put me oon hold twice. And he also stated that he was wearing a head set because @ one time i could not hear him very much. I really do not know what to do? He asked me why did I need the money. The contract seems real because it states that the funds will go loan amount. I called a lawyer today and left message. I will also continue to do research because i know that in this time and days we all could use the money, for real and I would hate for all of us to taken advantage of. This is the first time I have ever wrote a message like this so please know how important this is to me because this seems "too good to be true". Please share any info you have. thanks Maryland DID MY RESEARCH AND I FIND OUT THAT THIS IS A SCAM. 2 WEBSITES: BBB.ORG AND PUT Maryland KINGSWOOD LENDING WHOIS.NET AND PUT Maryland KINGSWOOD LENDING AND IT STATES THAT THE WEBSITE WAS CREATED 8-5-09 AND I CALLED #S AND ONE RANG LIKE FAX MACHINE AND THE OTHER WAS VM SERVICE. ALSO I GOOGLE ADDRESS AND IT IS A PARKING DECK Maryland SC. PLEASE DO NOT SEND YOUR MONEY!!!!!

    I am dealing with them right now. Paul Forbes called me and said I was approved for a $6000 loan and that I had to pay 6months up front for collateral which was about $800. So I wired money to a Rachel Woodson in Canada. So then I get a call for Dave Jameson saying that the insurance company for the lender wanted 7months more for down payment. Like a dummie I sent $1000 again to Rachel Woodson.This all happened on Friday and was told the money would be in my account on Monday around noon. Dave Jameson called me this morning and said the lender had backed out of the agreement and that he was in contact with their attorney and that it would be several weeks before he would get any answers. Dave also said my refund would be back on Sept 8. My father is investigating this case and now I'm waiting to see if they refund my money. Which I doubt! So if anyone contacts you from Kingswood Lending Group stay away from them.

    My daughter has been "approved", but of course with the up front money...I spoke to James Palmer, the rep for the so-called company and he is a condescending, rude man who is very anxious to read the policy and refer to the contract, but when asked any personal questions for references, etc., he becomes very defensive....I called the greenville post office to check on the address and am awaiting the carrier's return call..apparently, there are 84 businesses in the complex of 75 beattie place,, but kingswood lists no suite number???? I also called and left a message with the greenville police to see if there have been any complaints and am also awaiting their call..i called a business in the complex and they have never heard of them...she gave me the number of the management company that rents all of the suites, but there is no one in the office right now. i will continue to call. I asked James if they had offices in other locations and he responded that there was only one office in greenville; however, the faxed contract came from a number in San Diego, CA. He could not explain this. I will keep you all posted on my investigation!!! Hey... when they faxed the contract to you, did anyone happen to look at the caller ID? Mine said San Diego...just wondering.

    I am going through the very same thing as I write this. My mother was going to give me the "upfront" money & I would be able to just pay her right back. But after reading this site, I am rethinking the entire thing. I think it is most likely a scam. No loan needs a downpayment- if we had the money to put down, why would we need the loan in the first place right?

    I just received a call today from a James Palmer stating my $8,000 loan was fully approved and to call him back. I was all excited, but also wondered how come they can do the loan, while everyone else turned me down. I'm glad I logged on, because now I'm starting to realize this may all be just a big scam.

    No. Most likely they are a SCAM. 1) If they responded to a posting you made on a message board or sent you an email, they are a scam. 2) If they are using a web-based email address (gmail, Yahoo!, Live, Hotmail, etc.), they are a scam. 3) If they "approved" you for a loan but ask you to pay them some money first, they are a scam.

    Im wondering the same thing right now. I was also approved for a loan. I am going to do some research but it does sound.... to good to be true. I looked up the fax number and it is from NC.

    Please let me know your outcome, I was also approved for a loan for 5k and they required 824 dollars up front that needs to be wired to them & I will receive the funds the next day. There not listed in the BBB & if you type in there name within Google nothing comes up. The paper work looks legit, but the company seems not to be.

Who knows the credit biz?

  • Vaughn Cremin
    Vaughn Cremin
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    Bernita Rath
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    Tad Wolff
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