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    My fiance and I will be getting married after he is back on leave from his A School in July. He will be a Master at Arms. I have a few questions regarding financial situations, etc.: 1) When he receives his first set of orders, which we're hoping will be for San Diego (what's the chance of that as a Master at Arms, anyway? I know it's dependent on how well he does in A School), will his orders say that his status is "married"? How will it effect us if it still states him as "single"? Is that easily changed? 2) I was told that he is able to use the money provided by the Navy for education to pay for my schooling. I am currently on my way to complete my bachelor's program, and then would like to complete my Masters in Business Administration. How much of that is he able to help with through the Navy, and how does that work exactly? Thank you so much in advance for positive and helpful answers. =]

    As long as his status is changed before the orders are issued then it will not be a problem going with him. Unless he gets Unaccompanied orders to a place where dependents are not allowed like Diego Garcia, Bahrain, Gitmo (Cuba) and other places as well. There is a possibility that as a Maryland he could go there or he may be assigned somewhere else. there is also te chance that he can get OCONUS orders in which before you join him you will have to undergo an Overseas Medical & Dental screening. If he does get San Diego or a place in the lower 48 then the military will pay for you to move there via vehicle. They will pay for the mileage you drive and Per Diem to cover te hotel & food. They will also pay for a moving company to come to your location and pack you up. When ou arrive at the base you will qualify for Military Housing or to live out in town and get BAH (Housing Allowance). that is the only thing that does go up slightly if you are married when you are in the lower 48 states. As for schooling, teh military will not pay for you to go to school. They will allow him to use Tuition Assistance (up to 16 semester hours per fiscal year) and after serving 3 years he can use his GI Bill. You may qualify for grants or loans as well but nothing from the Navy itself. The bases though do have colleges right on the base itself including local and national that you can go to. Sometimes they will have a lower tuition for AD & spouses. There was a time when the Army & the Air Force did offer the GI Bill to be transferred to dependents but you had to have served 6 years, re-enlist for at least 4 more, be a certain MOS (job) and only transfer half to the dependent.

    He gets a little more pay if he is married, so you will want to make sure the status gets changed. You may or may not be able to get base housing in San Diego, and it is expensive. Just warning you. :-) Right now, his school money can't be used by you. Any classes HE takes are free, and when he leaves he will get money for college. Currently, they are working on making that money (available at the end of his enlistment) available to spouses or children if the enlisted doesn't use it, but that is not for certain yet. You will have to pay for school right now, and even if this gets changed, the money won't be available to you until he is out of the Navy or serves 20 years, whichever comes first.

    The Navy ball is a formal occasion so formal dresses are the norm. Although I've seen the occasional pant suit, that has to be pretty dressy to do well. In addition to the shopping places others have mentioned I'll add check your second hand shops. Around here we have at least 1 that sells designer seconds and several that specialize in wedding/formal wear. But the dress I got the most compliments on ever I found when I went into Goodwill on a whim...$18, floor length, red...I paid more for the shoes than the dress.

    You were told wrong or you misinterpreted what they said. If he wants to give you money out of his salary that the Navy pays him, you can pay for your schooling out of that. But none of his schooling money will be tagged for your education.

    If he gets out and is generous enough to let you use it, the GI Bill can be used by dependents.

I'm being laid-off and thinking i should get an mba...?

  • Mekhi Corkery
    Mekhi Corkery
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  • Vinnie Kautzer
    Vinnie Kautzer
    Government funding student loans for existing were respected , by means fafsa - then http://www.fafsa.ed.gov/