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    I'm currently employed by a hospital, which has a radiology tech program. It's two straight years, no B.S. (Like having to take philosophy classes as a prerequisite). I'm strongly considering this program as after I do the two years there, I'll be a licensed x- ray tech. To become an MRI tech (what I want to do), I'd need to spend an additional year in school. I wholeheartedly believe that radiology will come to play an unimaginably large role in the medical field. As it is, many, many patients are sent for x- rays, MRI's and CAT scans. As new technology is developed, the medical field will only become more dependent on these types of tests. X- ray techs make around $50k- $60k a year, while MRI and CAT techs make around $75k- $80k a year in my area. There's nearly a 100% success rate of our hospital's radiology tech students getting jobs almost immediately out of school. I'd wind up with $14k in student loans. I'm also very interested in becoming a chiropractor. I like working with patients, I like working with my hands and as a chiropractor, I could run my own practice, meaning I'd set my own hours, be in my own environment and my fiance would be able to work with me. I'd call all the shots, plus I would get to spend time with my patients. I'm not sure exactly how much chiropractors make, but I've read $85k- $95k on the norm, more if they have a lot of patients and their own practice. I'd wind up with student loans in the six- figure range, however. It would most likely wind up at around $110k that I owed, and there's no guarantee that I'd find a job. After about 2 years of prerequisites (I have my math and English classes out of the way, I just need science classes now), it would be another 3 1/2 straight years of difficult schooling. I don't have money to start a practice, so I'd likely have to work together with someone, like an acupuncturist. I'm more interested in the idea of becoming a chiropractor, but a radiology tech would be more practical. I'd be 29 when I finished and became an MRI tech, and I'll be 32 by the time I finish as a chiropractor. Which should I go with? Advice and input would be greatly appreciated, especially from people in either field. Thank you all in advance.

    I don't know what you guys are talking about when you call them "quacks". I've seen one 3 times now and haven't had a headache since. I went to him for back pain. He never mentioned anything about relieving headaches, nor did I ever read or hear anything about this type of treatment for headaches. I noticed it though. After my first treatment, I noticed it as I used to get at least 2- 3 headaches per week. I called it to his attention the next time I saw him (2 weeks later) and he said that's not uncommon.

    Please go to and ask this question. Experienced chiropractors will help guide you in the right direction. Edit: Was just wondering why you haven't taken my suggestion? Why ask non-chiropractors,questions about being a chiropractor?

    I follow these posts very closely and for the past few years every time a chiropractor is mentioned negative posts appear almost immediately. The truth is there is an overwhelming amount of research to show spinal manipulation is safe, effective, and costs less. Chiropractic physicians attend 4-5 years of post graduate training followed by very difficult national examinations. Chiropractic colleges are accredited by the same regional accreditation agencies that accredit medical schools. A simple google search will show the mountains of research supporting spinal manipulation--and these studies are published in medical journals. Check out a very recent article I pasted in the "source" area. The radiology tech field is also good but the average salary is about half of what a chiropractic physician makes. Good luck in whatever you decide to do.

    I think you should become a Rad Tech because you can branch to so many differnt fields. You can specialize in any field you want. I have a friend who is a Rad Tech and its been easy for her to find a job wherever she moves to. From South Maryland to North Maryland to Louisiana. I don't know the demand for an Acupunture, but I do know there is usually positions open for Rad Techs. Hope that helps.

    Chiropractors are quacks. Don't get involved. Even if they do finish a degree in Chiropraxy (it's laughable to call it a "doctorate"), many chiropractors are not able to establish a career in chiroquackery but they're stuck with enormous student loan debts. ADDED "I don't know what you guys are talking about when you call them "quacks"." To educate yourself about chiropractors and their ridiculous, anti-scientific, superstitious, ideas on disease, read the articles in the website below.

    Techs do useful work. Chiropractors are con artists. Chiropracty doesn't work and never did. It's always been a scam. They are not real doctors.

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