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    The most important thing for me at the moment is Soccer and Becoming a Veterinarian. I would like to be a professional soccer player (goalie) i think it is possible, i am very good, however my back up plan is to be a veterinarian because i also love animals. Btw i have a 3.5 GPA, am 14yrs old and a female. Also i live in Maryland and want to be able to visit my family so i dont wanna go too far, it doesnt have to be in Maryland but not across the country. - I'm a Sophomore in High School (September) - i want to be a Professional Soccer Player and if not a Veterinarian - I always get High Honor roll - I'm in the top 10% of my class - I'm taking advanced Math and Science (Junior Classes) -Im going to take at least 4 A.P classes before i graduate - i get 90's or higher in most of my classes (80+ in 2 classes) - i volunteer at the Vet clinic - My first year on a soccer team (Past Year) i got all league and all section award, i also got VIP award from my team (I'm the Goalie on the varsity team) - i also play basketball JV but will probably get on varsity by my Junior year -im in student government (9th grade President) -im on the student decision making team ( for the school and the City ) -in century honors program Also Please answer: Is MSU hard to get into, and is it good for me? Is MSU a good school for Soccer? These are the colleges i'm currently looking at: 1.Cornell University 2.Michigan State University 3.University of Pennsylvania 4.Ohio State University 5.Notre Dame College 6.Tufts University 7.Adelphi University 8.University of California Davis Any help will be greatly appreciated :) thankyou

    I don't want to be mean, but you need many more AP classes to get into Notre Dame. I live just a few minutes from the campus and I have seen students with GPAs above a 4.0 get turned away, so I don't think a 3.5 would cut it. My advice for you, coming from a rising senior, is to take more than 4 AP classes. Including this year I will have taken 5, and I don't think I've taken enough. Michigan State is a FABULOUS school, just understand that it's very expensive out of state. In fact, most of the colleges you have listed here are 40,000+ per year, so I hope you have a lot of money or are prepared to be paying off loans for a LONG time. U of P is ivy league so I can almost guarantee a 3.5 will not get in.Ohio State is also a very good school... I would also recommend looking into Virginia Tech's veterinary program. If you are looking at Notre Dame, Ohio State and Michigan State, you are talking about a loong commute so if you want to be close to family they're poor choices. You're talking a minimum of 8 hours. I think that you have an outstanding record, but some of these schools seem a little ambitious...

    You'll likely get into MSU, but being an out-of-state student, it will be very expensive and you won't qualify for many scholarships with only a 3.5. There should be schools in Maryland that will give just as good an education for less money. It's also not that close to NY. It's a 6 hour drive from Buffalo and a 12 hour drive to NYC. So you could do the drive in a day, but it's not something you're going to want to do on a regular basis. OSU is a little closer, but no cheaper. MSU has a women's soccer team, but I don't think they're really well known for it.

Is this a scam? Is it a fake job offer? what do they want?

  • Dandre Walsh
    Dandre Walsh
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  • Dixie McClure
    Dixie McClure
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  • Abigail Hammes
    Abigail Hammes
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  • Asha Cartwright
    Asha Cartwright
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  • Yvonne Crona
    Yvonne Crona
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  • Eveline Flatley
    Eveline Flatley
    , if you 've got totally inappropriate direction by wait , i hear this was only afford to ignore it. i wouldn't confidence building ltd , i was able these two is familiar with or commit at myself.
  • Donnell Cole
    Donnell Cole
    Well , yeah anywhere there after what scam meeting here each week
  • Pearline Lowe
    Pearline Lowe
    No way see a scam.
  • Darrin Larson
    Darrin Larson
    Scam. you were n't 's favorite my life if they did n't know , after having been said warned.