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    So, I want to be a doctor but i don't want to have to do all the schooling right away. I wanted to be something like an RN, but i want to be real hands-on and get really high up. Then I want to go up to a Nurse Practitioner again being hands-on. I would like to do those jobs and be next to a doctor like helping them out. Then become a Doctor, I don't really want to specialize in anything but i want the title of Doctor. I still want to be able to make a decent living and not have to just waste time. I wouldn't really mind working the long hours but i wouldn't want to have to be on call. If I have to be on call though, i will. So is that something that could work out?

    I don't think you understand the requirements for becoming a Medical Doctor or a Nurse Practitioner. You are fascinated with the idea of a title and have no clue what is involved with either career, so let's take a look at what's required for both: To become a Medical Doctor, you need an undergrad degree with strong math and science components: something like a Bachelor of Science in Biology or Chemistry is optimal. With an undergrad such as that, you will meet the admission requirements for Med School and have the knowledge to score well on the MCAT (which is a big part of being admitted to Med School). A nursing undergrad degree (the BSN) does not contain the math and science needed for admission or a good MCAT score. After being admitted to Med School, you will have 4 years of constant classes and studying. Students do not work while in Med School- they rely on student loans (and parents) for paying any costs of living. So working as a nurse (or anything else) in Med School is out of the question. You won't have time. After 4 years of college and 4 years of Med School, you need to do a residency. That's where you spend 3-4 years focusing on your area of specialty. After that, you do 1-2 years of a fellowship. With any Massachusetts career, you will find that you will either be working something other than 9-5 at some point and there will be times that you'll have to take call. As far as being a Nurse Practitioner......you start off with a BSN, then you work in an area related to what you want to become an Advance Practice Nurse in for a few years. It's usually a minimum of 2 years working as an RN before applying to a NP program. Now keep in mind that to become a Nurse Practitioner after 2015 will require you to earn the DNP- Doctor of Nursing Practice, so you are looking into at least 9 years from the start of your first freshman college class until you have finished to the DNP before you can become a Nurse Practitioner. Given all of what you've just been informed of, I would suggest you start looking into another career field. 9-14 years of education and at least $150,000 in student loans seem a little out of touch if you only want to go into a field so you can call yourself "doctor".

    The BSN does not incorporate the better math and technology mandatory to attain nicely on the MCAT or to prevail in scientific college. at an identical time as you maximum actually can take an extra 3 hundred and sixty 5 days or 2 of training when you have earned a BSN to get you the place you ought to be academically for Med college application, why no longer evaluate the two getting a extra classic degree (Biology or Chemistry) in case you incredibly should be a doctor or in the journey that your objective is quite nursing- look into getting a DNP- physician of Nursing prepare- when you have earned your BSN and labored as an RN for a at an identical time as- this is the stairs for starting to be a Nurse Practitioner.

    I am gonna tell you now, nursing school is crazy. You have to take nursing seriously or else you won't make it. You won't have time to have a second job because nursing school hours are ridiculous. On the weekends you have clinicals. Now, after you have done all these you have to pass the NCLEX to become a registered nurse. After this you have to study for your MCAT to get into medical school. Your journey is really long and lonely. Trust me. Just do something easy.

    Uh, no, you can't just "work your way up" to doctor, you need to complete the formal education and get licensed.

I think my sister was seriously rude and ungrateful in this situation do you?

  • Zackery Kassulke
    Zackery Kassulke
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  • Mia Will
    Mia Will
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  • Harry Gutmann
    Harry Gutmann
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  • Kamryn Tillman
    Kamryn Tillman
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