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    I know everyone probably heard these questions before but oh well but anyways: 1.if someone joins the navy how much time are you away from home? 2.how would someone become a higher ranked officer? 3.is a score of a 79 good on the ASVAB test? 4.any pros and cons you can think of-except the whole "you could die" thing

    In the Navy you're at sea about 50% of the time. The rest of the time, you're stationed at a base. If you mean "away from home" = "family," almost all the time -- unless you're marred in which case, if you're stationed ashore, you'll probably go home every night. Your graduation date from OCS establishes your class. You're expected to advance with your class. If you miss a coupe of advancements the Navy begins to wonder if they want you in their organization. If you do extremely well at your assignments, you can be recommended for "deep selection." That's when the Navy selects officers for advancement from later classes -- i.e., promote them ahead of their classmates. Advancements are determined by a selection board based on evaluations. Talk with your recruiter about the ASVAB score. Whether it's "good" or not depends upon the specialty or program for which you apply. I can only tell you my experience. I enlisted at 20 with a BA in Math. I opted to enlist rather than go for an officer program because I didn't know whether or not I wanted to make the commitment. When it came time to extend for my E-6, somebody dusted off my degree and recommended OCS. I spent 25 years in the Navy. Some of my buddies from boot camp got out after four. They got jobs in the civilian sector. About the time I started OCS, they might have advanced to some supervisory position. About the time I had advanced to a policy-making position they had made it into the junior executive pool. By the time I'd retired, they might have made it into upper management. Some may have made it up the corporate ladder into one of those 500 square-foot, glassed-in offices way up in one of those tall office buildings. In their free moments they dream about travel, excitement, adventure... maybe SCUBA diving or sky diving with their friends... whenever they have the time or extra cash. I retired at 45 -- not very common in the civilian world. I got two college degrees primarily on the GI Bill. I purchased a house with a VA-insured loan, and paid it off in ten years. Because of my military career, management experience, and recent security clearance, I was able to begin a second career as a management. I retired from that company 12 years later This last year I've rented my house to an officer from a nearby Air Force bas. I've moved into a Massachusetts retirement home. The cost of the home is more than made up by the rent from the house. Both my retirement checks are free and clear. I can fly just about anywhere in the world for free. I have access to base facilities pretty much whenever and wherever I want. At the Massachusetts Home, my money's useless. If I ever need medical care, it's built into the fees here. Those guys in the big offices? They're my age. They still work 50-60 hours a week and dream about doing the things I did in the Navy -- while I was young enough to enjoy it.

    I cant help you in 1-3, but... 4) Navy doesnt really have a high death rate, its not really as dangerous as other infantry units in different branches of the military. However, you would still be a hero for putting your life on the line for your country. The feeling of being a member of the US military lasts forever, and is something you can really be proud of. back to the question tho. You will get good workin expierence in your field in the Navy. When you get out you have many job opportunities because you are a vet with experience. You can see the world and get paid for it. Yeah you would be workin but with a good job that you enjoy it will be a piece of cake. And again you will be a hero to the eyes of all Americans, except for the jerks that you see here running there mouths on yahooanswers. Cons: You will miss out on the fun college environment. No parties, no cute girls in skirts... You will be away from the sweet life of living. No gettin in your car and drving to the beach for the day. Its your decision: sacrafice what you have in life to become an American hero. Or just be another 20 year old who doesnt know what they wanna be in life. semper fi. good luck to u

    If being in the navy is what you really want then he should stand by you. Its one thing to be worried, but its your decision and your life, and he shouldn't be making your decisions for you. Also you should know that everybody has their own expierence with the navy. I have family who loved it. and then you hear about how bad it sucked for some people. It just mean the military wasnt for those people. I joined i ship out in novemeber and im excited about it. If you end up not liking it just think that its only 4 years and then college is payed for no student loan crap..

    I was elnisted in the Navy and it was GREAT sodon't worryabout it... most naval officers are republican in thinking and the chicks- worldwide- really dig you! Even as Barack thinks our military sucks and the world hates us. To Mr Barry O'bama ( as he was known in Kansas, until he met the Rev Wrong) Oh Con'trair.. only the leftist of the world hate us.. like EU spokespersons etc...

To Pay Credit cards at once or not to pay is the question...?

  • Evert Douglas
    Evert Douglas
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    Christopher Reichel
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  • Enid Bergnaum
    Enid Bergnaum
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  • Jesus Rath
    Jesus Rath
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  • Eloy Windler
    Eloy Windler
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  • Gillian Rolfson
    Gillian Rolfson
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    Conor Howell
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