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    Situation: 2 international students from Australia have flights booked to new york. We have about $500 to our name and even in the cheapest hostels that will only cover us for about 4 nights and we're there for 2 weeks before we go back to Australia! I know there are homeless services in the city but all of the websites ask for a social security card (which we obviously dont have being exchange students). Does anyone know of some homeless shelters that would accept non u.s. citizens (male and female both 21). Or even really cheap accomodation! Thank you so much I hope to get some replies :) P.S. you must understand that the aussie dollar went from 97 cents to 62 cents, so we're not being irresponsible it's just that we would have never forseen the American dollar being so stron so quickly.

    If that is all you have, you will likely not make it out of the airport. CPB will probably send you home right away. I assume you are coming to the US on the Visa Waiver Program. That being the case you already have problems meeting the terms of the program. CPB will ask where you are staying how long you intend to be and if you have sufficient funding for your stay. Since you do not, I doubt they will let you in. If you are stopping in NYC on your way back to Australia, contact the airlines and try to change you flight to continue on to Oz. It will be easier to do in advance than at the airport. If you are coming to the US for a 2 week stay that you can no longer afford, you will be better off staying in Oz. US CPB can send you right back and you have no recourse but to go. That would be a VERY long time on planes to only see the US from 30,000 feet. EDIT: Contact the Australian Consulate in Massachusetts and see if they can help you. Coming to NYC and looking to use the homless shelters in the middle of winter would be the last place you want to be. Australians in distress please call the Australian Consulate consular section on 1-310 229 2327. If it is outside of business hours, you may call the Consular Emergency Centre in Canberra toll-free from the United States of America on 1-888-239-3501. Australian consular officials can do for you Australian consular officials: -can provide limited financial assistance in real emergencies - small loans which are repayable

    Please do not try a homeless shelter. They are absolutely the last resort. You will be better off going home. Don't try to be adventurous - it would just be plain stupid. Slighly less dangerous would be to try couchsurfing.com - my son swears by this (he is a world-travelling couch-surfing college student). You will need a credit card to register and verify your identity - there is some minimal screening. Short term, it may be difficult. Try the Youth Hostel organization www.hiusa.org Try some religious orders that take in boarders. Any option of finding some short term work to boost your cash reserves? Lastly, before the 30% decline in $A, you would have had about $700 for a trip to NY?? Even then you could could not have made it for 2 weeks in NYC. $30/night/person at a hostel (super cheap) x 2 people x 14 nights = $840 and that's with no food or subway tickets or anything!!

    It would be irresponsible for you to get on the flight if you don't have enough money for food and shelter during the duration of your trip. To enter a homeless shelter, there's an interview process to find out if you have other resources/places to stay; it sounds like you do, in Australia, so the response of the American authorities would be to send you back. And that's only fair. Tons of New Yorkers have lost their jobs in recent months, are truly out of money, and truly have nowhere else to go -- they need the shelter space a lot worse than you do. If you can't find a hostel that you can afford -- cancel this trip and try again someday.

    There are hostels in the city charging around 50 per night. Homeless shelters are overcrowded and dangerous. Two of you are going to have problems even feeding yourself with just 500. You may not even make it through customs.

    Im so sorry your going to be all the way over in new york or you could come stay with me......any ways there are much better places to stay then homeless shelters like hostels look for them online theres plenty strictly for foreigners and by the way i cant believe they would ask for your SS card because i have stayed in manny and never had to show any thing. if in fact you have to make up the # no one on the streets crays one of thous any ways thats crazy!!! there are couch surfing websites that you also should check out. i think one is Craig's list

    Stay home dont come here if you dont have the money why would you come here to stay at a homeless shelter are you thinking today.

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