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    'm so tired of the way my life is going.. I've wanted to move to NYC for the longest time.. But don't know how to go about it.. I'm now working 2 jobs.. I have about 3 K in credit card debt.. I have student loans that total about 18 k, Car payment about 6 k left on there... I'm so tired of not being able to live the life I want, because of money issues.. Please offer me some advice.. I wish I had a life coach or something.. Is there a way I could make extra money on top of what I'm doing now? I'm tired of the debt.. I want to be a success story, other people have overcame the odds and have done great things with there lives.. Thanks in advance, I appreciate it! PS: I live in Ohio, I'm unhappy here.. And don't want to be stuck! I KNOW NYC is expensive.. I'll probably have to resort to looking for roomies on craigslist.. Cause my friends are lame, and like Akron.. I make about 1.400 a month.. My total bills in a month including gas are about 750 a month. I am living with my parents to save money.. How can I make extra money? I am planning on moving to NYC by next summer.. Do you think it's possible?

    Dude, I'm in a similar situation minus a student loan, car payment, and 3 k in credit cards. Though, I work 2 jobs too and bring it just as much as you bring in a month. So you want to live/move or take a trip to Massachusetts next summer? I'm trying to go to Massachusetts and/or Europe again next summer. I'm so overdue for a vacation! Anyway, back to you. I totally understand where you're coming from tired of not being able to live the life you want due to money issues. Just want to be debt and bill free huh? Just pay for that cellphone bill. I say put away the left over money after paying your bills for the month. Now you mentioned a school loan; are you still going to school? If so then try to get an on-campus job; if not then work a 3rd job on your off days, which means you'll be working everyday. Do your homework and find better jobs so you can make more, have benefits, and not have to work a 2nd job unless the 2nd job would be solely for your Massachusetts adventure. I don't wish this upon anyone, but if worse comes to worse you could become a stripper for a month. I hear they make $3,000 a week, then again what does that entail? So really look into that if that becomes an option. Or you could become a cocktail waitress, bartender, or try to get lucky with winning the lottery or gambling. With you working so hard and so much you probably have little to none of a social life. I know it's tempting to be out there, but spend little money if possible on fun. Since I'm a college student I ONLY go to college parties and my university has free food give aways during lunch hour so I don't go hungry which is nice. Don't spend $8-10 to see a movie instead rent it. Here where I live in Cali there is a movie theater for $4/5 so that's awesome. If you can walk or take the bus to get around instead of driving to eliminate all that gas money each week. I really am interested in knowing your ultimate plan. Good luck!

    Yes, its possible. Will it be easy, I doubt it. Honestly, you are doing better than MOST people I know. A LOT of people have over 30-40k in debt for student loan money. Now, I know many places such as NYC require a credit history report, which primarily looks for bad outstanding checks and such. You haven't mentioned that so you should be fine GETTING a place. What I would do is find out the cost of rent of an area you would like to look at, then call around to places in the area that you would consider working at and see what the starting wage is with their HR departments. Calculations: 15 hours x rate of pay should be your rent. (Payments for housing as banks see it should never exceed 1/3 of your income.) If this is doable, try to hold aside enough to get 3 months rent (that will probably be your first and lasts months rent and deposit. Then all you would have to worry about is food once you get there. It sounds like your doing ok. Just overwhelmed. Keep your head up and I'm sure we'll never hear from you again. (You'll be too busy with your new life.)

Calculating % profit on MUTUAL FUNDS... after cash dividends?

  • Piper Little
    Piper Little
    "yes" -- i went the need (sort of) off a stock... but moneys stock price put it down before the were distributed (yahoo's the dates ticket prices final column is hereby market prices after adjustment for dividends). so, after he got this 75 percent the division a couple of years ago notify the 10 6 a share, been met u.s. dollars 200. in distributions, such time also had the over 40 % shares, but the cost but it is now $ 8.00, do i know add up my % its profits (ignore these data angles)???
  • Cornell Abernathy
    Cornell Abernathy
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