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    I am considering doing a 2 year A.A.S. degree program at my local community college to become a registered nurse. I want to specialize in neonatal care. I am desiring to be a nurse mainly because I think it would be self-fullfilling to help people, I have an interest in health, and the pay seems to be decent to live and support my children. However, I have heard many negatives about Nursing as a career choice. I have did research online and found many nurses who completely HATED their job. Most said that the stress and long hours wasn't worth the pay. They complain that the job 'consumes' their life. I am struggling with the decision whether to go into the field or not. I am the kind of person that wants to have plenty of time with family, friends, and children in life, and I will not go into nursing if it takes away too much time from my husband and children. I'm not really into the idea of working more than 10 hour shifts, weekends, and holidays. What should I do? Should I go into nursing? If not, what would be a good field to go into?

    NO, NO NO If you want a stress free life, and don't want to work 12 hour Note shifts and holidays and weekends aways from your family , please run in the other direction, I sure wish someone would have told me this, I am no 50 have had 2 back surgeries and am not suppose to work as a nurse, but have been doing it for over 30 years i know nothing else, and i am single and have to support myself, i am stuck>>>STUCK>>> i am burned out , stressed out my employer treats us all like servants, and calls us in on our days off and threatens to fire us. Please don't even consider it. here is a list of other health care jobs, first a Medical Assistant, works in a doctors office, you could work for a peds or ob/gyn, of course the pay is not as much, so for equal or more like way more pay and job satisfaction Physical THerapist/ ; Pharmacist they can make as much as $110,00.00 right out of school depends where you live and if you work in a hospital or a pharmacy, and some employers are so desperate for Pharmacists some offer to pay off your student loans, not kidding, but you could even make more than that, it takes 4 years but you will never every have to depend on anyone every to buy a home and take care of your family a RN, Massachusetts 1 year pre-req. plus 2 years nursing school, so it is only 1 more year, and it is worth, I am speaking out of experience, have been in health care for over 30 years, as a CNA a medical assistant and a nurse 2 back surgeries, 5 years where i could not work. and now i am not suppose to be working as a nurse , but i don't know how to do anything else and i am saying these things because::: i really wish someone would have told me back then , what i know know as a nurse in a hospital, a nursing home you will never have a normal life and right out of school you would be very luck even to get a day shift job and do you want to be away from your family for 12 hours a day 3 days a week, most likely you would be started on nites, (maybe not sure) 6pm-6am do you think your family is going to get the best of you after that/? and if your Replacement doesn't show up if you leave before they find someone to come in, you could lose your license for abdoment, of your patients, and this has happened to many times the stress has caused my blood pressure to be so high i am on medication, even my elderly parents don't have blood pressure issues. Why do you think there is a Nursing shortage if it is so great?? I saw a study done by a california nursing association that showed that after graduation and 1 year later, the average RN, only 30% where still practicing nurses, what i mean is that quit and gave up and found something else to do I was the preceptor for a new grad with a 4 year degree a lot of $ and time for that, she would have panic attacks on the way to the hospital and i would find her down in the ER> do what you want but if you really want to be a nurse, don't even work until you get an advanced degree like a Nurse Practitioner look it up on google and check out www.payscale.com and put in as many health care professions you can think of it goes by city and state , as they all pay different so Nurse Practitioner, Pharmacist, Physical Therapist, Occupational therapist and even nurse Midwife if you really sure like the baby thing this is all so negative and i am sorry but this is my own experience others may have more positive ones, like day surgery, is a normal 9-5 job but hard to get into that and most nursing jobs where you don't work weekends and holidays etc, they pay wayyyyy less www.payscale.com good luck and hope you find something that pays well and that you will love that way you never ever really work a day in your life, if you would do it for free???

    Nursing is hard work, emotionally and physically stressful, that part is true. However, there are so many job options these days that you should always be able to easily find something to fit the schedule/lifestyle you want. Whether it's in a hospital, doctors office, school, clinic, home health agency, temp agency, private nursing, or travel nursing agency. The options are only limited by your goals. The cushy 8-5 nursing jobs are hard to get and pay much less than the 12 hour shifts in the trauma room. It's great when you can help people, though you need to be prepared for the fact that so many can't really be helped, there's only so much you can do, and that's hard. Especially hard when the ones you can't really help are children! It's heartbreaking work. It's heart lifting work.

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Tax refund, owe student loan, how much time do i have?

  • Muhammad Schuster
    Muhammad Schuster
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    Franz Erdman
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    Kelli Prosacco
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  • Buster Moore
    Buster Moore
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    Salvatore Kautzer
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