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    Becoming a pilot - requirements? at the moment i`m 16 and i`m thinking about choosing my future profession and i think that i would really like to become an airplane pilot. so, i was thinking, could you please tell me the basic requirements to become one? and also fees of flight schools? i would like to become a professional civil airplane pilot. also are there some different requirements for female pilots? thank you very much in advance! :))

    Don't let the naysayers get you down. I have been a CFI, Charter Pilot, Corporate Pilot, and Airline Pilot, and I can honestly say that I was lucky enough to make a great career choice. 1. Most airlines require a 4-year degree. They don't generally care what the degree is in, they just want one. 2. Stay away from drugs. Stay away from people who do drugs. This includes grass. 3. If you drink, NEVER drink and drive---a DUI is a career killer 4. Avoid getting tickets. Many airlines require that you submit your national driving record with your application. Too many tickets=no interview. You are speaking of entering a career that is incredibly unforgiving of any offenses involving the police: DUI, drugs, assault, etc. The company will, some day, launch you in a 150 million dollar jet, and have to just trust your judgment. Your record needs to be spotless. You must be in reasonable health to fly. Before you start making career decisions, make certain that you currently meet the medical requirements by finding an AME (Aviation Medical Examiner) on faa.gov, and taking a Class I Physical. This is even more true for the military. Flight Training: You can go to an aviation college, and get the training along with the degree. I am a little concerned with what an aviation degree does for a person who suddenly because of health or other issues, can't fly. San Jacinto has a 2-year program that gets an Associate Degree, and all the ratings. I am certain that there are others. After that, you can move to another college and finish out a 4-year degree in some fall-back area. Total cost will probably be somewhere in the 70-100K range, and student loans are available. Get your 4-year degree, and then attend an accelerated program such as ATP, where you will spend 50-70K, loans are available, and get all the ratings in about 3-9 months. I heard recently that ATP dropped their post private pilot price to 40K. IF you have the money, maturity, etc. consider doing this as soon as you are 18, and then CFI your way through college. Go to your local flight school, and take the training there. This will sometimes be a little hodge podge, and the schools can be all over the map in terms of quality of training and equipment. I live in a major metro area, and I know of only three local flight schools where I would have or have sent my children, or that I am willing to recommend. Even the great local schools, and they do a great job, no matter what they say, just aren't geared to getting you through quickly. Plan on at least 2 years from start to finish. This might be cheaper than any of the other options, until you consider the opportunity cost. This is the only option that easily allows you to retain a job during training. After you get your 4-year degree, go to the military. The upside is that you get to fly some really neat equipment and serve your country, assuming that you are a US citizen. The downside is that, if you are not s..t-hot, you may find yourself flying some really mundane equipment, and you are still committed to a long time in the service. I think the current commitment is 10 years, Did I mention that you might get shot at! When you separate from the military, if you can find a slot in the Reserves or Guard, it can be a real godsend if you are furloughed. You just go back the the military until the furlough is canceled. It can also help bolster your pay during those lean first few years. On the other hand, many military pilots separate with less than 1000 hours, so they, after 10 years in the military, still have to go to the Regionals to build time. So the upgrade to the Major can easily be 15 years after college graduation, or 37+ years old. I have seen a lot of guys and gals go through ATP, and be hired by a Regional less than one year after solo. That is NOT happening in the current economic climate, but will probably happen again in the future. When is anybody's guess. If you choose an accelerated program, I would recommend that you go away to school. If you attempt to attend an accelerated school where you are required to live, eat, and breathe aviation 24/7, you are at a natural disadvantage when mom, dad, boyfriend, whatever calls and wants something. Also, you lose the drive time each day that the other students don't have. When the airlines were playing catch-up for their previous hiring discrimination, I suspect that gals were held to a different standard. Now that there are a lot of women in aviation, there is a qualified pool, and the airlines have substantially caught up, I doubt that there are any different standards. Good Luck and go with your dream!

    To become a professional pilot the minimums you will need are commercial or airline transport pilot certificate with both a single engine land and multi engine land. The best place to start is: degree in something (anything) will be helpful. the type of job and what you want to do will dictate the specific training you will need overall. At 16 I would suggested taking a few flights with an instructor and see if you like it. The instructor will also be able to answer questions and discuss the training to become a professional pilot

    Let me be blunt. Being a professional pilot sucks. Bad food, ungrateful passengers, snarky airline staff, poor job security, half your life sitting in airports eating that bad artery hardening food and just a miserable life in general. Divorce rate is significantly higher than the national average. Go get a degree in engineering or the medical field that pays really well. Then get a private pilot's license with an instrument rating and fly for fun. It is rare to find a pilot that has done it for a living that will tell you otherwise if you press him or her on it.

    I'll just add: The requirements for female pilots are exactly the same as those for male pilots. Any kind of pilots. By law. For flight school fees, check out your local Massachusetts airport's web site and click on the flight schools featured. Call those schools and ask them about their club, aircraft rental, fuel and instructor fees. They vary.

    Your only 14.. u plan to be a pilot and u may end up being a cook. So relax take it easy, as the saying goes Cross the bridge when you reach it, till then dont worry about crossing it. But be good in academics and to be a pilot u need Math,Phy, Chem back ground.

Is it possible for me to save any money?

  • Merl Schoen
    Merl Schoen
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  • Jennie Lueilwitz
    Jennie Lueilwitz
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  • Hadley Koch
    Hadley Koch
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