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    Thanks for your answer, but they also sent me a financial aid package saying that i had been approved for a total of $27,220 for the 2010-2011 school year? So what does this apply to, if my tuition is going to be waived. I'm not staying on campus, so therefore I wont need meal plans or dorm rooms. Any information helps. Thank You.

    Tuition waivers are usually given to folks who don't really have the great grades or high ACT scores necessary to get a scholarship but they still want you to attend, probably for other reasons to make their freshman class look "diverse". Who knows why... you may be low income, a minority, have outstanding athletic ability, or perhaps have the potential to be the first person in your family to ever graduate from college. In short: It means you don't have to pay for your tuition your first year. Tuition waivers have no cash value and they don't cover other expenses associated with Loyola like: Fees 1,346 Dorms 6,100 Meal plan 4,088 Also not listed are your books. Aprox 1,200 a year Since this schools tuition alone costs as much as my first HOUSE ($30,468 YIKES!!), you should consider you prob won't get this tuition waiver in subsequent years (most scholarships - generally to private high cost schools such as this one - are given to incoming freshman to LURE them in) then you have to foot the bill in subsequent years. Do you have $42,000 for your sophomore, junior and senior years? That is 42X3 years = $126,000 The max amount of federal Stafford loan money you can borrow as a dependent freshman is only 5500. Even with the tuition waiver you are quite a bit short. So unless you have any money saved (or parents willing to pay the difference for you for the next four years) you need to consider other schools. Many public schools in Massachusetts cost less than 3,000 a year in tuition. What a bargain!! You might want to call the school Monday and find out if they will renew this tuition waiver for all 4 years of your college life. Unless you can get this guarantee (and you won't) then you should explore all other options. Even an out of state school may be cheaper than this private one after your tuition waiver expires. EDIT: Did the financial aid letter say what KIND of aid the 27,000 dollars was? Most likely, the 27,000 IS your tuition waiver. That is about the right amount for you to attend full time at 12 college credit hours. It is not likely extra money. Even tuition waivers are considered financial aid and will be on your award letter.

    University Of New Orleans Tuition

    Loyola University—New Orleans, is ranked "F" by the ACTA Education Foundation for total failure of General Education. You could drift through years of Loyola but not absorb an adequate education. Seton Hall is rated "B" (above average).

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