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    Hi I'm looking for detailed advice from someone who can guide me into the correct path of becoming a Medical Dermatologist. I'm starting my first year of college this fall in August and I'm majoring in Pre-Med which isn't a degree at my school it is basically like a starting program for freshmen and then we move on to major in something like biology etc. Presently: For my schedule I am taking Biology 101 and Chemistry 105 and I'm also taking a Biology Lab and Chemistry Lab. I'm not required to take math (at the moment anyways) due to my sat scores and my math score on their math placement test. I'm also taking a Philosophy class which is called Ethics and Good Life. High School: In high school I took college credit courses called Principles of Biomedical Science (which I got credit for) and Principles of the Human Body Systems (no credit sadly). I also took chemistry, physics, and biology. Science is one of my strong parts to there's no worry there if I have to continue taking science based courses. What I've researched: This is what I know so far, I know that after 4 years of undergrad I have to take the MCAT and the score on that will get me into a medical school where I believe I then get to major in Dermatology for another 4 years then I have to do a residency for 2-3 years then I become a Dermatologist...? This is what I got from researching on the web please correct me if I am wrong. Loans and debt: I'm also interested in learning how to pay for college because even with all the grants and scholarships and financial aid I received I'm left with over 4,000 in tuition and room and board (not including books or personal expenses) so I just took out a subsidized loan for it. I am hoping I won't be in too much debt after everything and will be able to pay it off ASAP. Questions: Basically I just want a deeper understanding of the steps I need to take to become a medical dermatologist and a few questions answered... 1. What should I major in right now and should I just go for a Bachelor Degree or a Master? 2. What is the MCAT like, and how is it scored? 3. Can you only take the MCAT once? 4. Do I major in Medical Dermatology in Medical School? 5. What is a Residency like, what do I learn/do? 6. How was your experience paying for college, did you get any loans, are you in debt? 7. How did you find your job as a dermatologist? 8. What was your starting salary like, has it changed much, and do you think you'd be able to pay off any loans with your salary? 9. What are the other types of fields in medical dermatology? 10. What is your day to day life like at your job 11. Technology keeps advancing so how do you keep up with it? 12. How often do I renew my license, and am I required to go back to school for it like teachers? 13. What are your personal experiences or advice for future dermatologist? Sorry this is long but becoming a dermatologist is a long process so I'm just trying to understand it all, thank you for taking the time to read this.

    You are a young bird who is just learning to fly and is asking about flying from new York to Florida. This early in the game you have to get a good GPA (3.5+), and a good MCAT (30+). 1. Masters degree is superfluous. For the bachelors take anything as long as you take the required premed courses. You can major in Music and still take chemistry, bio e.t.c. I am a theater major and I took the require premed courses, got a good mcat and got into med school. 2. MCAT is the most annoying and worrisome test you will take in your life. Your score reflects the work you put in. A typical student spends 600+ hours studying slowly by slowly. 3. You can take the MCAT more than once, but unlike the SAT, you can not choose which scores to send. 4. I just got accepted to med school so I do not know about the major system, but I have very close friends who are in med school 3rd year. They say you have to take the USMLE, which is like the MCAT in medical school and you have to score really well for dermatology in particular. Other fields like GI you don't have to have a great score. The USMLE is easier than the MCAT since the medical school prepares you well for it. 5. Residency is after you passed the USMLE and graduated from a medical school with the Massachusetts degree. 6. When I enter the public medical school my tuition is low (in-state) so I will have not loans. 7. Again you pass the USMLE with a killer score to get a residency program that will take you in and train you and after you graduate from a med school to become a dermatologist. 8. No idea, but since it is competitive I am guessing they make mucho dinero. 9. N/A. 10. I have shadowed a physician in dermatology and I heard it is the most relaxing way to make a living, and set up a private practice. 11. N/A. 12. 5 years. 13. N/A Again you are too early in the game, your job now is to get into a medical school and then all this will become super clear. You have a long and though road ahead of you. Enjoy college and study. Good Luck!!!

    Tiffany, I am wondering about your motivation to become a dermatologist? It is important to know because this will be one of the things you will be asked on your medical school interviews and your residency interviews. In a nutshell, here is what you need to do: 1. go to college and get a high GPA like 3.8 or above; ideally, you want a 4.0 as many people applying will have that. Your major does not matter (much), but you should take all the prerequisites for medical school like physics, organic chemistry, biochemistry, etc. You can talk to a pre-med advisor in college to figure out what classes you need to take. You can also visit the individual medical school websites to find out what their requirements are. I majored in Biology but if I could change it I would pick biochemistry. It is a much harder program, but it will be SO beneficial to you short term (because it covers 90% of pre-reqs for medical school) AND in the long run in medical school. Note: you need Calculus 1 and 2 for biochem. You only need a bachelor's degree. 2. Volunteer at the hospital to get an idea about what it means to be in a medical setting. This is also important for you. Medicine is not as glamorous as you might think it is from TV; You really MUST have the passion for it. Also volunteer at a dermatologist; Maybe then you will change your mind. Most medical students go into 3rd and 4th year (that's when you do rotations - which is an exploration so to speak of the different fields of medicine - and they come out with experiences that make them choose another field. You don't majr in anything in Medical school. 3. Do research and publish papers; THIS IS A MUST. It will help you to get into medical school AND later on, which is the awesome part. You were asking how to pay for college, and the best way is to contact someone in your school (or outside your school in the summer at places like Harvard, MIT, Berkeley, etc.) to do research (ask to be paid). You can also get something called work-study which is a type of financial aid. For me I ended up working at a lab through work-study and at a department store, so my life had to be really balanced and I had to make sacrifices (like not dating, not partying), but I ended up with a 3.9 GPA and 0 debt after school. I also got to publish 3 papers and go to 2 conferences. It was all worth it. 4. Take the MCAT after your second or third year of college, because you want to be applying a year before going to medical school. This will be the most important test that will determine whether you get in medical school or not. Many people will say that the MCAT is just one thing on your application and other things matter like volunteering, GPA and research. They do but the MCAT weights about 80% of your application. Do well (above 31) and you will get in for sure. If you are shooting for a school like Harvard Medical, you should be looking at a score in the high 30's and 40s. Max score is 45 (not reached in recent time). You should ideally take it ONCE! so study VERY hard for it the FIRST time. It is a HUGE red flag to have multiple administrations and they cost a ton a money too. 5. Do 2 years of medical school and do really well (be in the top of your class). This is important because dermatology is VERY VERY competitive. YOU SHOULD NOT WORK Massachusetts MEDICAL SCHOOL!!! Some schools will recruit people with high MCAT scores and will pay their medical schools for them, you should expect to be in about $250,000 in debt if you don't which isn't too bad actually. you can also do MD/PhD which will pay for everything, but medical school will be 4-5 years longer. 6. take the USMLE step 1. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT TEST THAT YOU WILL TAKE Massachusetts YOUR WAY TO BECOMING A DERMATOLOGIST. The average step1 score is a 221. Dermatology average score is >240. This is almost one standard deviation above the mean; >90th percentile of all medical students taking the test! 7. be the top of your class in 3rd year. Doing well in 2nd and 3rd year will help you get inducted to the AOA. This is the honors medical association. Again this is very important for a competitive field like Dermatology. 8. throughout your time in medical school, you should do more volunteering, more research, more published papers. Most medical students applying to a competitive residency have 3 published papers on average. Guess what? Those papers you published in undergrad count too towards that total!!! 9. apply for residency during your 4th year. There is no "Major in Dermatology". You don't major in anything. 10. after you finish your 4th year of medical school. you do your residency. Dermatology is a sub-specialty of internal medicine, but you "Match" into dermatology and you do 2 years of Internal Medicine and 3 years of Dermatology. The "Match program" is another discussion.

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