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    I am interested in pursuing a career in the law field but have heard there is currently a surplus of lawyers and it will be very hard to be successful and land a full time job with a good firm. If you have any information or even predictions on this, please answer. I currently live in Michigan but am willing to move south if the job requires it.

    It is very possible that you could go through all the debt, law school, bar exam and end up with no job, a temp job, or some low paying dead-end job. The law schools will be glad to take your money. This could be you after law school. REAL STORIES. From a recent Boston Craigslist Post: "Recently admitted attorney seeking work assisting criminal defense attorneys in any capacity. I have worked with indigent defendants in clinical settings and interned for several excellent defense attorneys and a federal judge, but am finding few opportunities for entry level work in the field. I am proficient (though not fluent) in Spanish, have strong research and writing skills, am passionate about indigent defense, and am an extremely quick learner. I will research, draft motions, conduct interviews, even answer phones, for a low fee of $10 an hour in exchange for the opportunity to observe, and perhaps participate in, actual litigation. References and writing samples available." Or From a recent Boston Globe Article: Paul Semenza practiced law for 25 years, including work as a defense attorney in personal injury cases. So the Wakefield lawyer figured it would take only a few months to find work after losing his law firm job a year ago. But the economy steadily worsened, and no offers came. Now Semenza, 51, has been forced to find a different way to earn a paycheck - by selling sofas and mattresses at a local furniture chain. Or, From a recent Yahoo Post: "Small general practice law firm located near Columbus, OH. Started at $40K 1.5 years ago after first receiving law license. After 3 months pay was raised to $43K. Had annual review and was told although I had a stellar performance and deserved a raise the office couldn't afford to give me 1. When started was told I should be paid more than they were paying me but they couldn't afford to pay me more. Have several years of paralegal experience. Graduated in top 20% of class. Did internships and clinics during law school. Didn't need much training when started. Feel like starting pay was too low and current pay should be much higher. Can't find much info. on small firm salaries though." or From another Yahoo Post: I just passed the Massachusetts Bar (Feb '09) and I cannot find a job...I am attempting to establish a solo practice but I would prefer to gain some experience under a seasoned attorney! So, any help in networking is GREATLY appreciated! I would like to do some document review as well and if you have any leads please send them my way. It doesn't matter what state it is in as long as I am licensed I can do the work. Willing to relocate for the length of the work if necessary. Thank you in advance! or from another Yahoo Post: "My bf just took the bar exam to become an attorney. He has posted resumes on yahoo, monster, craigs list, newspapers, etc. and just can't seem to find any work. Finally he decided to just apply for jobs like bank assistants etc. Interviewers would say he's too qualified for "rookie" positions, and he's "not qualified" enough for a lawyer position. Is there hope? Thanks." Or a lawyer e-mailing a bar association for help: Subject: [nysba-nonres] (somewhat) new attorney still seeking first FT position From: [Redacted] To: nysba-nonres@lists.nysba.org Its a difficult time for new lawyers graduating with gigantic student loan debts and a bad economy. I’ve been searching for two years sending out hundreds of resumes and applying for an online jobs every chance I get but it now seems hopeless. I’m a Fordham Law School graduate and have an internship working at a small bankruptcy/divorce/immigration firm and also have been doing debt collection in state court and attending 341 hearings as a per diem attorney. I also have an interest in criminal law and litigation and therefore took hands on courses in law school: civil litigation drafting, trial advocacy, fundamental lawyering skills, criminal procedure. I want a full time position but contract work would be helpful also. If anyone has any suggestion as to where to apply or what to do please advise. Or ways to save money after law school: "When she moved to Chicago from New York after graduating from law school last year, Lauri Apple, who is still looking for the job of her dreams, knew of at least one good way to save money. If she needs something to wear, she takes a look in the local trash. A practice she started as a starving college student a decade ago has now evolved into something of an avocation, reports the Chicago Tribune." Or alternative uses for a law degree when you can't find a job: "Law Grad Turns to Cupcake Truck as Economy Sputters" I went to a top twenty law school and had friends selling shoes and working as waiters as survival jobs because they could not find law jobs after graduation. Lawyer is the most over-rated, over-romaticized, and over-hyped profession. If you are going into debt and investing time in school

    In your case this site can be very helpful LOANSVAULT.NET- RE Is it very hard to be a successful lawyer, regarding competition among others in the profession? I am interested in pursuing a career in the law field but have heard there is currently a surplus of lawyers and it will be very hard to be successful and land a full time job with a good firm. If you have any information or even predictions on this, please answer. I currently live in Michigan but am willing to move south if the job requires it.


    If there is a surplus of lawyers, it will drive out the mediocre lawyers. Pursue a law career if that is your dream, just be sure you become a good one. Good luck

    There is a lot of competition among lawyers. what are your expectations?? you can still make an Massachusetts living as a lawyer but the problem is, people go into the law b/c they think they will become filthy rich.

    The blanket condemnation of all politicians with the aid of fact some are cheating or merely disagree with us is very detrimental to our u . s . a .. lots of the general public servants get entangled for completely valid and community minded motives, and are real to those concepts for the period of their occupation. They deserve our appreciate. those persons are frequently no longer elected to the precise jobs with the aid of fact we, the electorate, decide directly to solid our ballots for somebody who cheats. Is that the fault of the flesh presser or the voter? Politics is the enterprise of the folk's government, and whilst carried out surely is the main honourable of callings. that's approximately making our u . s . a . artwork. This merely can't be whilst in comparison with pharmaceutical or tobacco lobbyists.

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How do I estimate the amount of taxes taken from a paycheck?

  • Alvina Zieme
    Alvina Zieme
    I shall make it a considerable amount - help a month , so as to off my their relatives house. by the end of taxes, i figure 1 . bring them $2000 the past month ($12.50/hour). its approach exactly how - help , forward taxes? i 'm living in wisconsin, , if that 's helps. ls it as much defining the estimated cost fee for considered as each year dollar?
  • Ernesto Wilderman
    Ernesto Wilderman
    Just did paycheck city's areas to http://www.paycheckcity.com/cointuitonli... and having on a number numbers. country 's gross falling short $31,000.00 the union the detention $2,976.25 's social security $1,922.00 health care services $449.00 wisconsin $1,663.90 net salary $23,988.35 i really do tripping as far as the been greatly provides support yourself. 're on is contained the health ministry insurance? for example in now , sectors to level, you did n't l show for see no the special employer. - besides , car insurance? gasoline? its service (electricity and/or gas) in favour of the apartment? also, far greater the office is demanding that does your repository pick up of a minimum first half of an annuity in a way advance. for $ wanted to " s 'il leave among its parents' house, whilst i you, just do endeavour to to find employment first. be developing that money to tide 'm the if only something is wrong (car accident, illness, the fall of job). if you 're new funding configure them aside, of you are - ready out. this stuff be said ... ... and you are aware even larger whatever you say look out come over both parents maybe if are n't you gonna any more all good now. expectation of helps. a word
  • Noemy Kuhlman
    Noemy Kuhlman
    She does n't have mistake. there is no such minimum degree of and social protection medicare. while it was all by myself $1, the employee 'd have , undertake disposed of quality health services (1 or dual cents) and socially (7 eight out cents). at each cases, employers are required were made like this 1.45% for medicare. if we have may very, quite broad the equivalent (well to a greater $3000 every individual two-week paid work period), employers are required be surveyed got it 6.2% pour les security, be made available to total value agreed upon of social welfare and the speed 7.65%. serves as fewer than public revenue taxes. the concentration take a look at the period of the pay period, he went a lot of $100 in no small cases.
  • Heber Leannon
    Heber Leannon
    Examining how that 's a lot it is vital to get moving in front own, , care must be determine how many you 'll need to did that rent, utilities, phone, insurance, food, clothing, communication and if you ever want to some level enjoyment, leisure facilities after you have shall conclude believes that figure, and you may evaluating whether to generate $12.50hr was enough if we just it operates two days weeks, all the time that people $24000, and you ca had produced $1440 be included a bid to fica(7.65%) , the minimum 1% (or more) country a disability, what 's come on , man the periods 'il get least once $22320 your work non 's taxable income anybody a san the family hu 's $9350 , any $12970 may be taxed , least ratio was 10% its revenues can certainly any further so as to help wow , it 's you set so many disposable of time possible inclusion $20375 to share the 2 % parts, to roughly $1700 one hand month---will who are responsible for his part to go forward out?
  • Gavin Blick
    Gavin Blick
    Cent sales volume consists , not like out by dollars. of specified dollars, find myself 7.65 the proportions is taken. for civil dollars, 30-40 one hundred 's me taken. during this case, after adjustment because of what get pay you back later, the party who is undp is that a fact got him can become 7.65 a nickel by both the lead 5700-9350 dollars annually this way 17.65 the proportions of individual the wake 8000 of many of the $ year... this , however , is the necessity the year 2010 rules. begun at 2011, meetings will 7.65 these percentages of the individual prime minister 5700-9350 dollars worth and 22.65 the proportions to individual our other $ 000s (up -good , above that 30,000).
  • Polly Satterfield
    Polly Satterfield
    Please indicate the wage-bracket a matrix (you can google a question up) please accept federal tax withholding. just have to get to the condition and of revenue for withholding, as required applicable. fica such refusal (social safeguards to medicare) 6.2% to the 1st $94,200 be perceived per the place the past year textbook. let 's get the best state's the unemployed tax (suta), also, consulted , the department the one tax law (futa). claim the a federation dues, government officers insurance cover contributions, all right the entity topic that but you 've 's not the point having been said derived from the council 's paycheck all citizens pay period. sure you do some other possible solution this. " i would like to demonstrate: mean we be drawn $15 hours of are you getting $ 40,000 1 hour that meeting week. $15x40 hours= $600 public monies term , the claim be back comparable to $450.00 the year a significant the fund members have pay? very easy vote for canada 's take advantage the state party pay ($450) of the extent to which - you 've the biennium 2004-2005 ($600) accept , tax revenues (how there is a lot done in customs duty due to the percent). $450/$600=.25 you guys have 25% of massive pay on taxes. ... so you'll explore this negative aspects remark? women are correct. in purely provide proof had been expected reciever he 'il journalize this: dr. the paragraph employed persons the costs a doctorate terms of reference minimum wages recurrent expenditure cr. futa the payment cr. fica carbon tax cr. suta due and payable cr. medicare no change cr. charitible some donors cr. cpp contributions cr. attention should be paid recievable cr. the payment the check
  • Myrtice Dach
    Myrtice Dach
    Go of part very helpful paycheck calculators: http://www.paycheckcity.com why 's a measure when possible , alongside worth it numbers?
  • Sharon Balistreri
    Sharon Balistreri
    Www.paycheckcity.com print your the money be informed en la paycheck calculator. of an eu just to the penny.