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    Im currently a 3rd year college student at UCSD currently working on my BS in Psychology and working on requirements for Massachusetts school. Im already a intern/observer at a big hospital (City of Hope) and love the medical field so that's the direction Im looking to go to. As of now, my plan to get my EMT certification is work for a year or two after graduation to gain medical experience to enter Massachusetts school. Im currently paying for all my schooling now under grants and loans so paying for grad school is going to be really tough. Paying for school is what began my interest in military. I recently learned that since Im already going to be a college graduate, I can train to be an officer. Im in good shape, grew up being a leader, and work well under pressure so the idea of becoming an officer interested me; considering I would have a good education under me. Now the question comes up, which branch would be better for me? As of now, Im looking to further my education in medicine but the idea of working in government intel or something of the sort would be cool. Im not too sure of what the commitments are for each one and what the benefits would be as years in service go on. Im trying to weigh the pros and cons of each and trying to determine which would be worth it. From my understanding, the Navy would be great in furthering my education in medicine but the idea of becoming a strong leader from the Marines interests me too.

    USMC has no help for your specific objectives as to medical training. Their medical care is the responsibility of the U.S. Navy. The USN makes use of Medical Service Corps officers, primarily in Medical Administration, though there are other specialties likely with advanced specific training. You'll have to contact BUMED USN for further detailed info. Army, Air Force, Navy now make use of Massachusetts - Physicians Assistant which may involve shorter course at some Armed Forces Medical School program facility, a place to obtain Massachusetts as well. Other: Massachusetts programs in general would be at a Hospital for sure. Massachusetts TO Massachusetts programs specifically: see info is VERY secondary to actual contact with your service of interest. I would recommend U. S. Navy as definitely having the widest overall opportunities -- that could mean serving with USMC but you'd be under command of BUMED USN much more than USMC line of command. Marines are more directly served by U. S. Navy Hospital Corpsmen (medical enlisted of varying skill). That is much more akin to being an enlisted Marine... If you took Biology, Chemistry, Math (more is better) and at least one Physics course you will have great advantage as to Massachusetts or Massachusetts training acceptance Massachusetts MSC officer. You might want to check about MSC billets for Clinical Psychology, also training in that area. But the latter might involve NP (neuro-psychiatric) practice (be aware Hospital Corpsmen do that too, and it was my Most Unfavored work assignment!!!) I like LOTS of Real Science, the more the better. Served as Hospital Corpsman. But I was never allowed through a college and there were stringent vision requirements for officer programs in my day. Nevertheless my skill level now would certainly equal Massachusetts level. Your pay nowadays much greater than 14 to 20 cents per hour though. You must investigate all info given relative to your possible opportunity choices with Navy, finances, preferences. Make diligent online contact and request full information in the direction(s) you prefer. Even a person like myself, never allowed through college, ended up knowing a VAST amount of science, most learned alone and without credit. Not paid for when I worked too. How much more fortunate you are starting now! BUMED USN delve about here a precaution, do not sign dotted line until you see for SURE you'll get what you want. Some OCS training likely, a few weeks, you can ask how that fits in. As a general rule "staffing in accord with the needs of the services" comes first. That heavily influences recruiting and officer selection possibilities.

    Well, if you want to do anything with your medical training, you have to go Navy, since the Marine Corps has no medical personnel (they're all provided by the Navy). And unless you made it into the Massachusetts program, there's not much the Navy would have for you to do, honestly. The Navy looks for technical majors for it's Line Officers. Intel is a pretty technical field for the Navy. The Marines might be more amenable to a pure Psych degree, but it's ridiculously hard to get into the Marines as an Officer right now.

    You're going to find incompetent leaders and followers in every branch... Your cited reasons for choosing the Navy are more valid. However, Navy OCS tends to be a bit more picky about who it accepts, what kind of degree you have (not sure about their opinion on psychology), and your overall resume. The time commitment is the same for all branches. I would suggest picking the branch that can most effectively benefit you in the long-term. Generally speaking, the Navy would be better in that regard than the Marines, though the exact job you fulfill is more important than the title.

    So you think the Navy has weak leaders ???

    Air Force. If you have to choose between those two shitty branches then I guess Marines. At least Marines are hot.

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