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    Already have $2835.91 in CC debt. The other day I bought a Treadmill Online for $779.98. I used the bill me now option, so I have 3 months to pay that off.. I have about $1000.00 in my savings account. So it'll come out of that.. I know you are probably thinking I'm stupid for buying the treadmill, but I'm 5'8 and 260 lbs.. I feel like I can't afford not to buy it.. I have to lose this weight, it's prohibiting me from applying to new job and such.. I don't want to buy fat clothes for interviews and such. Also, I haven't dated since 05'.. When I'm done losing weight, I will sell the treadmill. I really need advice, I want to move out of my parents house next summer.. I feel hopeless.. How can I make fast money to get this debt taken care of, plus have money to save for my future? I'm 26, I'm tired of being a loser. I need advice bad, thanks in advance! PS: I work 2 jobs.. One 32 hrs a week making $9.35, and the 2nd 20 hrs a week making $7.00. I went to school for computer programming, have an associates, but got half way thru and realized I hated it, but finished it anyway.

    Hey there. i feel like i can help you with this as both concerns you have in your life is right up my alley since i am a banker( loans asst manager), and im also a health conscious person. Just like you were, i was totally in debt..and just you like you, i was fat for my height. BUT, let this challenge you and not pull you down. First of all, never ever ever tell yourself that you're a loser. here's my advice for you (since i did these to free myself up): 1) CUT ALL YOUR CARDS. yes. never look at credit cards as ready money, but look at it as as an advancement to your future money, which you will have to pay interest. IF you want to free yourself from debt, free yourself from anything that will suck the funds right out of your pay. One culprit is credit. Change your mindset: Credit is not available cash, but it is viewed as a liability. 2) If you have to lose weight, the treadmill isn't the answer. YES, you heard me right. Remember, it is a CHANGE Massachusetts LIFESTYLE THAT YOU WILL HAVE A SUCCESSFUL OUTLOOK, and not the things that happen outside of you. Which brings me to my point: healthwise, you should change your food intake. eat right, and do not diet. eat veggies. YEs, eat all you want. You wont go fat. Drink lots of water. this will subsitute for that fullness you crave against sodas or anything man-made sweeteners. Let me tell you, you will lose weight faster if you changed your food intake and beverage preference, rather than pushing yourself 2 hours on a treadmill. TRUST ME...80% of your losing weight is not done on the treadmill or gym, but what you do when youre out of it...which is your lifestyle: the way you eat, what you eat, what you do, and how you look at life. 3) SELL your treadmill! YES, that will only be a liability. treadmill will cost you electricity, which will be more of a cost. Treadmill will also bore you to death when you run your laps. TRUST ME. get rid of your treadmill, and start running outdoors. This will be cheaper in the long run.Why? coz you only have to invest in good shoes, and you can run all you want. run outdoors. ITS good. the more you go outdoors, the more you will help your body lose weight faster. WHY>? here are the reasons: 1) your body will absorb lots and lots of natural air and oxygen. THE more oxygenated the body is, the more your body will be alkaline and cancer free. THe more oxygen you have, the more you will burn...and the more you will burn,. the more you will lose excess weight. 2) running outdoors will also help you achieve a forced finish. treadmills will allow you to rest in between if you want to...but running outdoors, you will have to finish the course. IF you cant, you still have to walk. 3) treadmills arent too good when it comes to relaxing. YOu will either watch tv and hear lots of sad stories, while running outdoors will free your mind and will make you relaxed due to the greens, blues, and air,,,not to mention the people you will meet. SO, listen to this advice regarding your finance also: 1) total everything you will earn in a week. 2) once you do that, compute your overheads( food allowance, transportation, clothing, and utilities). ONce you do that, the rest will be your savings or disposable income. 3) once you can compute for what's left (or if there is anything left anyway), live on that ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! do not purchase anything more than what you can earn. THAT is the pitfall of your income. 4) as much as possible, live simple. do not go lavish. just buy what you need. and lastly, 5) remember, success is not what people see what you have (Car, house, money, a nice body)...but SUCCESS IS LIVING LIFE HAPPY AND PEACEFUL.. Invest in things not seen (like being happy, being peaceful, having friends, being content, and loving people). YOu will see that gaining material success is VERY Temporary, but when you have had a lifestyle change, i tell you...even if the world economy is now on a downturn, NO ONE WILL BE ABLE TO TAKE AWAY THAT JOY AND PEACE THAT YOU HAVE INSIDE.

    Pay off your credit cards first--use a personal loan from a bank (less interest) or a loan from Mom and Dad. Then make and stick to a budget for expenses each month. Whenever you get extra money (birthdays, holidays etc), put it toward the debt. If you get a raise at work, put it toward the debt. Stop using your credit cards and pay cash.

    So far as books that contain movies, the catalogs aren't limited to a set time frame and thus can get into much more depth then a feature length movie could. Movies finish up very different from the book sometimes

    I rarely watch tv. you just don't get the same quality. after all, try making walden into a tv set show

    Hey. Ok ill start off with the treadmill. I think it is probably one of the best investments you have made in a while. An investment in your health is very important and it seems like improving your physical health would have an effect on you mental and financial health as well. Anyway you have to look on the bright-side. You are only 26 years old which is still very young and you have less than 3k in CC debt so you are not in the worst possible position, and there is hope! What you really need to do is save your money and make all the cutbacks you can to get this debt to go away, Dont go out to eat, drive only when you need to and only buy necessities. When you get your credit card bill make sure you are always paying MORE than the minimum because if you dont you are only paying the interest and a small portion of the premium, which will keep your debt there for a long time. If you do get this debt payed off you will cause your FICO score to go up and then you may even be able to buy a house. Also, are you using your degree to the best of your ability because im sure you can get a higher paying job with a 401(k) plan and other benefits. That way you will know you are secure in the future. Good Luck!

    You get out of debt by paying off what you owe. Not buying anything else on credit until you get the current amount paid off will help. And think about your reason why you "needed" a $780 treadmill. Walking outside every day would have the same effect, and that's free.

    Wow, hmm, darn, i feel bad now. i make about $26 an hour as a biochemist and even I think that is a pretty low wage. but , i hope you the best. i use to be in debt. but what i did was i cut up all my credit cards, closed all thoes accounts and started making small but steady payments to pay them all off. i paid off the ones with the higher interest rates. best of luck with your finances, you seem like a really good person and hard worker, wow, 2 jobs, that must be tough

    Sounds like with 2 jobs you might not be motivated enough to want to come home after work and run, I know I wouldnt. I think you should try maybe canceling the order asap, and purchasing a gym membership instead. If you are self concious about working out in front of other people find a gym that is open at all hours so you can go when there is usually no one there. There are other things you can be doing to lose weight besides spending 779.98. In fact exsercise is free. Try running outside if the weather allows it, if its cold, bundle up. If where you live is a bad area to run, go to a park or something (in the daylight only). As far as your credit card bills, find a company that can help you get low interest and give you a monthly payment to eliminate it. Try to save more, put a specific amount away each month or out of each check. You can do it! Just use the free resources around you and save save save!

    You need some friends who appreciate you and need to work on your self- esteem really hard. why don't you just to to the park every afternoon and run walk and make friends John are you single? just kidding! now going back to the real problem, don't get all worked out about it you have enough in savings o pay for the treadmill only thing is you won't get much for it later. good luck!

    First of all..return that tredmill. get on a healthier diet and eat 6 small meals a day. and dont eat passed 7. the sidewalks and roads are tredmills, free tredmills...lol. now, after you return the tredmill, add more money to your savings, get on payment programs to pay off your debt and then once you fix your credit, apply for a loan and buy a house! there are also dating sites for men who like big woman. im 5'6 and 220 lbs.after having a baby 15 months ago. i was about 180 when i met my hubby. i danced alot and gained muscle and theni looked lean. so dancing hard and not caring about the burn helped. go to a club to lose wight, not for a date. no distractions. then the right guy will come along:) and the right guys they like independent woman with all their sh together. good luck!

    I have lived on my own since I was 19 paying my own way through school and waiting tables. It is not easy but for the next two years live like a pauper and put back some money. I did that and now since my car is paid for, I can live on less than most. Its tough but the lack of stress is totally worth it

My plan to move out at 18..do you think it will work?

  • Cassandre Cole
    Cassandre Cole
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  • Ulises Hudson
    Ulises Hudson
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  • Laurence Dietrich
    Laurence Dietrich
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  • Remington Wilderman
    Remington Wilderman
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  • Reed Schaden
    Reed Schaden
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    Modesta Hand
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    Prince Schmidt
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