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    I want to go to film school because I want to be a director, but I want to stay in the Midwest. I don't want to move so far away as Los Angeles or New York. But also, I refuse to believe that Michigan or Michigan are the only worthwhile options for a good film program. I know there's tons or programs in the midwest and I've been looking at them all but I can't really narrow it down. I think I need some firsthand opinions. Or just someone who knows of a good quality film program that marries film study and film production and will give me everything I need to be a good director someday :) another reason I want to stay in the Midwest is because I think it will give me a more unique point of view as a film maker. So if anyone can help me great! I don't want a list of a hundred schools though because I've looked at most schools already... I want a reason why u think this is a good film school. Thanks!:) Note: I am poor and will be transferring from a community college... If this helps at all.

    The U of Chicago is well thought of objection to the U of Chicago film studies program is that it one of those film programs that requires you to take a lot of classes in film theory, art, and literature that are not really related to the day-to-day business of motion picture production. In preference to that I'd almost want to consider a trade school like your plans to stay in the midwest. Los Angeles and New York City are the film capitals of the US. People in the industry don't care a fig about what college degree you have. Networking is everything. It's who you know that counts. The top film schools in Michigan and NYC not only give you an education in the mechanics of film-making, but introduce you to people in the industry. Then when a producer is sitting around with his staff and says, "My director wants an assistant. Who's available that will work for cheap?" Someone else around the table will pipe up, "How about -------. He's new but I've seen some of his student work and it's pretty good." And that is how hiring is done. For financial aid, look into these schools For what it's worth, U of Chicago is on the list. You can check out more schools using the links on my web page My picks for top film schools are UCLA and USC, just because they are in Los Angeles and have excellent contacts in the industry.

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