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    What can I do with a bachelor degree in psychology, living in Atlanta Georgia? I've recently moved to Atlanta and have a bachelor degree in psychology. I've been stuck working a receptionist job for the last 3 1/2 months. I'm trying to find a job in my field, I've looked everywhere at least I think I have. I want something in mental health, or adolescent detention center. Im really considering moving because I need another job that can pay my bills and my student loans. I plan on going to graduate school next year fall. but I cant start until I find a job. any advice? please help

    Go to Michigan labor dept in person or on line at www.the jobsite.org and look into State Merit jobs. Many require a BA in any social science. Examples. Dept of Family and Children's services case workers and case managers (most counties), utilization coordinators in behavioral health, (DeKalb), community resource specialist for persons w/ developmental disabilities (Fulton), Go to www.ga.gov and look under Juvenile Justice fofr the YDCS (youth detention centers). The labor dept will also have listing of jobs in private businesses. Other possibilities are local schools, Annandale in Swannee a facility for ppl w/ developmental disabilities, Do a search at a site like Altavista that allows you to do an advanced search specifying terms like Youth Services and Atlanta. Contact the mental health facilities like Charter Peachford to see what openings they may have at BA level. Looking in other directions psych majors often do well in sales and marketing. Not the field of choice I understand but good money. Since you have receptionist skills use them to open doors into organizations in which you want to work if they don't open right away. If you have language skills that will also help open some doors. If you don't consider taking a summer course or net course inexpensively to add to your resume. Check the temp agencies for temp to perm positions in your field. It is typical of the Atlanta market that many agencies and businesses go that route in hiring. Do some volunteer work in the field of mental health or youth work. It builds your resume and more important it puts you in contact w/ ppl in the profession who in turn are in contact with other ppl in the field. Talk to Atlanta Community Foundation or United Way volunteer bureau for ideas. Be aware that some organizations tend to make entry level psych and social services very low paying. One well known disaster relief organization was paying senior caseworkers (which they claim is an entry level job) $6 an hour a few yrs back. Painful but a path some have taken for the experience and gone on to far better jobs. You are to be congratulated for taking a job you could get and earning now rather than being like many new grads and doing nothing because nothing because you didn't immediately find what you most wanted. It is much easier to find a job while you are working. That seems especially true in Atlanta.

    Psychology Jobs In Atlanta

    This Site Might Help You. RE: What can I do with a bachelor degree in psychology, living in Atlanta Georgia? What can I do with a bachelor degree in psychology, living in Atlanta Georgia? I've recently moved to Atlanta and have a bachelor degree in psychology. I've been stuck working a receptionist job for the last 3 1/2 months. I'm trying to find a job in my field, I've looked everywhere...

    A bach. in psych? you can wait tables, get a sales job, or go back to school and get a masters. you also might check in to working for the state of georgia. i hear pharmecutial salespeople make a good living.

    Did you check careerbuilder.com also if you like to work with kids, there are several jobs available in your field at many schools. Good Luck!

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What is the formula for determining a credit score?

  • Anahi Zieme
    Anahi Zieme
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  • Ubaldo Lockman
    Ubaldo Lockman
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  • Sophie Mayer
    Sophie Mayer
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  • Mario Jacobi
    Mario Jacobi
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