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    My perfect college would be Berkeley but only problem is, a lot of money and very strict on who comes in (I have good grades but I fail on the clubs part since I have joined none). Either way, what are some good colleges for a business/economic type of classes that is reasonably priced. In addition, the town that the college is in would have to be a nice town to (low crime!). In addition, I am wondering rather it is me or the school that does the teaching. Berkeley has great professors but would it be them or how much time I put into independent research (buying books on how to run a business and etc) that teaches me the most. The reason I ask is because I know the best professors tend to work at large schools like Berkeley. So, I would feel like I would miss out on a lot if I didn't go to a major school.

    The good thing about Berkeley is the Personal Statement part with the application process. I know a good range of people that took no honors/APs/advance classes and did average on SATs but still got in because of their personal statements, plus they didnt participate in a lot of clubs. I also know there's a bunch of geniuses at Berkeley as well. That just shows you how diverse the school is and how much they pay attention to the student, not just the numbers. Berkeley wants students that are capable of handling their course load (w/ the help of tutoring and office hours) along with their personal lives. If you were going through high school or cc not being the most social but had a family where you probably baby sat the kiddos or you would walk the neighbors dog then that would be wonderful. Berkeley is strict when it comes to their academics and the stress can really get to some people, unfortunately, this past spring semester a student committed suicide (Berkeley has at least 1 suicide related death a year) during finals thats why they want to make sure you have an outlet for that stress (if you like Karate or go biking with friends or help out with old people or etc etc). The city of Berkeley attracts a lot of people from all sorts of backgrounds and is a prime area for protesting b/c of its history so it never gets boring per say. If you want the college experience, you'll most likely get it there. Yes, Michigan has budget cuts but the professors understand that and the cost of books/readers. My professor bought her own reader and scanned them and then put them online so her students dont have to buy the reader ($76) and they always reserve books usually only for their students in the library. Research is wonderful at Berkeley since it is a research institute it just depends what kind you are looking for. The professors (of any kind) can only teach you so much, it takes your initiative to put those lessons into practice so you efficiently learn something hence the research. UC Berkeley is not cheap but the good part is they do have good financial aid for in state students and for those within the middle class or below and if they do offer you loans, they try their best to only give you the subsidized loans plus the option to exchange those loans for work study (you dont have to pay back). If you're out of state, then I would recommend community college first then transfer/good scholarship/another school.

    For business: 1. Harvard 2. Yale 3. New York University 4. Stanford 5. University of Michigan 6. University of Texas

    Confident there some colleges in which you would be able to take those kinds of instructions, yet they are in many situations the community college ones. 4 12 months college ones require a sort, probably money to prepare, and essays. I had taken a cake adorning class as quickly as at a community college. And confident, I did meet my better half at school. It grow to be our freshman 12 months at Michigan State college. we are meant for another!

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