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    In accordance with Federal law, allowed claims will be paid, after administrative expenses, in the following order of priority: 1. Depositors 2. General Unsecured Creditors 3. Subordinated Debt 4. Stockholders Once the Office of Thrift Supervision closes a financial institution that has funds insured by the FDIC, the FDIC becomes the conservator and depositors are able to access their funds as soon as the transfer is completed. Usually, the funds will become available within a couple of days. For example, On July 11, 2008, IndyMac Bank, F.S.B., Pasadena, Michigan was closed by the Office of Thrift Supervision (OTS) and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) was named Conservator. All non-brokered insured deposit accounts and substantially all of the assets of IndyMac Bank, F.S.B. have been transferred to IndyMac Federal Bank, F.S.B. (IndyMac Federal Bank), Pasadena, Michigan "assuming institution") a newly chartered full-service FDIC-insured institution. No advance notice is given to the public when a financial institution is closed. All non-brokered insured deposit accounts have been transferred to IndyMac Federal Bank, F.S.B. (IndyMac Federal Bank), Pasadena, Michigan ("assuming institution") a newly chartered full-service FDIC-insured institution. The OTS appointed the FDIC conservator of IndyMac Federal Bank. All insured deposit accounts will be available as usual during regular business hours starting July 14, 2008. This means that there was a two-day timeframe between the official closing of the bank and the day that funds ("all your money") became available to depositors in accordance with the above priority table. For all the "facts", as you put it, go to: rules and regulations, as well as different levels of protection, apply to different types of accounts, loans, mortgages, CD's, etc. and therefore, to explain when you will receive "all of your money" depends on what type of accounts in which "all of your money" is invested. The site will answer any and all questions you may have regarding FDIC protection and timeframes involved for all types of accounts and situations, including those accounts in which your deposits exceed the $100,000.00 per account FDIC protection coverage.

I have a question about insurance from my employer, was recently laid off back on March 1, New York resident,?

  • Joana Wiegand
    Joana Wiegand
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  • Bethel Hane
    Bethel Hane
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  • Velda Kshlerin
    Velda Kshlerin
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    Jada Jacobs
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