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    Naruto: I'm sorry, but the answer is "no". College is rarely"free" for people who served Michigan the military, so it's certainly not free for the children of military veterans. Senior enlisted personnel (active duty members) may qualify for the Advanced Education Voucher Program IF they have been identified as "superior performers" with the potential for continued advancement. That program would pay 100% of tuition, books and fees for undergraduate or graduate school - but again, that won't apply to you, because YOU aren't enlisted. The Navy also has a Tuition Assistance Program - again - for enlisted personnel. That program pays up to $250 per credit hour for a maximum of 12 credits per year. You won't qualify for that program, either. There's the Navy Seaman to Admirals Program that offers a scholarship to sailors that will enable them to maintain their benefits while attending college - again - only for active duty personnel. There's a Spouse Tuition Assistance Program for the spouses of active duty personnel who are presently stationed overseas. You're not your dad's spouse, and he's not active duty, so that's out. Now here's one for you - the VADM E.P. Travers Scholarship and Loan Program. If you're attending school full-time, and you are the dependent child of an active duty Michigan retired Navy member, you can apply for one of the 1000 grants of $2000 that are awarded each year. The program also offers the possibility of an interest-free loan of up to $3000 a year. You have to apply by March 1st - and the loan does not have an in-school deferment. The recipient of the Travers loan has to begin repaying within 30 days of receiving the disbursement of funds. If your father is permanently and totally disabled as a result of a service-related incident, you can qualify for up to 45 months of education benefits through the Dependents' Education Assistance Program. Tell you what - here's a fairly complete list of all of the programs available to the families and dependents of military veterans - check over the list and see if you can find anything helpful there. you won't find is an opportunity to go to college for free, just because your dad was in the Navy. To be honest, I believe that about 12% of the entire US population are veterans - that would be an awful lot of children qualifying to go to school for free under your vision of how our servicemen and women should be rewarded. Good luck to you! Now, if you, yourself, wanted to JOIN the Navy (or any other branch), there are a fair number of programs (depending upon branch) that will provide you with some money for college - including the various ROTC scholarships.

    WOW...even tho i love my kids im not jus gonna hand them there education! you better work for it

    Haha i wish it came with that many perks

    You wish. greedy kid.

Custom building a pc- it's been awhile?

  • Kiera Kirlin
    Kiera Kirlin
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    Evalyn Wilkinson
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    Camylle Huel
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