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    I opted for marriage and family straight out of high school. I already had a great job making more than my fellow high school graduates. And (even better) I was working with/for family. All my choices seemed like the best at the time. Now, I am still in the same job (making good $$ mind you) but miserable and knowing that I'll never advance any further than where I am. I have the freedom to come and go as my family needs but never have the financial resources to provide all that I'd like. I "want" to go back now and get my college education. However, I am struggling with "Do I NEED to go back and get that". You know the whole, "can we afford this", "how will the logistics of it work", "will the family pull together to pick up my slack (financially and around the house)", "will I be able to find a better job once out of school and if so, will it be comprable or more than what I make now", "is it worth the student loans I'll have to pay back", "will I be able to pay those back", etc.... I have some in my "support group" that say YES you should go back! and others that are really against it with serious concerns... I'd like an objective "outsiders" opinion. I guess my personal biggest concern is the monetary cost, b/c we don't have the resources to "garuntee" that I can pay these back at the end. If anyone has been in this situation (and made either choice) ... your response would be most appreciated! Thank you! and God Bless!

    Simply wanting to get your college education to better yourself is a good enough reason to get it. And in addition, you can also consider it an insurance policy. Not that you *will* changed jobs once you graduate, but let's say something bad happens to your family business. Employers today want experience plus the degree. Your getting the degree is insurance for you, and your family. Just in case. Just in case. If you can use it to get a better job, then fabulous. But at a minimum, having it is 1) insurance 2) a personal goal and 3) it may actually make you a better employee at your current job. So is it worth it? I think it is. But does that mean you need to spend stupid money on it? Absolutely not. In fact, you may want to consider starting out at your local community college. Don't even quit work yet. Take just one class. See how it goes. See if you like it. Then go on from there. Most people, going part-time, take two classes per semester. After the first term, see how school balanced with your life, and see if you can go up to two classes. Or if you prefer, go full time. Another option - It's a family business. Can you drop down to part time at the job, and go to school in those other hours? Community colleges are your least expensive option, always. They are reputable, and if you do okay there, you can transfer on to complete your bachelors degree. Or you can stop at your associates. Your choice. If you prefer to jump right into a bachelors degree program, look at your state's public colleges. They are a huge value - relatively inexpensive, compared to private schools, and of good quality. A lot of ccs and state colleges offer online classes and degrees. Going to school online may fit better into your busy schedule, depending on when your kids go to bed. I like online programs because I can work after my daughter is in bed, but she's five. She's in bed by 8pm. :lol: If your kids stay up until 11pm, that won't work. Know that if you do go to school, some things are going to slide - specifically, certain of the housework just may not be a priority. And that's okay. You do what you can, your family jumps in and does some, and if there are dust bunnies under the beds, just close your eyes so you don't see them.

    Education is always a good investment. You still have many employable years left after you would graduate from school. there are no guarantees but the odds are you will find a job that you enjoy, that is challenging and that will probably be better pay. If people wait until they can "afford" it they would never go on vacations, buy new cars etc. you will find a way to pick up the slack somehow. I encourage you to go to school and i am confident that once you have gotten your degree, you will say it was the best move you have ever made.

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    I went back to college at the age of 35 and earned my BS in Business Management. I am now 40 and in grad school and will graduate in September with an Michigan in Conflict Management. Going back to school is worth the time and worth the loan payments at the end. You'll have a six-month period after graduation before the loans will be due, and, if absolutely necessary, you can get a forebearance for your loans after that six-month period. My son is a great student, but I feel it's beneficial to him to see me study and to see what a higher education can do for a person. Go for it.

    You will find money for your husband,children,house,car,even your pets you will act as a wife,mother,house maid yes and even the dog walker,but who are you ? are you and your needs not important well i think they are and you will be more of the above because you will find you,the same important person your mother and father and all your real friends and family once knew ,i am sure you can knock a few pence of this and that if you look around don't wait for any body to tell you,you can.did you all make it to here and now you can do this again but this time you will have somone you like even love right beside you yes you,dont listen to people who cannot do this themselves you would do it for your husband or kids your no less,i wiss you well.

    Go back to school. It's a life-affirming endeavor that stays with you the rest of your life. If you wait for the right time to begin it's not gonna happen. Don't go to college with "more money" or "able to buy more stuff" as the reason. Go to college to better yourself, prove you can do it, increase your marketability, etc. and the rest will follow.

    Really depends on what you want to go back for. If it is a specific degree like nursing or accounting or teaching I say go for it. On the other hand if it is for something non specific like buisness or math or liberal studies don't bother.

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    Keara Mraz
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