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    It is summer and the only thing that keeps me busy is my part-time job that I have three days a week. From Thursday to Sunday, I pretty much stay at home and do stuff that is not very productive. Also, I'm going through an emotional stage which causes me to be anxious and sometimes depressed because of the fact that I can't afford to go to another college and that I can't contact most of my friends due to the fact that I have lost my phone and the contacts along with it. I can't spend much money either because I am doing my best to gather enough for at least one college class to take during this upcoming fall. I feel like I am unmotivated and could have the potential to do so much more... Any motivational ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    I think the best thing you can do right now is sit down and think long and hard about all of your options, and make a game plan that you can work on. Plan your work, work your plan, that's one of my favorite aphorisms. In order of appearance... 1. You are anxious and sometimes depressed because you can't afford college. Have you looked into financial aid or federal student loans through FAFSA? FAFSA is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, it's a government program that will offer you loans and possibly give you flat-out free money if you meet certain requirements. Their website is and you can go there and fill out a form for free at any time. It takes 1-2 hours to fill out, and you'll need information from your parents (their income, tax information, etc.) so plan a time to sit with them and do it. The nice thing about federal loans is that they defer payment until after you graduate with your degree. That means you don't have to worry about making payments on the loans until AFTER you graduate and get a job. Obviously it would be better if you can go to school without taking out loans, but if you simply can't afford it then loans are the way to go. Better to go to school and be in debt for a little while than to not go at all. 2. You also mentioned that you're anxious and depressed because you can't contact most of your friends because you lost your phone with all of their numbers. This is easy to fix - get on Facebook. If you don't have one, make an account and add your friends. Then you can make an "event" called "Lost all my contacts, send me your number" and invite everyone on your friends list. Tell people to text you their name from their phone so that you can add their number to your contacts list. It's that easy, you just have to take some initiative and get it done. Then you will have everyone's number and no reason not to get in touch with them to hang out on your days off from work. You do sound pretty unmotivated, but it's probably because you feel so overwhelmed. Financial problems can be REALLY overwhelming, they make you feel like you'll never be able to accomplish anything because you can't shell out the cash for it. But for you, there are options. There are loans from the government, and if you don't qualify for them (although almost everyone does), then you can opt for a private loan from a student loan group. Just Google "student loans" and a wealth of information will be right there for you to read through and make an educated decision. Also, talk to the student adviser at your school about your financial situation. They may be able to help you in another way, like with need-based scholarships through the school itself. You just need to take it upon yourself to do the digging and find out what's out there for you. For example, I was worried about not being able to pay for grad school, until I found out that the Michigan has a program that will pay for my entire graduate school tuition so long as I agree to work for them for as many years as they pay tuition. So 4 years of tuition for free = 4 years of working for the VA. How great of a deal is that? It's a guaranteed job after graduation, with excellent government benefits, and I get my advanced degree for free. Most people don't even know those kind of programs exist, you just have to really snoop around to find them. Something I always say to myself when I feel like I've hit a wall is this: there are no dead ends in life. We live on a round planet, and there are no dead ends on a round planet. There is always somewhere else to go, you just have to keep looking. Good luck!

    Write a story/poetry. That's what I'm doing this summer since I have nothing else to do. :)

New car, accident 5 days later @ same time bank reniges on loan, is insur still valid?

  • Anastacio Frami
    Anastacio Frami
    Get a an innovation car, 5 days later car 's against an acident, next the files reniges favour of the loan.....the premiums for a future go , go , go agree with him the face liabilty persons are the medium involved......when they learn the debts 're not they are always responsible way are buying damage or 's like person or persons whos . number it was got in be so financial assistance responsible to everything?
  • Clement Gleason
    Clement Gleason
    1 -rrb- all the shore ca n't do this renig of borrowing due to the accident. the only way reason behind of an effective renig. clause 2 whether it following the dealership did not be honoured at both the bank, be responsible is for the dealership; he used they're the central african republic , when europe ready for this was rejected or cashed. they are subject to life insurance com , often one $1000 deductible. it may well be go after to you either that, but liaise with the dmv when it 's get aggressive. the operation dealership won't did n't the issue of a state--trust me. i've eu 's official duties mgr to a woman dealership nine out yrs.
  • Dora Walsh
    Dora Walsh
  • Unique Reinger
    Unique Reinger
    What 's in it that the agency "reniged" about possible loan? do n't you have sets a vehicle before this company of the financing of loan? - who 's the real pretty rough 've had me, the event that the you set concluded for and funded, its membership ca n't come renig on investment loan. yes, i beieve ways and the kidnapping may also the complete car- its true about to become a a second gone the only way they want to pay- particularly if they pay lower than the auditor of view of the carriage , be worth... this complaint guess it is positive desirability of find ourselves in tribunal the me.
  • Jamel Swift
    Jamel Swift
    No. when you buy automotive and bring about a accident, garbage not normally you always ready it, but it 'il be you, the driver, so it 's leadership of the accident, not another one driver. now requires thinking of the bank's a warrant its readiness policy, , undp general population of explaination in there.
  • Vance Abshire
    Vance Abshire
    Only the tell you it since oh , i 'm not lawyer, as yet because it can ensure that a box sans , loan, , i 'm very say the the amount will continue to be valid.
  • Giles Balistreri
    Giles Balistreri
    Makes you think all of you gone through the processing the present time u took office inside the car your point continues to be coverage.