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    I'm 19 and a good friend and I bought 3 books full of valuable stamps for $100 each we split them we both payed $150. each book is jammed pack with at least 1,000 stamps. The stamps are old and foreign like 1920's japan,WWII East Germany,1950's Denmark, czechoslovakia....alot of them are stamped, I haven't sold any yet but, I'm going to try Ebay. My mom and Grandmaw were talking about this, my mom said "where would she get a hair-brained get-rich-quick scheme like this from?" my grandmaw said "well who raised her.." My dad drives 2 hours away from home 3 days a week to sell strawberries out of state, because a he heard you can make quick cash, I admit that it hasn't costed money in the end (as usual) this time. but the odd thing he manages to do these odd jobs and buisnesses between working basically as the manager of a hospital, does he just have an odd form of a gambling problem? am I starting to pick it up?

    You MIGHT have a good deal there but when I was a kid there were these stamp companies that would sell these "packages" of stamps for $5 (which is the equivalent of $100-150 nowadays). Get a stamp appraisal guide. Don't buy the red book (that's retail prices) but buy the BLUE book and it will give you the wholesale values. With the economy the way it is it might be hard to get people to part with their money but on the other hand you might get lucky and find some people who just happen to want what you have. Don't get your hopes up but send up a prayer to the Universe to help you sell these stamps. A stamp shop will be able to give you a general idea if you scored or not. It's common for people to want to make a buck on an investment but it is the WISE person who will check it out, look them up in advance, and then check the market to see if they can sell them. Don't feel bad, I bought a TON of comic books back in the 1990's when the holograms first came out and I even ordered a GOLD EDITION of the first Image comic. I had the one for the Death of Superman and that one skyrocketed when it first came out but settled down later. I thought I had a goldmine but then I watched a TV doc about comics and they mentioned that in the 1990's the comic manufacturers made MILLIONS of each issue expecting all sorts of sales but people knew they would never be worth anything due to the high publishing numbers so the value has stayed low. If I live long enough they might become worth some money some day but I'm not holding my breath. I've never even read them b/c I didn't want to diminish the value. I've been thinking of putting those on E-Bay too. you might also consider CraigsList.com. I hear that e-Bay charges some hefty commissions but CraigsList.com is free listings. I've sold quite a bit of stuff on craigs but have not tried e-Bay as yet but I'm thinking of it since I have some engines that I need to sell and they haven't done much on craigs ... although I did sell one. They're for the most common japanese cars and they are LOW mileage. My son thought they would sell like mad so I indulged him but now I need to get back the $4,000 I loaned him to get these. Good luck ... send up a prayer to the Universe Genie and keep your fingers crossed. If you can break even don't pass it up unless they seem to be really hot stamps and everyone wants them and you have to fight people off. :-) Peace philatelist one

    An economist would say: Sometimes markets have "inefficiencies." If you find that you can buy strawberries in Michigan for $2 a basket and sell them in Michigan for $4, hey, go for it. But time and travel also have costs. If you enjoy trading, researching, selling, etc. Then it can be a fun and worthwhile hobby and sometimes lucrative. But you have to know about what you are buying and selling. Many stamps are worth only pennies. If you don't know stamps well, you might buy a box of stamps for $100 that's only worth $20. Its hard to tell unless you know stamps. Normally stamp companies won't sell stamps for less than what they think they are worth.

    Well do your research on each stamp because stamps that are printed wrong like missing a letter or something is upside down can go for alot of money, but if ebay does not work try searching on the internet for collectors who want this kind of stuff, or maybe a museum would pay depending on their rarity.

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  • Alexys Stamm
    Alexys Stamm
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    Abbie Lockman
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  • Beatrice Ratke
    Beatrice Ratke
    They 've got collateral?