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    Hello I'm seventeen years old and a senior. I have just been accepted into California State University Northridge yesterday. The thing is I'm an out of stater and currently live in Pennsylvania. I have always wanted to live over in California and I would love to go to UCLA but with my grades it would not be possible. So I'm thinking I could start at CSUN and keep my grades up and then transfer to UCLA eventually. I have been accepted to Universities in Pennsylvania such as Albright College, Shippensburg University, Indiana University of Pennsylvania and Penn State Berks. I'm still waiting to hear back from Temple University. Anyways I really would like to go to CSUN because it is pretty much one of the top schools I wanted to go to in which I applied. I'm just worried about the cost as being an out of stater. I'm applying for financial aid and plan to get a job but that's basically how I'm getting my money. I don't care that CSUN isn't the best school out there but it will be a good choice for me because I plan to double major or get a duel degree in Art Education and Psychology, CSUN offers good programs for both and then I could always go to UCLA for my masters in Psychology or even CSULA they have a really good masters program for Psychology. Other than that do you think that I will be able to pay for college and that I'm not making a huge mistake? I want your opinion and any other information you could provide me with. I really need help because I have to accept my admission by March 1st.

    Well I'm not going to have a car probably when I go there unless I end up needing one. I plan to get a job outside of campus if I can't work on campus. I also will be going back to pennsylvania in the summer if I cannot get residency over here so the summer cost will not be included. I'm just wondering if you guys think it's worth it. One of the pennsylvania schools I got into is 32000 a year plus room and board so csun would be cheaper than there.

    You will have to pay out of state tuition, and quite frankly, it's likely not worth it for CSUN unless your parents have the cash and don't mind paying. While CSUN is a good school, it's unlikely you'd be able to get enough financial aid and income to cover the costs, so that means loans. That means you might have to take a job you don't want out of college to make loan payments, instead of taking a better opportunity, but lower pay, job. Because that's the way it often works, cool jobs are very competitive, so they can pay less, but you can have much better opportunities down the road, because you worked with someone extremely respected, etc. You *may* be able to become a Michigan resident for tuition purposes after a year, but the Cal States, especially the more impacted ones like CSUN are becoming more like the UCs, so there is a possibility you may be a non-resident for all 4 years. (It is almost impossible for a typical undergrad to become a resident for tuition purposes at a UC for any of the 4 years. It doesn't matter if you've lived here for a year in advance, you can read all about it on their websites.) You need to really consider this. (This is one reason why non-resident admits to the UCs have gone up, and it's actually a higher percentage than resident admits, they like that extra $22,000+ for 4 years!) At CSUN you'll pay $372 per unit non-resident fee, up to $11,160 per academic year. Also, the budgets that the colleges show are really really low, it would be tough to live on them, and they don't include summer costs, which if you stick around would likely be close to $5000. How much time have you spent here? Did you visit CSUN? Living out in the valley isn't what most kids your age would find much fun. And you're not going to have time to go anywhere for fun, especially considering that you're going to need to have a couple of jobs if possible (work study usually pays a little better per hour than what you're going to find outside of CSUN, but it won't be nearly enough, you'll need another job). You'll be stuck in Northridge all the time, and that isn't really a fun time. If you haven't spent much time here, you really should see if you can come here for a weekend to check it out, and don't go out of the valley, because chances are high you won't be able to while you're at CSUN. Do a realistic plan/budget on paper. See how much your parents will chip in, if any. The transportation budgets that the colleges give won't cover car expenses, they typically won't even cover (mandatory) insurance. For most kids, insurance will be twice the stated transportation costs, and then there is gas, maintenance, parking, etc. And we don't have great public transportation. Just be realistic about what life would be like out in the valley for 4 years, studying and working all the time, etc. The room and board costs are a bit low for decent off-campus housing, but on-campus is reasonable. Going by their low budget plus non-resident fees for 12 units a semester, you're looking at $32,000 + about $5000 for summer. Think about it. Here are CSUN costs for 2010 - 2011: might consider if you can live at home and pay your parents a little rent while attending college, or live on campus in your state, save a bit, and come out here for a fun summer vacation (hostels are reasonable). Good luck!

    California State University Northridge Tuition

    First of all, congrats on your grades and being accepted to college. May I suggest an alternative. Attend community college here for a year. That way you can establish residency, get your GE's out of the way, then transfer to CSUN or UCLA, if that is what you prefer. And you will save a lot of money in the process. And CSUN does have dorms. Plus loads of apts. Look for a roommate arrangement or someone with a room to rent for a college student. Good luck in your studies.

    If you are looking for a school with the "college atmosphere", CSUN is probably not the right choice for you. It's an Michigan school but there is nothing special about the campus or location. As the other guy said, look into the requirements to moving here to gain residency and see if you can get it. Sometimes it takes up to 2 years.

    Some one else recently posted a similar question about paying out of state tuition to attend CSUN. I'll tell you the same thing I told them.... You would probably be better off applying to a private school here in California because it will cost you probably the same as out of state tuition in CSUN. One thing about many of our public schools here in the Los Angeles area - they do not really have "campus / dorm" housing. Very limited if any. So, then you have to look at a private apartment or house and that is really expensive next to CSUN. Where many of the private schools in Michigan do have on campus housing. Just a thought. I think CSUN in state tuition is about $7K where out of state is about $25K. Good luck.

    As an out of state student you have a good chance they like to take some out of state student because of the increased tuition they can charge It is a very full school though so don t just try one school apply to many in the area even private school won t be a lot more for someone out of state. Hope that helps

    Cal state Northridge is a fine institution. plan on living the dorm life because the surrounding area is somewhat expensive. don't listen to the person that said it ain't a college town.. tons and tons of college stuff to do,

    If it's what you want, and you can afford it, go ahead. Just out of curiosity, what is a "duel" degree? Do you study use of the epee, saber, and pistol?

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