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    My whole life it has been my dream to become a nurse. I have little to no money for school however. My plan is to go to school to become an LPN and work a few years doing this to gain experience and save more money to then get my associates to become an RN. I would love to be able to help people and my dream is to work in the medical field. Can anyone give me any insight on an LPNs job and responsibilites and if its something they gain satisfaction from. I just want to make sure Im not wasting my time with the LPN thing. Thanks.

    Go to your local unemployment office and see if they offer training grants for LPN school. Michigan does this. I just got a $4000 grant for LPN school because its an occupation that is in demand, and I think the unemployment office see's this as making an investment in a person so they don't have to pay out unemployment benefits in the future for someone who can't keep a job. Also, go onto fafsa.gov and apply for financial aid. If your community college offers an LPN program, take it there. It is affordable and convenient. Private companies and technical schools pay more and often times want a payment up front by credit card or cash before you can even start courses. Many people become an LPN first before RN. If you are financially needy and don't want to wait on an RN list for 2 years, you should pursue your LPN. You could become a nurse, and when you go back to school and you graduate with your RN have more experience than someone who just graduated from RN school. Also, working as an LPN is a good idea if you cannot afford RN school. RN schools are easily $20-30,000 for only the 5-6 semesters of nursing courses. That is Michigan ADDITION to your college courses for your associate's degree. IF you get a job as an LPN, you can work somewhere where the employer offers tuition reimbursement - this means they will pay for you to become an RN, most of the time requiring you to work there for a year after you graduate. Still worth it. Better than having student loans for 10 years. LPN's check vitals, patient hygiene, give medications and shots, collect samples and blood, start catheters, etc. Everything an RN does except for they don't make care plans and they don't start IV's (in most states). Many times people say they do an RN's job for less pay. Many people work as an LPN while pursuing their RN. The 2 local RN schools near me have 2 year waiting lists to get in - you have to figure you wait 2 years, plus the 2 years Michigan school. I can become an LPN in 1 year, skip the waiting list for RN, and skip the first semester of clinicals if I am already an LPN. They most of the time offer advance placement. Also, anyone who tells you LPN's are not needed anymore is ignorant and doesn't know what they are talking about. If you go onto the Department of Labor's website, LPN's are highly in demand, the need for LPN's is "more than average" - there is a projected 14-20% growth in the need for LPN's. I know 2 people who recently became LPN's and they found jobs within 1 month, and both make around $19-20/hour. LPN's don't make that much less than RN's would just starting out. You should definately continue your education after you graduate though. Good luck!

    Becoming Lpn

    LPN and RN are very different from each other. The first thing you need to determine is what you want to do with your nursing career. If you want to work in a hospital, critical care environment or something along the lines of acute care you really need to get your RN. If you are more interested in working in the clinic, doctor's office or long term (nursing home) environment then the LPN should suffice. The RN is a good idea because it allows the greatest career flexibility and the best income. Career satisfaction can be related to options and I recommend having the best options available to you.

    This Site Might Help You. RE: Becoming an LPN. Your insight please. ? My whole life it has been my dream to become a nurse. I have little to no money for school however. My plan is to go to school to become an LPN and work a few years doing this to gain experience and save more money to then get my associates to become an RN. I would love to be able to help people...

    RN is only roughly one more year of courses than the LPN, so if you can afford to just go for the RN I would strongly recommend it. Some might find it helpful to be an LPN first to "gain experience" but there are plenty of RNs who never did a day of patient care in their lives before becoming and RN and they are perfectly capable. That's why you go to school. You don't know everything about being an RN by being an LPN. That's why you hear people lip off about how "LPNs do all the hard work while the RNs are lazy". . . they have no idea what the real role and responsibility of an RN is, they just THINK they know. LPNs are responsible for basic patient cares which a CNA could perform (feeding, toileting, etc.), but they are trained to pass certain medications but not all, they are able to perform certain simple assessments like take vital signs or examine a wound for signs of infection, and they can perform certain skilled tasks like doing wound dressing changes, suctioning, emptying drains or catheters. The provide some degree of education to the patients. They do some documentation. They can delegate tasks like linen changes, etc. to the CNAs. RNs can do all of the above, and much more. They are more fully trained in the rationales for WHY certain actions are taken. They are trained more extensively in anatomy & physiology, disease pathology, microbiology, social sciences, psychology, etc. They perform complex assessments that go beyond taking vital signs. They must be able to synthesize information and see the bigger picture, know what they are seeing and know what action to take. They provide extensive education to patients and families. They pass the full-range of medications from pills to pushing meds in PICC lines. They perform more complex skills like trach care, vacuum or pressure dressing changes, etc. They follow the "nursing process", meaning they assess, diagnose, plan, create interventions, and evaluate their progress towards measurable outcomes. They create and manage care plans. They are more fully involved with the care team, comprised of physicians, social workers, case coordinators, management, pharmacy, the lab, special procedures, etc. I don't think that RNs are "better" than LPNs. LPNs are very valuable members of the health care team that cares for patients. But the fact is just that they are not as educated or skilled in patient care and are limited to what they can do and where they can work and how much money they can make and where they can advance to. For a single extra year of schooling you end up having endless opportunities, can make a fantastic salary that will support you for life, and you'll have an education that makes you more valuable to potential employers.

    You make make losts of money! I saw an ad on craigslist for LPN's making $25 an hour and no experience was necessary! I'm taking the CNA class and then going into nursing later on but my school doesn't offer LPN courses.

    LPN do a lot of real nursing, caring patients things using hands because many RNs are lazy by using mouths. You can make $20/hr and the job is in demands.

    I would find out how much it costs to get your associate RN and compare the two. RN's make quite a bit more money.

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