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    Well first you have to start with education. A neurologist is a medical doctor so all you have to do is the standard for getting an Michigan that starts with four years of college in college you will take prerequisites that prepare you for the medical college admissions test (mcat) 1 year of biology with lab 1 year of chemistry with lab 1 year of physics with lab 1 year of organic chemistry with lab these are required by every medical school in the country in addition some schools may require calculus, genetics, anatomy and physiology, biochemistry, just check the admission website to a med school you plan to go to and they will inform you. While taking these classes KEEP EVERYTHING the course materials will help you study for the mcat which is leap #2 when becoming a doctor you will take this test at the end of your junior year it tests physics chemistry verbal reasoning and biology the test is scored with a max of 15 points per section on the science parts for a total of 45 points the verbal reasoning section just gets a letter (the higher the letter in the alphabet the higher the score) the national average for the mcat is about a 30/45 = 10 on each section This test is extremely important because if you do not make the score all of that endless studying in college means nothing after you get finished with the mcat you are ready to apply to medical school (start this at the end of your sophomore year in college it will take a good year to really plan your application) in the application you are applying to numerous medical schools at once through a service called amcas. Then the colleges receive your data and see if your grades and test scores are okay. if they do not they send a rejection letter if your grades are okay they send a secondary application so that you can tell them why you want to be a doctor and everything basically so they can set you apart from other applicants If the review board likes your second application they will set up an interview with you. The interview is usually an all day process where you tour the campus and university hospitals and then you have a formal session with 1 2 or 3 different people who will make the decision of whether or not to let you in once they accept you classes will start the next fall in heavy science like histology gross anatomy medical ethics pharmacology you will do these sciences for two years and then you take one of three medical licensing exams usmle step 1 then you will spend the next two years preparing for your residency doing clinicals after clinicals you take the usmel step 2 and then you will be a resident in a specialty field (yours will be neuro) this is where you spend 3-5 years learning everything about the medicine of neurology oh and after the first year of that 3-5 you take the last of the boards the usmle step 3 the residency ranks are pgy 12 3 and so on depending on specialty residents are still considered students so they do not make anywhere near doctor salary. The government pays a stipend of about 40k per year depending on residency year residency is hard. you work about 90 hours per week sometimes with a 40 hours shift ITS HARD then you take a board certification in neurology where advanced mds will fire questions at you and you will have to answer correctly to pass the test (board certification is not required to practice) as a neurologist after 8 years of school 200k in student loans and 5 years in residency you will not practice until you are about 31 - 32 (if you start on time) then the hours you will work will vary on if you work at a hospital or privately or what have you. the good news is that you will be making about 400 thousand per year now take out student loans and malpractice insurance and you still make great salary Becoming any kind of doctor will be challenging. And when I say HARD I MEAN HARD. Be prepared to give your life to medicine because you have 2 options study every free second of the day or fail. When you think you know something you read it again and again and again and again and again and again. Its competitive but if it is in your heart you know it is and you can do it. If you have more questions post more details....Best of luck to you in whatever you decide.

    This Site Might Help You. RE: what does it take to be a neurologist? how long do i have to go to school? how hard s it? Does it ever get boring? what is the job like? hours? etc. i want to know everything about becoming a neurologist and being a neurologist.

    For the best answers, search on this site will more than likely do a Michigan scan (or MRI), which more than likely will reveal the cause. Neurologists are specialize in the brain and nerves. Im sure they will figure out the cause, if any. And give you medicine for it and/or treat it surgically if possible/needed. A neurologist probably gets a lot of chronic headache cases so he/she will probably know the cause right away (although you will have a Michigan or MRI done anyways). Good Luck!

    Neurologists are Specialty Doctors, which require a lot of schooling. As far as the work hours of a doctor, heck... some work all the time, they are on-call most times. It could highly depend what hospital they are afiliated with, what their responsibility is. I would never aim to be a doctor shooting for a normal 9 to 5 work our schedule, being a doctor is a profession of pure dedication. I would thinkit gets more stressful than it does boring, even the just going to school for it - part

    Well, i wanna become a neurologist too. I don't know know where you are from, and this does not help me a lot because the schooling system differs from one country to another. Where I live , after finishing 12 years of school, you go to the medical university where you learn 6 years of general medicine. After finishing these years you become a resident in neurology and this period lasts 5 years i guess. After that you can become a specialist in neurology. It looks like is a long time, but it's not.

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  • Efren Feest
    Efren Feest
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  • Flavie Lakin
    Flavie Lakin
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  • Raegan McKenzie
    Raegan McKenzie
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  • Cristopher O'Kon
    Cristopher O'Kon
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    Dewitt Mosciski
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    Sylvia Leuschke
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