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    Sorry aboput the link, so I copied it: New bank will cater to Latino populace By Mike Grizzard The Daily Reflector Thursday, April 26, 2007 Hispanics are the fastest-growing segment of the U.S. population, with numbers expected to reach 53 million by next year. That presents "an opportunity, not a problem," organizers of a bank catering to Hispanics say. Nuestro Banco, which translates to "Our Bank," is on course to open its first branch in Garner in July. Top executives of the startup bank were in Greenville Tuesday unveiling their business plan and seeking investors. Daniel Flores, president and chief executive officer of Nuestro Banco, said he did not have a time frame for a local branch, but plans call for an opening every six months during the next three years given that resources are available.

    "If we do the right thing, good things will happen," Flores said. Flores, a former Chase Manhattan executive with 40 years of banking experience, and Mark Arnold, the project's lead organizer, mapped out their plans for reaching a population they say has been underserved by financial institutions and is hesitant to put money in American banks. Existing banks, including Bank of America and Peoples Bank, have begun initiatives aimed at Hispanics, but Nuestro Banco is solely devoted to that community. "It's a unique opportunity to do well and do good simultaneously," said Arnold, a former investment banker with Bank of America and SunTrust and former executive director of corporate development with BellSouth in Atlanta. Nuestro Banco is required to raise $12 million in starting capital, half of which must be secured by May 23, when it expects to receive its license. Flores said the bank has $4.5 million on hand and another $2 million pledged.

    Flores said all branches will have a bilingual staff, culturally appropriate facilities, deep community involvement and financial education. The bank is targeting three primary segments: Hispanic immigrants in the United States less than 10 years; Hispanic-owned small businesses; and large employers where Hispanic employees make up more than 25 percent of the total staff. Among the services to be offered are worksite and mobile banking. Nuestro Banco, of course, has an economic interest. Hispanics comprise about 14 percent of the U.S. population but represent 50 percent of the nation's growth. The potential purchasing power is significant, Flores said — the FDIC projects by 2015 half of the retail growth at U.S. banks will come from Hispanics. Some estimates put the new business at $200 billion. North Carolina's Hispanic population is projected to be 1.36 million in 2008, and purchasing power is expected to grow by 143 percent to $20.4 billion. The state has 17,000 business

    This is just a prime example of Corporate America catering to minority groups which also may or may not include illegal Spanish speaking immigrants. However you can't but the blame on the illegally community. This just goes to show that a solution is needed to end undocumented immigrants in this country. As for you joining of course you may they are bilingual.

    Maybe u should be offended by the fact that this is an American Bank catering to the latino community, as many of u like to point out. I'm sorry would u rather them open an account at their local Chase or LaSalle Bank, maybe it would make u feel better. Common sense, sweetie whoever accomodates to one's needs will get the business & obviously this bank has this in mind. if ur irritated enough maybe u should go to the source instead of placing the blame on a name. i'm sure u can open an account if u have the right documentation. maybe u should by a share-u seen the profit.

    No you shouldn't it is a bank they will take your money. Second the link was dead. But in the northeast there are a lot of Banco Popular which is a Bank based in Puerto Rico. Also in Minnesota there are a lot of foriegn banks that are targeted to foreign nationals not a big deal.

    Of course you can.Bienvenidos a Nuestro Banco,hemanito.

    Credit unions can have rules that state certain membership qualifications. Banks cannot. As long as you are not in Check Systems ( a system that shows you to be a fraudulant check writer) you can join any bank you wish. Should you be offended? Toughen up!

    Why do you care? I could see if they offered better interest rates, lower fees, but who cares if it is geared toward Latinos? It's just a bank. Keep it up, whinerama.

    I think I will learn spanish, and go apply for an account and say I have no identification, then overdraft my first day, and apply for all the loans I can, and a line of credit. Hell what can they do about it?

    The link you sent isn't coming up and no, you shouldn't because its NOT about race, right....Its about upholding the law, did these people violate any laws by marketing to Latinos?

    Contact your local "La Raza" chapter. As evidenced by their chosen name, they're here to help everyone, including you.

    I won't worry, as long as our currency remains printed in English & Latin.

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