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    My husband and I are 40ish with 3 children still at home. We currently are in a crunch and don't know what exactly to do. Here's a little history. I just resigned my teaching position to start a nursing program in Sept. (soooo excited). My husband just landed his dream career opportunity ( public service as a police officer) and is in the police academy being paid only $38,000. We certainly didn't plan for these career changes to happen simultaneously, but I happened to be accepted to nursing school (via a wait list) sooner than anticipated. You can probably imagine that living on only $38k for a family of 5 is going to be tight. We have two months to figure out how we will manage without potentially losing our house and everything we've worked for in our 20 years of marriage( outstanding credit rating etc.). I've figured that if I get a part time job, we may be able to stay afloat ONLY if we don't have any credit card payments. Our credit card debt is about $15,000!! OUCH!!! We currently have a savings of $19k and need to know what the best route would be in paying them off. Sound advice is very welcome!!! 2 Scenarios that we are considering : 1. Pay off all $15,000 of credit debt so not to be accruing about $325 of interest every month and having to make a minimum payment of about $300+ per month (which would take the food out of our mouths). Minnesota 2, Transfer all debt to a 0% interest credit line and use the savings to pay larger monthly installments allowing us to keep some of our liquidity Any encouragement and advise will be greatly appreciated! This is a little scary for us!

    We sold our last house and paid off all of our debt and were holding on to the $19K to put into a retirement account of some sort but just hadn't decided where to put it. In the meantime, our AC went out to the tune of $8000 and new transmission etc. It adds up FAST! Our credit is great and we have had several offers in the mail from different banks for balance transfers.

    Pay off ALL of the cc debt. That is like earning 18% (or whatever) on your money. The balance transfer is a bad idea because you have to pay fees up front. Smarter is to get the new card and buy things at 0%* - while making minimum payments up until NEAR the end of the 0% time frame. This new card plus your zero balance cards are your temporary emergency funds accounts. {You are not apt to dip into them beyond normal use..} *I am being offered $150 sign up bonus plus 18 months no interest - ON PURCHASES - so the good offers are out there. Also, get student loans. That is a good debt, and the less you work, the more time for your studies, and the better job and pay you will get upon graduation. After you go back to work and get caught up you can resume funding retirement. {idk if you can even afford to match funds in a 401k plan or not during these lean years. Your decision.}

    Why would you have $15K in credit card debt when you have $19K in savings? The interest on those credit cards is likely a whole lot higher than the interest your get on that savings. I suggest you keep $5K for an emergency fund and use the rest of the savings to pay off as much of that credit card debt as you can. Start with the highest interest rate cards first -- that will give you more bang for the buck. Transferring the $4K balance of your credit card debt to a 0% interest card might be possible -- much more likely than actually finding a card or cards to handle a $15K balances transfer. However, you STILL may not qualify for a 0% interest rate deal. You also need to really cut your budget. Eliminate all the extras. You are going to have to cut really deep. Not only will you need a part time job, maybe your husband can take on a part time job as well -- at least till you get the balance of the credit card debt paid off.

    I been into credit card debt for years 50k and took me many years to clear. After clearing, i thought how much i wasted into paying the interests. Its difficult to part with cash you have. But the sooner you clear your credit card bills the better you feel especially when you are starting to get good job. That will be a good start to build. But, since you got option 2, i say go with option no. 2

    I don't understand why people get them self into so much debt.... If it were me i would keep the house and screw everything else....I don't get it, you have 19k cash saved up, but you run up 15k in credit card debt ? Only thing i have a loan on is my house and that is all, i don't care what i drive, what i wear and how big my tv is, but what i do have is MINE and i have no worries about making my monthly payments

    No longer if it is your purely card. in case you have somewhat a extensive form playing cards, that is stable to close one out. Your credit status is predicated partly on your debt ratio, one ingredient being the quantity of obtainable credit you have. The greater credit available, the decrease your score; extreme available credit makes you a credit danger.

Can anyone help explain these two (small) accounting problems?

  • Liana Wiegand
    Liana Wiegand
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  • Christ Steuber
    Christ Steuber
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  • Sadie Hoppe
    Sadie Hoppe
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  • Corine Muller
    Corine Muller
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