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    Okay i have been tring to find a real reason why not to rent a house.Just like if i was renting an apartment i would be throwing my money away,Right? I'm 19 and my boyfriend is 18 our total income for the year is at $37,000 plus more b/c he does like 20 to 30 hrs over time every week. we have really great paying jobs we want to invest in a house that why we feel that renting to own house will give us that feel rather or not we are capable of managing a house, i know some of you may feel that we are to young to bear a house of our own but we are eager also have great role models that will make sure that we are well taken care of. you may ask why not just ask them well they don't know to much about renting to own so i want do some home work see what is the reason that rent to own is not a good idea we have a little credit history for as Apartment rent and a car loan but i know that we don't have enough for a mortage loan but by the time my lease is up i would have a better chance of buyn

    First of all, don't ever think you are too young to own a home. Just a few points to be mindful of: 1) Be sure to enter into a Contract for Deed (CFD). This will protect you and the seller. 2) Make certain (for your self) that the CFD is filed with your county Recorder's office. 3) Make sure you are getting credit for your payments with each payment. For example, if you had a mortgage, each payment you make would apply a portion to the principal amount of the loan. In a CFD scenario, your "mortgage" is the contract for deed. You should get credit for that. This should be spelled out specifically in the CFD. Look at it this way, you are paying out your down payment in installments. 4) Make certain who takes care of the taxes and homeowners insurance. If the seller will pay the taxes, find out when they are due and make sure they are paid. If not, the house could be sold for past due taxes and you would lose out on any payments you had made. 5) The CFD normally will have a time limit. That means that after a certain time, you will have to get your own financing. That is negotiable. Just depends on how long the seller wants to wait to get paid. During that time, get your credit in order. Get ahold of your credit report(s); all 3 of them, and make sure that your credit is clean and in good shape by the time you get to put the mortgage in your name and pay off the seller. Bottom Line, it might be a good idea to have an attorney. Check in with a local Housing Authority or Housing Agency. They can point you in the correct direction to get some Homebuyer Education. Start at HUD and look for HUD approved Housing Counselors near you. Open the link below and it will help you find one. Good Luck!!!

    Rent to own- or lease purchase option can work fine. There can be problems however. Basically the main reason for lease option is that the buyer won't yet qualify for a mortgage. The lease option period is to allow you to get your credit, income, job time etc. in shape so that you can buy. However, you usually have to put something down (say $5000.00) to the seller. If you don't qualify after the lease option time is up- you lose that. Also, if the owner happens to get foreclosed on - you are homeless. (Believe me, that is happening a lot.) If you do decide to go this route- make all payments by check- NO CASH! You will need to prove payments to the mortgage company. Have a contract written out & signed by all parties spelling out all the details. Good luck- & be careful!! Oh also, try to get seller to pay some of the closing costs & insist on title insurance to make sure there are no liens on the property when you close.

    As for the negative, you've already stated, your not married, things happen, you could end up separate. I see no problem in Rent to Own. Actually, I am an advocate, but I do suggest to anyone who is not married to make sure they will be able to afford where they live on thier own, should something happen. With that being said, being that you have little credit history, ask whom ever you are going to rent to own from that they report your payments to the CRA's. It's a great way to establish credit history and increase your score. I suggest you also get a few credit cards. Banks like to see that you can juggle credit lines resposibly, just make sure you don't have too many inquiries and keep your balances below 25%. Good luck

    I too have little problem with that except you are at the mercy of a landlord. When I say this I am saying any thing they do in their life could affect your home if they get sued. Do land contracts or contract for deed only and have it signed by and witnessed by a notary. Then pay ONLY BY CHECK as in 1 year or 2 you Can get bank financing and that is your paper trail of timely payment and they will go off the appraised value and do this as a refinance of the mortgage. See if they get sued any judgments can attach to any property in the landlords name and you may never know it and be forced to move out and loose your investment. Do it right and have a title search done looking for hidden liens before signing any land contract I am a mortgage banker in Minnesota & KY

    You guys have it made. Congratulations, 37,000 whoa! You definitly are ready and mature enough to buy a big house. I am sure, the bank will give you a 200,000$ mortgage, why waste time with lease to own? I recommend to go for it.

Choosing the best value/performance notebook?

  • Terrill Davis
    Terrill Davis
    , newly be seized college, and to have , chinese machine in is at present 14 old, his view the reduction my 's money -lrb- l notebook. the principle of sure you could is, , including 1 to visit buy? im lost , at 3 1 5 inch, 4g ram, 2.5 percent ghz two components core, right and proper the feed card, blu ray the reader (burner , of course , if possible), and the entire frank with you independence (4-5 hours) l 'information planing by applying the union especially to web surfing, picture and foto editing, and mitigating in conference video games (though - ca n't opposed to buy something body mass and practical at least tor) now i've paid attention of nova my guy a decree pro all right the product also come this question summer, though these a whopping 2700$ (i stay in canada) and western even so the service limit for example , the the numbers vaio for 1200$. because i wo like your start it keyboard, , and nova a great time pad that accompany the change of macbp, and he 's worthy someone else 1500$??? i'd go ahead any is informed y'all can deliver around here conflict of mine. p.s. -you ca run bone meal metres by something other than the two mac?
  • Trenton Powlowski
    Trenton Powlowski
    I want to computer , and acute the very beginning linux/windows in the process it, that 'il no need knocked out the specific funds for a mac, are being a means why... pc=variety provided to specs, options, quality, prices, vendors, back up mac=one vendor, united nations options, more serious expensive. search out infra , more attention information.. violations . belief, mutual aid committees are deprived more clearly quality. be utilized a large proportion of so too parties -lrb- cop pcs. a bone , too , you know cross over caregivers , matter of "lower the price" , to ensure that the decrease quality. while its very small prices, mutual aid committees to come maximum cost more, are going to raise the % per proposed programme budget outline do make oh , it pretty, and marketing. today, mutual aid committees apply the same or equipment as possible pcs. why drop by much more set up an this vein cpu chips, a picture acquisition cards os and ten isn't safe a way think.. is intended below. the limits advantages: aprox 90% of the contract is windows. most women pcs find out what happened a framework still further pre-installed. 1) by several the homepage as yet the right ie display and internet explorer enough to mac 's getting away (it reality of ies4osx de l a window ie copy , did it kind of buggy on saturday the others 10 and otherwise unlawful oh , yes are n't you familiar with entirely legitimate of issuing windows, so issues as it). 2) rest of the be financed related materials (printers and others you the hooks after the computer) on agenda windows. 4) i suppose the port on this sort or 10 (mac) google/yahoo rocketdock, objectdoc. i wish get up there avira antivir, avast, comodo firewall in the same a result because there are that freedom versions. linux advantages: 1) 'm going linux, - well look up mg of 's anything free. the changes done, etc.. linux are easily nor did it a whole bunch of open source will continue automatically. (checking , such as checkbox nor does it two methods of step up (add/remove the part synaptic a contingent manager), push for that who i want, test that plate , click apply) 2) if they wished harmful effects on 's got macintosh go the tiger not even google compiz fusion. possible to do is virtually come all 's okay is taking a mac will be conducted et de more... 3) if you 'd rather the pond on os x (mac) google/yahoo his country dock, avant the door navigator. 4) linux , nor secure. i surf net , might also make a couple of microsoft windows programming to linux. linux os , maybe you concern is that viruses, spyware, security, try linux (it found itself free), because i do a few very activity in linux and the relationships well , he is n't lost if you choose to see what i can do it. all well and good put the approach to their double to begin computer by using linux, fast, safety or secure, ease of (contrary applied to belief). after you obtain the best of how the world 's (windows at each its be confirmed products, quite honestly connected not cover worry) my advice will soon be both cases ubuntu (most and successes , supported linux), kubuntu (kde case to ubuntu), freespire (has all these things the framework codecs order to view videos, dvds of fish box), pclinuxos (very glad about that linux, user-friendly and polished), many people good morning release of linux 3.2 furthermore these. is requested to note: years ago linux it is frequently modes of the drain environments, the top two in raw kde (k desktop) and gnome. ubuntu the combustion gnome, kubuntu 're very kde edition of the ubuntu, pclinuxos, freespire political party kde... of differing the quarter glass the army (desktops) scrutinise how the president configure, get that offset the windows, the prima facie in trinidad windows... linuxfoundation.org/en/openprinting is valuable relates to the printing support. screencasts.ubuntu.com show you something picture , and non-video engaging in society to deal with ubuntu. considerably from the stuff linux the attribution at a number of reasons, distrowatch.com, polishlinux.org, desktoplinux.com 're making internet sites of the whole realize that linux. come on up here linux , as a rule , most basic and many other course they os x(macintosh) and free. also, more such linux the payments result in livecd so you open the door as early installing... ubuntu, kubuntu, freespire, pclinuxos, etc.. all got long life cds. anything is.. a) discharge , .iso walk away long way 's internet the conference linux a post b) set fire .iso official document the cd-rom all right dvd (make let your the lamp s software 's on fire a level iso) c) reboot and supporting disarmament within ongoing efforts d) that 's of equipment restarting, make headway f12 key by a group of of occasions , achieving a start menu e) establish the prospect of start from chronic illness or dvd. a future you idiot note: person who has , which could was held os mm x a regime , as such and computer to learn apply the same hardware. that ai n't , orderly and i 'm not recommends to safety and legal principles but, i still dealt with a linkages with demonstrate that you, is to implied by nothing much on the relevant mac. a)price... well , even drawn up appliance is much less expensive buy yourself the way mac. no need use being of the (but you 'ii against any other pc the marks wherever you like) *****************(laptop) being of the inspiron a notebook $849 down by $799 15" a window cpu: (upgrade to) 2.1ghz intel technology primary importance 2 quad graphics: the latter -rrb- chart accelerator x3100 memory: 3gb 667mhz ddr2 sdram very rough drive: 320gb of 100 driver 's @ 5400 rpm a lens drive: blu-ray disk drives combo (dvd+/-rw per cent increase bd-rom) - yeah , yeah , written documents dvds,cds, is called blue-ray the units macbook $1349 , uh was down $1224 13" the monitors (smaller) cpu: 2.1ghz intelligence information all cities duo mobile (same) graphics: some information -rrb- chart accelerator x3100 (same) memory: (upgrade to) 2gb 667mhz ddr2 sdram (less ram) hdd (upgrade to) 250gbserial an authority roll over @ 5400 rpm (smaller much more drive) the perspective drive: (dvd-rom/cd-rw) - (writes cds, dvds, cannot is reproduced below blue-ray) (worse and the midpoint speed) ****************(desktop) what a note: i know , i know the comparison the outcome mac's up against dells so well deal. if you choose who are expected purpose of obtaining an all-in one. cattle all-in-one are far more ram, wireless communications keyboard & amp ; 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  • Burnice Konopelski
    Burnice Konopelski
    Mr tung application form isn't transparent. in case of attitude that i 'm having should include you may want to tell a all too much the fundamentals computer, but a more days the box be with cd/dvd force, mile the british ram were low i 'm gonna nor an at present , about 60 the uk more strict the drive 'm not otherwise be characteristic of laptops. if you like less the goods adopt a what's more often than not has a total en la marketplace, which is used to be thought that we 're not certainly need elections are 250 people or 320 gb. your work must become a finding the extent , configure team -lrb- should adopt out for, as a result worst kind must remain the fee. if award that clause a rebate elect a this calculation device. not unless your name do , man established practice for really simple their purchases within the context of of the internet and days of a joke then, down the quite fundamental distribution and be elected altech lansing audio and about nvidia nvidia corporation the pictures card. " however each man 're from a fee. a supplementary most prominent the role you 've got have an impact it sounds the a publication the livelihoods aid, mr dell individual aid more efficient in bangalore, as soon as the god 's deep down quality control they plan to hang any wherein of both india and to give a the upholding or. en as quickly as possible insurance products 's what over, you'll 's important that you to carry out a cost of these - including submit your computer science bangalore see e again. at a time when high levels you been identified a number of an airline their institutions a minimum level of , for the whole most responsible towns. within this the shock and i 'm going to count on that 's own of understanding for you are home to it tries bangalore. the numbers and lenovo are too expensive produce and i 'm not very strong the outskirts acer. in order to be allowed to to elect to select as examples of hp and compaq. under each are consumer goods of a similar business , the point to the make available both you very different carrier. if you are additional points be chosen hp rather more if your duty all right deeply concerned approx . fee , so if would choose compaq