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Payday Loan in Minnesota

    I am 18 and have graduated high school. I have a part time job (and my boss offered me a full time job at the beginning of the summer and I am going to ask her if that is still available) This girl I work with (shes 23) needs to move closer to work and she needs a roommate. The only thing is my parents were planning on moving three hours away at the end of the summer and I am not sure I want to be far away from them yet. Minnesota and I need to know things about savings, credit, all that stuff.

    This is really too big a question to be able to answer in this forum, but it is wise to live with an older person who knows the ropes, assuming that you trust her. Be very wary about lending or borrowing money (e.g. credit cards & car loans) until you are old enough to know what you're doing. If you lend money to a friend, be aware that you might lose both. To reduce that chance, get: 1) collateral, 2) a written contract, and 3) a witness to the deal. Watch out for hidden fees at banks (and with debit & credit cards). If you are foolish enough to mess with credit cards, pay the debt all off within the month. Whatever you do, NEVER use a payday loan place. Credit cards will charge 20% annual interest, which is bad enough, but payday loans charge you about 420% annual interest. Talk with your banker about how to invest money. Roth IRAs are a good way to save money, and you can also get a "saver's credit" from the IRS with Form 8880. Mutual funds are the best long-term way to invest, and I recommend a Vanguard Target Retirement Fund for someone who doesn't know what she's doing.

    Take the full time job and have it direct-deposited if possible. Decide on a fixed percentage that will be deposited directly into a savings account for emergencies and special purchases. DO NOT mess with credit cards; if you cannot pay with cash you should not buy it. It will cause a lot of trouble. Make sure you set aside enough money each month for rent, food, and gas money BEFORE you spend money on luxuries such as unlimited phone plans, high-speed internet, movies, and games. Yes, those are luxuries. It is much more important to be able to eat. If all of this seems overwhelming do research on the internet or talk with your parents. Google how to make a budget, make one, and stick with it. You can do this; an 18 year old is more than capable of being on their own, and it will be easier if you have a roommate. Good luck!

    Your new boss would probably be a person to talk to about some of this, although don't admit to her that you don't have any knowledge of financial matters. These things can be obtained from the bank where you have your account, assuming you do. If not, find one near where you are going to live. Try not to be fearful of being three hours away from your parents! It's close enough to visit on weekends, or have family days half way between. I hope you don't lose this opportunity because of this fear. Good Luck!

I need some information about a short term personal loan, not a pay day loan, for like 2-3 months.?

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