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Payday Loan in Minnesota

    I am a single mom in California and I work about 55 hours a week, but when I am behind in $$ as far as I am (1 month), it's nearly impossible to catch up. I have borrowed from family and payday loans (bad), and I'm at the end of my rope. Has anyone else found any good sources of quick cash (earned)? I have applied for goverment assistance, but do not qualify as I am part of the "working poor" in this country who cannot get a break. Anyway, thanks for reading.

    Your lucky that right now, your a month behind on your expenses. Some people aren't so lucky and find themselves in unnecessary debt. The problem with why many people find themselves in debt at one time or another is because they don't make a budget for themselves and they spend cash on items that they want, but don't need at the moment. So here are some steps to take to stay financially secure for the future. 1) Make a budget for yourself. For one month, log down everything you spend into categories. For example, if you go out and/or eat at home, make a category called food. Round your dollar amounts. So if it's $244.10, make it $245.00. Add up your expenses and subtract it from your income. Do you have surplus, money left over, or a deficit, a negative amount of money? If you have money leftover, great, if not, this then means you can't pay your bills if you have a deficit. 2) After you see where your money is going, your going to have to make a new budget for your family based on need first. First and always first, take out atleast 5% to 10% of your income and put it in a savings account. Now, 5% to 10% isn't alot, but it adds up over time for emergencies. And if your lucky and don't end up using it for an emergency when it adds up to a significant amount of money, you can transfer it to so many types of accounts that will earn alot of interest over time, CD's, mutual funds, IRA accounts, stocks etc. But the main thing to making a budget, after you take out money for savings, is cutting the things you don't need or looking at cheaper ways to get the things you do need for the main priorities in your life. The main thing you want is to atleast break even after end of the month, if not have a surplus of money. And of course, if you have a surplus after you take care of your families needs first, then you can buy what the kids want and/or you want, etc. or SAVE it, lol. 3)Stay away from loans in general right now. Especially these "loan sharks". They prey on the poor because they'll make money off of you with the high interest rates they charge. And if you can't pay them back on time, which is why they prey on the poor too because they know they can't pay on time alot of times, they'll earn more interest. And because your going to be on a tight budget just to get by on living costs alone, your not going to have the income to get any loans at this time. You don't want to damage your credit for the future for when you will start getting ahead. 4) And remember, there is no easy way to make money fast. Making fast money takes risk, and alot of times you lose. Making money with patience, is a secured way to where you'll win. Good luck!

    Minimum wage in Minnesota is $8.00. Assuming NONE of your 55 hours is overtime, your annual income is about $22,000. With that income, you CAN get by, even in California. What you NEED is a budget to control your spending. You can't afford ANY luxuries, but you don't have time for them anyway.

    MOVE. Most of the country has a very low cost of living. I suggest you move out of California (or at least out of an urban area) if you can't make ends meet.

    I feel your pain, you can try becoming a Mystery Shopper, thats a person who goes to stores as a customer and reports what the service was like, the environment, etc. Its good money and your reimbursed, theres also online surveys, and other online venues.


    Pawn some stuff and move to the Midwest. It's cheaper here.

    You can sell your ovaries, blood, and hair... Drug mule is always good for some quick cash, or just "dance" in a gentlemens club.

    Try this!

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