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    Ok,first off,make sure you have a HS Diploma Minnesota GED ready(to show on paper),a picture ID,SS number,and call ahead of the semester you wish to start in if you are going to be needing any type of loan/grant to attend,as you'll need to fill out paper work for that in advance of your start date. The average cost is about 9,000$ right now,again this varies from state to state. It is a good career ar far as being in a field of work that you truely enjoy,the down side is the money is not good starting out,your looking at about 8-10$ per hour,again depending on where you live,the economy there and the average job pay rate for Cosmetologists in that area. So,until you are in a salon working for awhile,and build up a solid clientel of your own(people that come in only requesting you),you will not make much. Now,once you build up a following of clients...then,you can try to apply for a job at a better/higher end salon,and if you have a lot of clients that will "follow you" there,from the old salon,then you have a good chance of being hired,and then you will begin to see your income increase.The main goal of *most* Cosmetologists is to eventually OWN their own salons,then you are set:-) As far as practicing from state to state,no normally you must take a new test in each one to be considered liscensed in that paticular state,I could be wrong there though. As far as preparation goes,you can contact the Beauty School in your local area,they may have a website where you can go online and study certain areas before entering school. You will learn(once enrolled),cutting,styling,coloring,highl... manicures,pedicures,ect,ect.And you will only learn the bare BASICS,most people do not realize this going into it,so if you want to be THE BEST,your going to need to be prepared to attend a lot of extra activities such as hair shows/color shows,sometimes they are free to students,other times you have to pay to attend them. It's easy as far as the every day end of it,the tests are not overly-complicated,it's actually fun to attend Beauty School most of the time,again it's more about the frustration a lot of students feel when they realize that the training is so "basic",and my school for instance did not even train us to deal with African American hair,which was really upsetting as we had black clients come in and a lot had to be turned away because we didn't know how to do a certain service,so just be prepared to study/research on your OWN as well,on your own time. You can go part time or full time,so that puts the total time from start to finish anywhere between 9 months to a year and a half(most states require 1,500 hours of training).And then upon graduatuion,you will take what is called the STATE BOARD EXAM,you must pass that and then you are done:-) Good Luck!

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