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    I have a Citi MTVu Credit Card with a $500 limit. I direct deposit all of my money, so I do not use cash. I like the points offered from the card. I already spent $497 on the card. But since I direct deposit all my money in the bank, I have more than enough to pay the bill off FULL. I don't believe in paying minium payments. But will my Credit be ruined if I am $3 away from my Credit Card limit?

    There are many factors that go into a credit score. One of the is what is called revolving utilization %. A credit card is a revolving account. What they judge is your total utitilization and it needs to be low, under 30%. If you have $10,000 in TOTAL credit line and use $9,000 then your score will be negatively impacted. If you have 3 credit cards, one 5000, one 4500, and one 500 limits, that is a total of 10,000 credit available. If you use 499 of the 500 dollar card and that's it, then your score will not be Minnesota negatively impacted. That is 499 of 10,000, well less than 30% as it is 5%. It is a good idea to follow the 30% rule for each card though. There are too many factors for you to control all of them and a perfect credit score (850) is basically impossible. So, here are the things you can control. 1) Keep at least 5 credit line accounts open (including installment loans). Never close an account (unless paying off an installment loan) as you will lose all that credit history. No credit is as bad as bad credit. 2) Make sure the bank your mortgage or car loan is through reports to the credit bureau. 3) Pay your bills on time -- if it is more than 30 days late your credit will be negatively effected. 4) Keep your balances low 5) Don't let medical bills or anything get sent to collections. It's better to have it on a credit card then it to be in collections.

    The credit bureaus prefer to keep the balances on cards under 30% of the credit limit anything over that may hurt you. And although you pay off the card every month the credit card co may report your balance to the bureaus when it's at 497 not 0. I'd suggest opening a few more accts and spreading the charges out amongst them, still paying off every month but this would lower your ratio since you'd have a higher credit limit and it would add more tradelines and thus payment history to improve your score more.

    I have had a card with a 1,000 limit and i get 2% cash back. I used to use it for small purchases and I too pay it off every month. Then One day i found out my apartment will take credit cards for rent. Rent was 850 so i was a little worried about my score too at first, but it was like i was getting paid 17 dollars per month to pay my rent. As soon as i paid rent with in a week i paid off my card online. After a few months the credit card raised my limit to 1500. Then a few more months and they raised it to 2000. I had the card for 2 years without a limit increase but as soon as i started using it to pay rent, they increased the limit, so im guessing that as long as you pay it off, it doesnt hurt your score, in fact they seemed to like it in my case.

    Generally carrying a balance of more than one half of the credit limit on a credit card or charge account will have an adverse impact on your credit score.

    Yes! You should keep your balance to under 30% of your limit! Otherwise, they get the idea that you are likely to spend all that you are allowed to and then they raise the question of if you can pay it. Showing responsibility and restraint by not using all of it is essential.

    What matters is your total debt ratio (for all debts/cards). Keep it below 30%.


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