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Payday Loan in Minnesota

    I have a Minnesota loan with an Interest rate of 6.0 fixed 388,500. A company is offering me a 3/1 hybrid 4.0 if i refinance at 403,000 with a 5.0 cap over the life of the loan. There are no out of pocket closing costs. I would be saving roughly $480.00 a month. It just sound to good to be true. Any feed back would help. Thank you.

    I honestly don't know what a hybrid in mortgage lingo is does it runs on battery also ha ha any time you hear some stuff like that run don't know but i will give u some golden tips to know if this is for real.Frist you need to ask to see the truth in lending .that way u can see what the finance charge idon'tnt let them tell you. ask to see it with your own eyes. truth in lending .and this will be before you sign anything that is called a closeing .next how many years is this for ?Good loans are known by the term 15 years fixed or 20 year fixed simple intreast loans all consummer debt included with a monthly saveings attached this is how you can tell the company is in your intreast only one company i know would offer something that good primerica smart loans programs offered through citi corp trust mortgage inc

Payday advance/cash advance?

  • Alessandro Schinner
    Alessandro Schinner
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  • Carolyne Volkman
    Carolyne Volkman
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  • Price Schmitt
    Price Schmitt
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