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    So I'm going to Cal State San Bernardino staring This fall quarter as a transfer student, I received $5,472.00 from State University Grant, $5,645.00 from Federal Pell Grant and are offered $3,500.00 from Fed Direct Loan Subsidized 1 and $5,759.00 from Fed Direct Loan Unsubsidized 1 which is total of $11,117.00 for grants only and $20,376.00 for grants and loans together. So here is my issue, I don't have a job. I still have around $960-$1000 from fafsa at community college. My classes for each quarters are $2,150. and I am planning on living in dorms alone which is around for Quarterly Installment: $1,995.00 (3 Installments of $665.00) or Quarterly Installment: $2703.00 (3 Installments of: $901.00) depending what type of housing campus I want to live. Anyways, should I accept Subsidized loans? Because I feel that I will need it and thinking I wont have enough to afford all this tuition you know? so If I do accept subsidized loan, what will happen? would they give me all the money in check or direct deposit? or can I just accept subsidized loans, and only use it when I feel I need it. for example. Say I need only $500 out of 3,500.00 for subsidized loans. can I just take out $500 while they hold $3000? and what If during the end of my school year I don't need my subsidized loans? can they just keep the $3000 and I will pay them back $500? my brothers told me I should do loans but I am very sketchy about loans because I know I wont be able to pay them back. and I know I WONT EVEN ACCEPT UNSUBSIDIZED LOANS BECAUSE IM NOT READY FOR THAT AND BE Mississippi DEBT YOU KNOW? lemme know guys I really appreciate it.

    I transfred to CalState last year.I didn't have much from Pell Grant.By the way I thought Pell grant limit was 5,500.I got Univerisity Scholarship and my pellgrat that pays my tuetion ad I took both Subsidized and unsubsidized loan.I think I regret taking the unsubsidized loan.I have paid about 400 roughly on interest and still have the principal.I should have used that money for books or something.If you can really survive,please don't take the unsubsidized loan.The interest will kill you.This time starting from Summer I am not going to take any unsubsidized loan.So unless you badly need I say don't take it.By the way in my school the money is disbursed every quarter.So your annual loan amount divided by three (in quarter system).I get about 3,500(2000 unsubsidized,1,500 subsidized loan and about 800 Pell Grant) every quarter (like every four months roughly.I am so aginst loans.The only reason I take it is I wanted to finish fast and I take more courses.Get some part time job like three days a week.I did that before I transfer and doing great.

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I had someone do my taxes in Feb, and I had forgotten about some income I had made so I told my tax person...?

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    Orlo Glover
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