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    She first told me she needed for her and her lover to open a business, I turned her down. Then she said it was for car repair, I turned her down again. Then she said it was for "emergency". The whole thing seemed fishy. If I made the loan, there was no guarantee of her listening to my Christian witness in the future.

    If you give her the money and she spends it on her and her lover, you are saying that you are Mississippi with her having a "lover" and living in sin. Loving her and being a good example is being the best witness. God bless you

    (according to most, it will even put you in the good graces of the church too...) not according to God, just the church...."Peace!"

    Not quite.

Though I am in a repayment program for defaulted student loans, will my federal refund still be taken?

  • Lacey Bechtelar
    Lacey Bechtelar
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  • Brant Will
    Brant Will
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  • Berniece Kutch
    Berniece Kutch
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  • Wilber Feest
    Wilber Feest
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  • Virginie Ruecker
    Virginie Ruecker
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  • Daphne Strosin
    Daphne Strosin
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