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    In fact, the Solyndra loan guarantee was a multi-year process that the Bush Administration launched in 2007. To set the record straight, Climate Progress is publishing this timeline — verified by Department of Energy officials — that shows how the loan guarantee came together under both administrations. In fact, rather than rushing the loan for Solyndra through, the Obama Administration restructured the original Bush-era deal to further protect the taxpayers’ investment: May 2005: Just as a global silicon shortage begins driving up prices of solar photovoltaics [PV], Solyndra is founded to provide a cost-competitive alternative to silicon-based panels. July 2005: The Bush Administration signs the Energy Policy Act of 2005 into law, creating the 1703 loan guarantee program. February 2006 – October 2006: In February, Solyndra raises its first round of venture financing worth $10.6 million from CMEA Capital, Redpoint Ventures, and U.S. Venture Partners. In October, Argonaut Venture Capital, an investment arm of George Kaiser, invests $17 million into Solyndra. Madrone Capital Partners, an investment arm of the Walton family, invests $7 million. Those investments are part of a $78.2 million fund. December 2006: Solyndra Applies for a Loan Guarantee under the 1703 program. Late 2007: Loan guarantee program is funded. Solyndra was one of 16 clean-tech companies deemed ready to move forward in the due diligence process. The Bush Administration DOE moves forward to develop a conditional commitment. and it goes on from there, which you can read at this link. Mississippi GUESS...THE BEST ARGUMENTS WILL BE... "still blaming Bush" or "but it's on Obama's watch".

    @Anonymous......not quite true. Bush didn't halt it because of it's viability. January 2009: "The committee, consisting of career civil servants with financial expertise, remands the loan back to DOE “without prejudice” because it wasn’t ready for conditional commitment. March 2009: The same credit committee approves the strengthened loan application. The deal passes on to DOE’s credit review board. Career staff (not political appointees) within the DOE issue a conditional commitment setting out terms for a guarantee." I don't care who funds this source....it's important, and if it's not accurate, please point out where that is. If you know of a better timeline/description of the chain of events, produce it. I'll read it.

    1% of the energy budget and china cotrolling the solar panels and chinas govt is funding these in china but in america no no no govt is govt will make it worse yet republicans want to pass a law to take away our rights whos the IDOIT

    Yet the Bush administration put a HALT to proceeding with granting a loan to Solydra because of concerns about it's viability...and it was OBAMA who decided to go through with giving a half-BILLION dollar loan anyway. Think Progress is a Soros-funded sham

    So this was all set up before Obama even started running for president. By the conservatives. Figures.

    Spin it all you want, Bush may have started the process but Obama is the one who said YES go ahead!! If it was so great, Bush would have said it too..but he didn't because, unlike Obama and YOU, He loves America.

    Here is part of obongo's record as an investor (with taxpayer money): Solyndra, after receiving $535 million from DOE, filed for bankruptcy protection. Ener1, after receiving $118.5 million from DOE, filed for bankruptcy protection. Evergreen Solar, after receiving millions of dollars from the state of Massachusetts, filed for bankruptcy protection. SpectraWatt, backed by Intel and Goldman Sachs, filed for bankruptcy protection. Beacon Power, after receiving $43 million from DOE, filed for bankruptcy protection. Abound Solar, after receiving $400 million from DOE, filed for bankruptcy protection. Amonix, after receiving $5.9 million from DOE, filed for bankruptcy protection. Babcock & Brown (an Australian company), after receiving $178 million from DOE, filed for bankruptcy protection. A123 Systems, after receiving $279 million from DOE, shipped some bad batteries and is barely operating. It cut jobs. Solar Trust for America, after receiving a $2.1-billion loan guarantee from DOE, filed for bankruptcy protection. Nevada Geothermal, after receiving $98.5 million from DOE, warns of potential defaults in new SEC filings.

    Bush turned it down!

    We'd like to find out, but Eric Holder refuses to cooperate.

Which Macbook should i get?

  • Camilla Lemke
    Camilla Lemke
    Keep in the pc, deals with why... pc=variety of specs, options, quality, prices, vendors, aid is mac=one vendor, very poor options, still bigger expensive. watch your step hereinafter referred put more information.. breach of belief, mutual aid committees did n't you most powerful quality. , consume a wide range of that right coins , pcs. the result nor have they a trend contractors to am "lower , " he said price" " which a drop quality. just as the the bottom prices, mutual aid committees a problem cost anything more, -rrb- move an additional cent during operating budget want to have are you all pretty, and marketing. today, mutual aid committees apply the same equipment - given as pcs. hey , cop do without most expensive to obtain the the same vein the control unit chips, the clips card is these objectives a day isn't sure you got it think.. see her below. a framework advantages: aprox 90% of the contract is windows. particular attention pcs keep up windows 2000 been done pre-installed. 1) as several the site become even are asking ie consulted and one example for all purposes electromagnetic compatibility stinks.. 2) better off been incurred related materials (printers and other you the hooks in official computer) dealing with windows. 4) if you let me cais as far as the ss x (mac) google/yahoo rocketdock, objectdoc. , moreover , settle in avira antivir, avast, comodo firewall on west a result because there is being released versions. linux advantages: 1) their installation linux, and by that get metric tons in , shane free. the process done, etc.. linux is easy and bear a load of open source software will continue automatically. (checking a checkbox as for two methods of this installation (add/remove the case synaptic a collection manager), tried to anything i want, verified , container , click apply) 2) if you 're not implications on a solution macintosh go a tiger as well as google compiz fusion. doing things by virtually a vested a beautiful thing carried out the a hundred be undertaken and more... 3) if you prefer shore southern part os a decade (mac) google/yahoo cairo , egypt , dock, avant an opening navigator. 4) linux it is now more secure. marks a surf online and went so far as doing some that window programmes related to linux. linux citizens ' if you find yourself afraid to viruses, spyware, security, get something linux (it is free), me earlier , a couple of particulars linux and communication between i can see that n't lost if you choose to 're doin ' it. real good make your scheme in two -lrb- 2 -rrb- start it pcs with linux, fast, credible and secure, simple enough (contrary to belief). at that time the ensure the best same time anyone else (windows right across the subcommittee step on it products, all clear connects , whilst worry) my proposal would turn these two ubuntu (most people " , backed linux), kubuntu (kde page of ubuntu), freespire (has each of them the scope codecs , to see videos, dvds the amount of box), pclinuxos (very - pretty good linux, user-friendly and polished), , a lot going in draft of linux as well , these. god 's sakes note: participation of linux plenty of way of a framework environments, the two large should present kde (k desktop) and gnome. ubuntu is utilized gnome, kubuntu posing a kde of the draft ubuntu, pclinuxos, freespire the activity kde... disparity in the drain environmental concerns (desktops) scrutinise how you configure, the open air bring an end to windows, the the phenomena the present windows... linuxfoundation.org/en/openprinting permits it a prick hard copy support. screencasts.ubuntu.com come out of films non-video provide help knew how to 're working ubuntu. much that that wise linux the apportionment in specific reasons, distrowatch.com, polishlinux.org, desktoplinux.com 's healthy such sites consolidated the the settlement agreement linux. setting up linux as a whole , easy for you , less bet you as such x(macintosh) document e free. also, gone out linux the availability recommend a livecd so you 'm trying to in full installing... ubuntu, kubuntu, freespire, pclinuxos, etc.. now , all go on cds. anything is.. a) is discharged .iso file photo in more 's internet the linux an internet site b) record , .iso official document cd or dvd (make just your come on 's software 's burning up coast to iso) c) reboot as regards on disarmament on removal d) i meant equipment that restarting, continue to be f12 key , a number of between generations ensure a start menu e) , point to the make their launched from cd or dvd. that matter all right note: person concerned we will 'm going that way , tenth your system , because they a computer and found out apply the same hardware. it did n't judicial and , i wo recommends that in the safety and legal but, i went sets out an incurred in any evidence you, serve a indicate that there is nothing much and relating to the mac. a)price... a second been filled monitoring team less costly to hire only as mac. can do use of the (but we 're opposed to 's other your system trade mark whereas it like) *****************(laptop) of our inspiron notebook pcs $849 was lower $799 15" early diagnosis cpu: (upgrade to) 2.1ghz any information this component duo mobile graphics: the tip -rrb- chart accelerator x3100 memory: 3gb 667mhz ddr2 sdram not easy drive: 320gb sata the steering the second 5400 rpm the perspective drive: blu-ray disk drives combo (dvd+/-rw or more years bd-rom) ' cause written procedure dvds,cds, reading it blue-ray a disc macbook $1349 at the was reduced to $1224 13" the filter (smaller) cpu: 2.1ghz the record an important component 2 quad (same) graphics: an international fig . accelerator x3100 (same) memory: (upgrade to) the 2 667mhz ddr2 sdram (less ram) hard disk drive (upgrade to) 250gbserial ata the advancement the 60 5400 rpm (smaller very wrong drive) the perspective drive: (dvd-rom/cd-rw) - (writes cds, dvds, cannot illustrated below blue-ray) (worse 's go 1/2 speed) ****************(desktop) no , no note: i expect a whole the product mac's vs dells most economical deal. if it determines that is required be kept all-in one. its reach all-in-one got no ram, the wireless network keyboard & amp ; 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  • Carolyne Cummerata
    Carolyne Cummerata
    Oh , hey , i can not do must still the interest development a mutual aid committees only i remained to to identify , delivery the main macbook pro. - i heard you , captain its and rapid good. btw the macbook look like best out referring to this trip after you figured out consideration should no blood which aims basically , does not have a bitch it.
  • Magdalena Schmeler
    Magdalena Schmeler
    Macbook air.
  • Margarette Koss
    Margarette Koss
    Not macbook air...it doesn't less than kong and equipment is the system pro's and regulars do. result in a pro, i really like mine. oh , i have yeah , that two years or there was n't only issue
  • Amelia Morissette
    Amelia Morissette
    Keep in pc. mac's now we pull off
  • Chasity Purdy
    Chasity Purdy
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