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    As of three months ago we didn't have credit. So we built it up with credit cards. She is around 600-630. We also saved up 1,500 for a down payment. We both work at walmart, I have been there a year and a half. She has been there 6 months. I have been promoted twice since I been there. We also have no bills. We don't pay rent or anything because we live with her parents. We are looking to get a car up to 15,000. We will go lower if we have too. Are our chances decent?

    There are places like JD Byrider and the like that will sell you a car with little more than a paystub to show them. Regular dealerships will work with you as well, but don't expect a low interest rate. If I were you, I wouldn't do the loan with your girlfriend. Just do it on your own and establish your individual credit. Chances are that loan will be around longer than she will be and you don't want to be stuck with her bad credit if she defaults...I would tell her the same thing, so don't think I am bashing her...that's just the way life goes sometimes. If you end up getting married, then the debt will end up on her credit anyway. With a $1500 down payment, you could get an even nicer vehicle or you could just find an older, low mileage vehicle and pay cash for it. I just got one of my kids a nice 95 Jetta for $1500. No loan involved... Get away from the credit cards as fast as you can...all your doing is setting yourself up for failure in the future. If you need to establish credit, the car loan would be a good start. Trust me on this one..credit cards are a trap and Bankruptcy is no fun.

    600-630 (so so at best) credit and it has only been occurring for 6 months (credit history) and only 1,500 down, you will have insane interest rates near 20% I guarantee it this means in the end at say a 5 year loan you will pay about 25 thousand for the car in the end not good! I doubt you will be able to get it. Don't ask for cosigner, it only marks the path of credit self destruction for you and the cosigner and almost never ends up good, don't do it! Save more money for the down payment, and or get a cheaper car.

    I hope you are paying the credit cards in full each month. Carrying balances does serious damage to credit scores. If you are carrying balances, pay them off today in full. Wait 45 days for your credit reports to update, then get your car. Do not close the credit card accounts unless they carry an annual fee. To make your chances of getting that car, you should really put 20% down. For a $15,000 car, that would be $3,000. Would you consider a smaller used car? Or waiting to gather up a bigger down payment? Your income will also come into the equation. A lender will want to see that you can easily afford the monthly payments. A lender will also want to see that your down payment does not wipe out your savings. Conclusion: You should really have a lot more saved up for a down payment. Especially since you were living with her parents.

    Unlikely but.... maybe. When looking at what you can afford... consider where you might be in a few. i would STRONGLY advise in going cheaper. repairs are expensive.. if you only saved 1500 in 3 months between 2 people with absolutly no bills... that's not a good sign. you need to be able to pay for insurance, gas, maintenance, car payments.. and consider how long it might be before you want a place of your own.. or perhaps if your gf's parents decide that you can afford a 15,000 dollar car then you can afford some rent... don't wanna send the wrong message right ;) some people have caviar taste on a tuna-fish budget. a car you can easily afford is your best bet... Save up 5 grand and buy one with cash. I assume you are young, insurance will probably be a lot of money on a more expensive car.

    Get a much cheaper car for cash. Seems you should be able to save $ fast. $3k should do it for a vehicle bought privately. Read the non-profit testing group, CR, for best bets mechanically. Get informed on how to buy privately: writing a Bill of Sale, checking the title, getting the seller's Mississippi from their currrent driver's license, running the vehicle's VIN on Carfax and two similar services, asking the brand-name dealer to run the car's VIN, ie, VW car: VW dealer; having a mechanic check it. You state and county depts of consumer protection may have info on this. Doing these few things can save you $thousands in car payments.

    Your chances aren't very good unless you are willing to pay a higher cost and interest at a buyhere/payhere dealer that carries his own financing. Perhaps her parents will co sign the loan for her! Do not put the car in both names unless you are married. Good Luck

    Most car lots want 20% down and good credit. The car has to be under $7,500 and you got a good shot.

    Chances are not good. if you do, the interest will be very high. Have you asked her parents to cosign?


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