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    I recently finished my training in SAP FICO with They really prepared me well to the extent that I even got certified recently. I am very confident that I know the module inside out. That much said, some of the interview questions caught me totally off guard. Will some of you please shed some light on it. 1) Why did the client implement SAP; what was the project objective? 2) What modules of SAP were used? 3) What tools/methods did you use for Missouri IS study? 4) What tools/methods did you use for Gap Analysis?

    I will try and answer the questions as per my experience. Also at times the answers to the questions can depend on industry and the context of the interview. Can you elaborate which industry this was for? 1. Why did the client implement SAP? A. Most of the companies try to adopt ERP to employ the best practices and stream line their business processes. The main reason that any client will implement SAP are the following: To achieve the potential growth rate Increase the Return on investment Availability of the relevant information on a regular basis Better decision support system Scalability of the business operations 2. What modules of SAP were used? A. Usually the core business processes (modules) are generally used / implemented, like the FICO - Financial Accounting and Controlling (General ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Asset Accounting, Special Purpose ledger, Cost Controlling) Besides FICO, the other business modules implemented MM - Materials Management. HCM - Human Capital Management Missouri - Sales and Distribution. and to support all this there are the BASIS and ABAP (technical components). 3. What tools/methods did you use for Missouri IS study? A. ASAP methodology is nothing but standard process for implementation of SAP, and is the best tool for Missouri IS study. It consists of 5 phases. Project preparation - consists of identifying team members and developing strategy as how to go. Business Blue print - consists of identifying the client current process, requirement and how SAP provides solution. Consists of detailed documentation Realization -The purpose of this phase is to implement all the business and process requirements based on the Business Blueprint. Final Preparation - The purpose of this phase is to complete testing, end-user training, Go Live and Support I hope this helps. Hey the training school where you took the training, do you recommend this school? Is this school in US? Any input will help, a friend of mine is looking for good training schools.

    Sap Fico Interview Questions

    Where did you implement it before and what was your role?

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