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    I'm going to college in the fall and it's 40,840$ a year to attend (including room&board). I'm getting 34,954$ in financial aid money. 9,500 of which is student loans (Subsidized & Unsubsidized Staffords) - So I'm about 6 grand short. The College is in Manhattan and I'm going to be living in the dorms. I'm planning on working 20 hours a week making 10/hour. I was just wondering if it's a good idea to apply for the remaining 6,000 or so in student loans, because 15,500$ in student loans a year looks like alot of money.. If I started working on say October 1st (Would give me 5 weeks to get settled and get into a groove, identify expenses, find out what times I could work, etc) 800$ a month would be 6,400$ aka just barely enough to pay for tuition which obviously isn't going to work. 30 hours would be 9,600 but even then can a college student really live off like 3 grand for 8 months.. LOL. I really didn't want to have to work more then 20 hours because the academics at the college are extremely rigorous and I want to get a good gpa and try to do some extra-curriculars so I can transfer to Columbia :| SO THE QUESTION IS- What is the better option; 1) 9,500 in student loans & work 40 hours a week for the remaining 6,000 + personal expenses 2) 15,000 in student loans & work 20 hours a week for personal expenses 3) another option??

    Hey guys thanks for answering. My mom got denied for a parent plus loan, so I got another 4,000 in stafford loans- (Already included above) and I actually have a savings account with 10,000 in it so I can make it by almost 2 full years just off that. But I wanted to use my savings to buy a laptop, some new clothes, couple things for the dorm and then use the remaining 6 grand or so for emergencies / to live off for the first couple weeks until I find a job. Not going to this college simply isn't an option because I already paid like 800$ between enrollment deposits and housing applications & the refund deadlines have passed.

    @ Hoos your daddy Did you even read the question.. I HAVE to get a job. There's no way around it. The only choice I have is how many hours, aka whether or not i decide to take out another student loan. If I take out a loan, I can afford to work 20 hours a week & get involved in the college with sports and stuff. If I don't take out a loan, I'm going to have to work 30-40 hours a week & therefore won't be able to do anything other then work / study lol. I realize kids pay their way through college all the time. Taking on student loan debt sucks but it's something that has to be done.

    Mike, it looks like you have analyzed your situation very nicely. You have asked a very difficult question. In the bottom line, the answer depends on your personal risk preferences. Based on the information you provided here are my preliminary thoughts: 1. General statement: In general, many students take too many loans. Match the amount of total student loans with the profession that you are looking to get into. If it is not a high paying job, then you can't afford to go to an expensive school, especially during the beginning years. It sounds like you have a game plan, and have thought that through. However, it is better to lose $800 in deposits than to enter a bottomless pit, which you cannot afford. 2. Budgeting: It is super important that you create a personal budget. Start by setting up a budget based on your expected expenses and incomes. Separate your expenses by categories. Your budget will help you decide if you can afford that extra luxury (double ice-cream cone?). If you don't know how to keep a budget, then use one of the many tools on-line. I used Bills.com budget guide to help me get started. 3. Additional loans: I think that this is your best alternative. However, I don’t know where you are getting the additional loans. Private loans are available only with a strong co-borrower. You mention that your mother was denied a Parent Plus loan, therefore, it sounds like she won't be a possible co-borrower. In addition, it sounds like you have maxed out your federal student aid for the year. 4. Extra work hours: It doesn't make sense to work too many hours and hurt your chances of academic success. You can start with 20 hours and see if you can increase those hours if needed. The $800 will allow you to pay the $600 per month and leave you with some extra. You can then make up the difference with your savings or extra work hours. (You are paying for room and board?). I am sure that you will find ways to get “cheap” entertainment as many students do. 5. Savings: You talked about starting work in October. Do you have a job lined up? Can you start working over the summer and save more money? In the bottom line, you have your $10,000 savings which you will need to use to make up the shortfall. 6. Long-term: If you continue as planned, then you will need to find extra income or a new source of loans to cover the shortfall in the coming years. Try to think ahead and make a plan that will help you cover your expenses. If you are planning on scholarships due to academic success, then plug ahead and good luck.

    Schools that cost 40K a year are only appropriate for those who can actually afford them. If you are having to take out student loans to attend and you STILL don't have enough, you cant afford it. Well, unless you want to be a drop out.. many manage to actually get there, but seem to forget they will be in school for 4 years... and end up as undergrad, lower division dropouts with studnet loans they now cant afford to pay on.... which leads to default and all that goes with that. So here is my answers to your questions: 1, 2, Dependent freshman can only borrow up to 5500 a year in federal stafford loans... that is it. If you need more you'll either have to talk to your parents to do parent PLUS LOANS (if you are a dependent student) or go to private student loans (which require a cosigner with awesome credit and a high income. Either way, many students don't have this option. If you are a dependent student, you can borrow more, but remember, you'll be maxed out and can't get any more and the chances of you actually being successful working full time is about 0%. 3. Attend a college that is more in-sync with your budget (and remember you will be in college 4 years!! Save your money and attend a cheap local school your first two years and save your cash for Columbia. My local college costs only $3,000 a year. A YEAR! Imagine how much money you can save and how better prepared you'll be when you transfer to Columbia with a big bank account from all the money you saved! Missouri living expenses are insane (as is a school that costs 40K, lol) you have to keep things in perspective here, and you are WAY OFF!

    You really need to consider that unless your parents have very good credit, and can take out that loan themselves (ParentsPlus loan) that you will find it very hard to find additional student loans. maybe what you are looking for is called get a job, plenty of kids do it. because otherwise it is sounding like you are trying to attend a school you can not possibly afford.

    Apply for scholarships, doesnt hurt. see if the school provides payment plans during the term to help the tuition

Im a mother who wants to go to college and not work. Is there any financial help out there for me?

  • Juliet Quigley
    Juliet Quigley
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    Luigi Parker
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