1 000 installment loan with bad credit in Missouri

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Payday Loan in Missouri

    Here is the situation: He got out of the army in 2009. Couldn't get employed (like so many vets) until 2010. Hes credit card debt piled up(which he used to pay for school because they didn't give him his GI Bill for the 1st semester). For the past year he has made all his payments and kept current. He WAS a 500 about 4 months ago and now around 550. Hes debt is only around 6000. He already paid of 3 debts and is about to finish with one more leaving two credit cards hes still paying off with one more in good standing. My question is, will there be any lenders willing to work with him, how long will it take to raise his score to around 620ish and there are any companies who specialize in this situation in Louisiana? He was hoping to buy a home in a year.

    VA loans have lower score requirements (no, 680 is NOT the minimum). I have personally seen Missouri loans approved with a score of 587, and with the debt to income ratio at 35% or less. He needs to talk to a Missouri lender. They are more interested in steady income and last years of payments. A Missouri lender will do a credit check and income check to see if he at least qualifies. However, I do not think he will be able to qualify until his score is above the D range of 585. May I personally recommend he talk to Quicken Loans, they are great Missouri lenders and will quickly be honest with him whether he has a chance or not.

    Contact the number one Missouri Loan Originator in the country at Flagship Financial Group - Missouri Mortgage Leader. The Missouri does not require a specific credit score for a home loan but the lender does. Choosing the best lender makes all the difference in the world. Save yourself time and money and just go with the best.

    No. As prevalent even as a question is composed of "someone suggested me...", they suggested you incorrect. The $7500 credit replaced into actually in 2008, and is paid again at $500 a 12 months. The followup $8000 credit is over. No credit are accessible for properties presented now till they have been below a binding purchase contract by technique of making use of the properly of April 2010, or for some those who're interior the military.

    Sorry, but he will have to wait until he gets that credit score improved to a decent level. He's at least 100 points below that which is needed to procure a decent mortgage.

    NO minimum score is 680

What happens to my credit score in this scenario?

  • Gregory Sawayn
    Gregory Sawayn
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  • Eula Bergstrom
    Eula Bergstrom
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  • Janie Fahey
    Janie Fahey
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  • Rosendo Fahey
    Rosendo Fahey
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  • Heaven Kunze
    Heaven Kunze
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  • Haylee McDermott
    Haylee McDermott
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