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    Pls you have to be VERY careful...on two occassions I have fall victim of a scam right in this site...dont reply any answer that claims to be a lender or referral,because you would be made to pay much and have nothing in return.simply report it to yahoo management.if not for a God sent loan officer,my pastor referred me to,it would have being a big lost on my part this christmas..pls contact her now and your smiles shall be restored with her simple loan approval and affordable proceedings..she's mrs sherry abass and you can reach her via her corporate email at " cherishloanconsultants@live.com and alternatively add her on your yahoo messenger " cherishloanconsultants " for her swift response on a heart to heart discussion. thanks for reading.sorry for spellings error.tell her ms magaret higgins referred you.

    Id recommend getting a retail card to start with. The only place that accepted me without credit was Macy's. That's Missouri though anytime I needed jeans, a jacket, whatever I would pay for it on the Macy's card and then tell the Cashier I wanted to pay my balance right then, that way I knew I paid off my stuff. Its not a lot but its something. Sears turned me down as did walmart. They are very hard to get when your first starting out. BEWARE. Too many hard inquiries will affect your credit. A hard inquiry is when you apply for credit cards/ loans. Every time the lender taps into your credit history it hits your credit. You dint want too many of those on there so just apply for what you know you can get. I also got a credit card from Washington mutual. They saw I had money on there and so I got the card pretty easily with $1000 limit. Never spend more than you have in the bank and dint go over $500 even though you get $1000. It looks so much better trust me. I totally screwed my credit pretty good by not knowing these tips, so its smart your educating yourself. you'll do great just listen and dont overspend

    Capitol one has a good card for new credit account so does chase but there are many more ways to establish credit than a credit card i would suggest buying a cheap car with a co-signer. take it from me credit cards are evil unless you are completely established i promise you no goood comes from them i have 4 and i am just now learning when to use them and when not too but you most likley wll not get a 1000 dollar line of credit on your first go it will prolly be 300 with advancment every 3 months if you do not exceeed you balance there are also ways if you goto your bank and give them 500 dollars they will give you a credit card for 500 after you use it a while then they will increase it stay away from retail card because the intrest is extremley high like i said unless you plan on buying a home in the next year you do not need a card i had a hell of time establishing credit at 18 i did get credit but i also put my self in debt that took me a year to pay off always make you payments 3 days early for more than the minimum payment example if you owe 15 dollars on a card with a balance of 500 pay 100 and never wait till the last minute companys have many ways to screw you if you do that you will see when you get your card but i suggest a 3 dollar car pay it off in a year and you will be able to get any card you want. but manage your credit one bad choice can haunt you for years and you need credit in the world we live in today everytime you apply for credit weather you get aprroved or denied it lowers your score i ran my score down when i bought my house many people checked my credit i think it was like 3 points every time please read about credit loans and repaying your debts before jumping into this idont want anyone to go threw what i went threw. and the funny part it i paid my bills ontime and everything you will see what i mean when you get started.

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    You could consider getting the car via credit agreement because then the lender is responsible for ensuring the quality of the car. If you have any problems with the car later on (outside of manufacturers warranty) its in the loan companys interest to recitfy any major faults Otherwise, generally a bank loan is better because of the lower interest rate. But if you are able to juggle your credit card balances to make use of cheap balance transfer rates then the credit cards can be cheaper.

    I was ale to get two unsecured credit cards one from the bank and one from capital one the Visa card has 900 limit WITH NO CREDIT HISTORY of any kind & NO CO-signer and the master card has 1,000 limit (got that one with only 3 months of credit history) i have my dad pay for Gas on my card i do charge him a fee of 25$ per 100$ loaned on my card very fair as his credit is in crapper his FICO is only in the 400 range due to unpayed loans/foreclosure + unpayed 2th unsecured loan

    Last year we borrowed cash from a quite a few places and out of all of them the only one that I would recommend is cashloancity.com. They were fast and we had the money quick. They also let us defer the first couple of weeks.

    I think creditcardlocators can help you with what you need. they offer you an easy way to browse and compare over different types of credit cards to find the perfect match. Whether you are looking to rebuild your credit, have a new credit history or /and earn rewards and points. just search creditcardlocators on the search engine for more information.

Can someone help me do the following journal entries? I am so confused?

  • Judge Stark
    Judge Stark
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  • Kianna Lind
    Kianna Lind
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